What are the Best Oyster Knives to have delicious oysters?

An Oyster knife is a utensil that is used to calm open the hard shell part of the oyster so, that we can remove the meat. The best oyster knives have qualities such as sharpness and have a beveled blade that can be thrust into the hard oyster shell and could be easily removed. The knife blade is supposed to cut through the muscle and the oyster’s membrane. There is a round shield on the handle that prevents the hand and the knife to go through the sharp shells of the oyster and can improve our grip as we can place our thumb on it and hold the knife and the oyster easily.



Tasse Verre Porcelain Noodle Soup Bowl

Victorinox Oyster Knife

  • Compact and sturdy

  • Made is Switzerland

  • Ergonomic, supergrip handle slip resistant even when wet

  • High carbon steel blade

NJ Charms Japanese ramen Soup bowl

Oyster Shucking Knife

  • Oyster shucking knife uses 3CR14 + stainless steel

  • PAKKA wooden handle

  • Durable and compact design-measuring

  • Oyster knife and glove set


WENDOM Oyster Shucker Set Knife

  • Gloves made of Highest Cut Resistance



  • WEDNOM give a Lemon Squeezer


HiCoup Oyster Shucking Glove & Knife


  • The pakka handle is furnished

  • Tiny enough to handle small oysters

  • Professional-grade oyster opener


Best Oyster Knives: Buying Guide

Factors to buy the best oyster knives,

There are certain specifications which are needed to be kept in mind.

  • Handle

If you are going to shuck more than 6 oysters make sure your handle has the grip and resistance to go inside the shell and hurt you. Avoid buying knives that have irregularly shaped handles or straight edges. You want to buy a knife with a round handle so that you can have a firmer grip with your fingers, and also the round shield should always be there to prevent any kind of bruises because of poking your hand in the shell. The shield will help you keep your thumb and be safe.

Plastic or rubber handles are the best because they are long-lasting and unlike wood, they won’t soak in any moisture. Any handles, which have a slick surface should be avoided because your hand might slip and can cause serious injuries if you don’t handle the knife and the oyster shell well.

  • The Blade

The oyster knife blades aren’t necessarily sharp because all you have to use to cut an oyster is your abductor’s muscle and that will help you slice the oyster like a pro. They just need to be tough and durable so that they don’t end up breaking when you are trying to slice an oyster.

A blade that is made out of corrosion-free metal and is 3 inches long is perfect. Oysters are seafood, and thus the salinity can damage the blade over time so, look for ferritic stainless steel or high carbon steel. 

  • The Knife Guard

Even though putting on a mesh glove is advisable while dealing with oyster knives, the best oyster knives will have a knife guard, which will prevent any unnecessary damage. Your hands might slip so, make sure you buy the best knife that has a strong and durable knife guard.

Best Oyster Knives Reviews

1. Victorinox Oyster Knife

Best Oyster Knives

This knife is made up of stainless steel and has a sturdy finish. Its ergonomic and super grip handle will prevent any kind of slipperiness while cutting the oysters. The blade is made up of high carbon steel, and it is NSF-approved as well as dishwasher safe. It is considered one of the best oyster shucker. This tool is lightweight and looks quite classy with the red handle and exceptional properties. People are in awe of this product, and the oyster knife is perfect for shucking the oyster shells.

2. Oyster Shucking Knife

Best Oyster Knives

The knife in this set is made up of stainless steel and has mirror polishing done to the blade. It is made up of high carbon steel, which has the perfect rigidity and strength. The oyster shucker can handle small, large oysters and doesn’t let them slide through your hands. The wooden handle is made up of wood which has a firm grip and looks aesthetic. This best oyster shucking set also contains a glove that is five-level cut-proof and would protect your hands from the tough and sharp oysters. The knife is durable, and the whole set contains everything you need to be a pro oyster shucker.

3. WENDOM Oyster Shucker Set Knife

WENDOM Oyster Shucker Set Knife

The blade of this knife is made up of stainless steel, and the handle is made out of plastic which makes it the perfect combination for an oyster shucker. The gloves are of the highest level of cut resistance which provides you a safe and sound oyster shucking experience. The handle has a soft and comfortable grip, and you would also get an extra lemon squeezer as a gift in this package.

4. HiCoup Oyster Shucking Glove & Knife

HiCoup Oyster Shucking Glove & Knife

The handle of this knife is made out of pakka wood and has a very fine finish to it. It is one of the best oyster knife sets. The high carbon blade is finely crafted and has a mirror finish on the stainless steel. The handguard will protect you while shucking oysters, and the product is quite durable and long-lasting, as per the reviews. Although the knife looks small and weak, it is very tough and can tackle small and big oysters easily.


1. What is the Best Oyster Knife?

ANS. There are a lot of products available in the market, which gives you a wide variety to choose from it. One of the best oyster knives currently in the market is the WENDOM oyster knife, as it fulfills all the criteria of the perfect oyster shucker.

2. Do you need a special knife to chuck oysters?

ANS. Although a shucking knife is highly recommended to open the oyster so that you do it with precision and quality without getting hurt, it’s not entirely necessary. There are other alternatives, but that won’t give you the same results as the oyster knives.

3. Can you open oysters without oyster knives?

ANS. Yes, you can use heat to open an oyster, but without a knife, it will be time-consuming, and you won’t get the best and the cleanest results.

4. How much is an oyster knife?

ANS. The oyster knives, which will provide you with the best results usually range between 12 dollars to 20 dollars. Within this price range, you will get the best oyster shucker sets as well.

5. Do you need gloves to open oysters?

ANS. It is advisable to use gloves to open an oyster because it can be sharp, and while you are holding it, it might slip and hurt you. Good quality gloves will be tear-resistant and provide you safety.

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