How To Find The Best Brisket Knife For Your Lifestyle?

Cooking meat isn’t an easy task, and the way you slice it up has a major impact on the result. The best brisket knife is Something similar happens with a brisket. You can spend hours working upon it and cooking your best version, but then you might mess it up because of the way you sliced it. Wrong slicing could be because of the old and worn-out Brisket Knife you have been using, which isn’t exactly designed to slice this hard meat. In some cases, people also prefer handmade brisket knife for their specific needs.



Brisket Knife

Victorinox swiss army knife

  • Granton blade

  • Fibrox pro handle

  • 12 “in length

  • Swiss quality

Brisket Knife
Brisket Knife

Mercer culinary millennia

  • Used by chefs

  • Santoprene and polypropylene handle

  • Japanese steel of high quality

Brisket Knife
Brisket Knife

Dexter Russell scalloped knife

  • Strong and can slice through anything

  • Stain-free

  • High carbon steel

  • Scalloped blade

Brisket Knife

Although brisket knife set is very common and people use them all the time, they still won’t give the fine finish required in a brisket. Also, if you are cooking something that takes 12+ hours to finish and you want to make the best recipe of your life, why would you compromise it for a knife? You can get a beef brisket knife at a very affordable price, and your result will be something so delicious and finely carved that your mouth will water just by looking at it.


How to find the Best Brisket Knives for your lifestyle?

Factors you need to consider before buying the best brisket knifes. Buying Guide

  •  How long should a brisket knife be is necessary to know the usage of your knife.. Carving knives usually have a thicker edge and a less flexible and pointed tip, so the slicing process from it isn’t as easy as it seems.
  •  If you consider a dalstrong brisket knife or engraved brisket knife, then the slicing knife is supposed to be thin and rounded but with a pointy and sharp edge as the main function is to slice through hard meat as well gracefully. The carving knife can get your slicing process done too, but it won’t be as smooth and easy as you might think.
  • A professional brisket knife requires precision, not patience. You need to be steady in what you are doing and not move the knife around a lot.
  • This is why having a carving & kastking brisket knife requires you to put in a lot of pressure before slicing a brisket isn’t an ideal option.
  • When you buy a brisket knife, you need to keep in mind to have a knife with the following edges to have the smoothest process.

Knife blades- Buying Guide

  • Straight blade- Uniform edges without any serrations, and if they have a sharp edge, they are perfect for a brisket knife.
  • Scalloped blade- smaller teeth than the straight blade but can slice a brisket well.
  • Granton blade- These knives have a small divot at the sides, and this helps in smooth slicing by reducing friction.
  • Serrated blade- Not a good choice because they have big teeth and strong edges, which can rip your brisket apart, totally defeating the purpose of slicing.

There are numerous brisket knives available in the market, but some of the best ones with their specifications and special functions are listed below.

The best brisket knives in the market Reviews

1. Victorinox Swiss Army Slicing Knife

Knife blades


This all-rounder knife can slice and carve simultaneously, making it versatile equipment in the kitchen. This is made out of a Granton blade and has a narrow and long razor that can slice through meat with precision and care. It can be the best brisket knife for the money.

The stainless steel made out of high carbon is what keeps your meat safe and sliced properly. Its ergonomic fibrox handle protects your hand from any wear and tear and helps in an easy holding of the brisket knife. The lifetime guarantee of this knife is what keeps people interested in buying it. Granton company is a very established and trusted source of knives and blades in England thus this is a good choice.

Performance: This 12-inch-long knife can easily slice through the Granton blade, and it is a multipurpose knife as well. This is one of the smoothest and the easiest brisket knives to handle, and people have loved the finish it provides to the meat. The Granton edge will fill up the meat’s air spaces, allowing the juice not to escape and cut through the meat very smoothly and nicely.

Comparison– Probably one of the best Granton knives to hold both carving and slicing aspects this gracefully. It is better than any other knife because of the Granton edge with grooves to hold the knife in place.

