Can You Eat Fox

We will discuss can you eat fox in this article. Fox belongs to the dog family, but they behave more like cats. Fox is known for its cunningness in attacking its prey. They live in North and Southern America, and they can be found in the USA and Canada too. They mostly live in the regions where it is most likely to snow. But there are also desert foxes that live in hot and dry places.

People usually don’t eat fox meat mainly because of their diet. Fox is known for eating dead animals. So, there is a high chance of them carrying diseases, bacteria, and parasites that can infect human beings when ingested. But can you eat fox? Or is it safe to eat them? We will discuss that in the article.


Is Fox Meat Edible?

can you eat fox

The short answer to the question is that fox meat is edible, and there is no harm in eating perfectly cooked healthy fox meat. However, there are many reasons that will make you think twice before eating them.

The first reason is that foxes are carriers of many potent diseases that can endanger your life. They carry two diseases that can prove to be fatal without medical treatment. If the fox bites you or you cut yourself while cleaning the fox meat, you will be exposed to the rabies virus. Not all foxes are infected with rabies, but some of them might be infected.

If you are in the jungle and get bit by a wild fox with rabies, the mortality rate is 100% if you are not get vaccinated within the first 24 hours. There is also another deadly disease that humans can get affected by, and it is called Weil’s disease.

Unlike rabies, Weil’s disease can affect you even if you are not bit by the fox. If you accidentally touch their urine and eat later, you will be infected by the disease. They are not as deadly as rabies but can prove to be fatal. Surviving this disease without medical support in the jungle can be quite challenging as it affects your vital parts like your kidney and liver.

Another reason why you should consider not eating them is the foul smell and texture of the meat. They exhibit a pungent and fishy smell that doesn’t go off without marinating them. You have to soak them in the mixture of salt and water for more than 12 hours. You can also use turmeric powder which can be more effective than salt.

This will minimize the foul smell of the meat. The meat is so tough or gamey that it can’t be eaten easily if it is not tendered properly. Even if you manage to tender it, it will still be somewhat tough. Considering the risk and the meat’s taste, it will be wise not to eat them. However, it is safe to eat healthy fox meat after properly cooking them.

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1. Is it safe to eat fox?

Though they are not a popular type of meat, fox meat can be eaten by humans. But they don’t taste or smell well. And there are also a few risks that come along with eating fox meat.

2. How do you cook fox meat?

Cooking fox meat can be challenging because they are so tough and exhibit a pungent, foul smell. You have to cure the meat for more than 12 hours by soaking them in salt, turmeric, and water. After that, you can boil them for a few minutes to make them more tender, and this will kill any bacteria or parasites present. Then you can deep-fry or roast them.

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