Usage: Anyone with the experience of holding knives well and without any trouble can use it. The chefs swear by this knife.


  • Can slice through any meat
  • It doesn’t require a lot of sharpening
  • Lightweight
  • 17.38 inches in length which are good


  • Precautions with children
  • long brisket knife

Why Should You Buy It?

The high carbon stainless steel used in making the Granton blade can slice through rough meats quite easily, and it would feel like butter. It would be best if you bought this knife because apart from this, it also has grooves which can interlock with the air of the meat, such as messermeister brisket knife, giving a better functionality of the knife. This edge can perfectly cut through the meat.

brisket knife

2. Mercer Culinary Millennia

brisket knife


Made out of high carbon steel, this mercer culinary millennia is one of the best brisket knives ever. The ergonomic handle, which helps in the smooth holding of the knife, is made out of polypropylene and Santoprene, which gives it a good feel. It is quite similar to the german brisket knife. It also has textured finger points which can be used to place our fingers more easily and precisely. This has an 8-inch Granton slice blade which is the best in quality.


Perfect to slice briskets, this thin blade with a razor-sharp edge provides you a smooth slicing experience while slicing through the brisket. The Granton grooves prevent your knife from sticking into the meat and curating problems, and instead, it gives you sharp and straight cuts as it works as a grilling brisket knife.


 In budget and sharp, this knife is better for these reasons precisely. The way you hold this knife is also quite sufficient and comfortable, thus making it a good choice when looking for a brisket knife.


Mercer is one of the best brands to buy a knife from, and the chefs and pitmasters use this brisket knife in abundance. If you want to slice a turkey, brisket, and other rough and large meats, then this knife is your best bet.


  • Japanese steel provides an innovative performance to your knife
  • It weighs 6.4 ounces which is ideal.
  • The Granton grooves keep your knife steady and paced.
  • Sharp and straight cuts.


  • Less effective on hard products

Why Should You Buy It?

If you are obsessed with having the best cooking experience and performance in the kitchen, this optimal usage knife is the best choice. The Japanese blade is trusted by chefs and pitmasters alike, and its quality is unmatchable.

What’s New?

It has a forged blade which makes it a better choice than its predecessors and competitors.

brisket knife

3.Dexter Russel Scalloped Slicer

Brisket Knife


One of the strongest and the sharpest slicer which can slice through a brisket as well as a pancake, the Dexter Russel scalloped slicer is one of the best choices ever. The sharp edge will drive through your meat precisely and ensure that the inner portions get scalloped through but don’t mess with the orientation ever. This is a 12-inch blade that is made out of high carbon steel and is stain-free. The grip is also a slip-resistant material that keeps it well.


It has scalloped serrations, which give your meat a clean and sharp slicing without damaging it ever. This is highly recommended as the best professional brisket knife with an amazing and long-lasting performance, and it doesn’t wear out too soon.


 it can slice through any meat or bread with equal precision. You just need to be aware of the pressure and the way you hold the knife in each case.


The handle of this knife is textured badly, which keeps your grip intact, unlike any other slicing knife. It also has serrations that slice through any meat without damaging it.


  • 6.7 ounces in weight
  • Made out of carbon steel, thus long-lasting
  • It doesn’t wear off easily
  • Sharp cuts and grip

Why Should You Buy It?

It would be best to buy this knife for the scalloped blade it has, which can cut through juicy meats and keep the insides intact and safe without causing any damage to it.

brisket knife


What kind of knife does Aaron Franklin use to trim brisket?

He uses the Dexter Russell scalloped knife for trimming brisket.

What is the best knife for brisket?

● Victorinox Swiss army knife
● mercer culinary millennia
● Dexter Russell scalloped knife

How do you trim the fat on a brisket?

You have to make a small cut and then hold the fat with one hand and trim with the other. For a better understanding, watch a YouTube tutorial.

Can a bread knife cut brisket?

Yes, if your knife is as sharp as the serrated knives of a brisket. It won’t give you a smooth finish, though.

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