What Does Dragon Fruit Taste Like?

Dragon fruit which is also known as pitaya is a very attractive fruit, that is grown mainly in parts of Mexico, Central, and Latin America. Besides its appealing look, there are numerous health benefits of dragon fruit. But before buying and eating it, let us first discuss what does dragon fruit taste like?


What Dragon Fruit Tastes Like?

Ripe dragon fruit tastes sweet. It almost tastes similar to ripe kiwi. A normal dragon fruit that is not ripened is usually tasteless. The colour of dragon fruit is mostly pink on the outside with white flesh inside. Apart from this, a dragon is also available in different forms of colours like yellow, red, and white.

what does dragon fruit taste like

Only the yellow-coloured dragon fruits have thorns in them but all types of dragon fruits contain seeds just like kiwi.

How To Identify a Ripe Dragon Fruit?

As pink coloured dragon fruits are mostly found and bought by people around the world, we are going to talk about only these pink ones for now. Pink dragon fruit tastes much sweeter than the white ones. For convenience and easy shipping, dragon fruit is harvested when it is not fully ripened. A dragon fruit with pink flesh is more rounded with short wings than the white ones which are more elongated with long wings.

While buying this fruit, try to search for one which looks heavier in comparison to its size. You can understand it by picking a handful of these fruits one after another. Usually, the one which appears to be the heaviest is also the juiciest. Another way to identify a ripe dragon fruit is by looking at the wings of the fruit. The wings get dried out and the colour changes to yellow.

How Do You Eat It?

There are a few ways by which a person can eat a dragon fruit. The fruit can be sliced in half. Each portion of that dragon fruit can then be consumed like a small watermelon. Or else you can also peel off the dragon fruit with a knife. You can even scoop out the inner portion of the fruit with a spoon or knife and then eat it.

Nutritious Value of Dragon Fruit?

Dragon fruits contain high nutrition values and are also very good for health. Dragon fruit is rich in Vitamin B and C. The outer skin of dragon fruit is a good source of fibre in our body. But the most important and beneficial part of this fruit is the seeds.

What Does A Red Dragon Fruit Taste Like?

Just like normal pink dragon fruit, the red ones also taste similar. It provides a very refreshing and gentle sweet taste. According to food experts, any red fruits or vegetables are rich in antioxidants and in this case, red dragon fruit is also no exception. It also has an additional use besides eating. In many Western countries, these coloured dragon fruits are used to make wines. Here is what does dragon fruit taste like.

What Does A White Dragon Fruit Taste Like?

The deeper the colour gets in a dragon fruit, the sweeter it tastes. As a result, white coloured dragon fruit will not be as sweet as a pink or a red one. The taste of this coloured fruit is very basic and very mildly sweet. It can also appear tasteless and that is completely normal. Here is all about what does dragon fruit taste like.

What Does a Pink Dragon Fruit Taste Like?

Just like the red ones, pink dragon fruit tastes sweet. It is also juicier than the white ones. 

what does dragon fruit taste like

What Does A Yellow Dragon Fruit Taste Like?

The taste of a yellow dragon fruit is sweeter than the red ones. It is considered to be the second most juicier dragon fruit just below the red ones. Normally the yellow dragon fruits contain more seeds as compared to other types of dragon fruits.

Here is everything about what does dragon fruit taste like.


1. What Does Mango Dragon Fruit Taste Like?

Ans- The taste does not appear as the name suggests. Even though named a mango Dragon fruit, the taste is nowhere close to that of an actual mango. Instead, it tastes like berries only with a pinch of mango taste. Besides taste, a mango dragon fruit is a good source of iron in your body. It will help in the proper movement of oxygen in the body system and will also help in building the immunity system of your body.

2. What Does a Purple Dragon Fruit Taste Like?

Ans- A purple dragon fruit tastes sweet. It is softer and juicier than the white ones. Along with the red ones, the purple dragon fruits are also used in making wines and in preparing a wide range of dishes.

3. What Does Overripe Dragon Fruit Taste Like?

Ans- In an overripe dragon fruit, the inside white fleshy part of the fruit turns brown. It is similar to that of a banana peel which also turns to the same colour when it gets overripe. It is always advised to avoid eating overripe dragon fruit. Normally it tastes more sour than sweet and gives a very bad taste.

4. What Does Red Bull Dragon Fruit Taste Like?

Ans- A red Bull dragon fruit provides a unique combination of many flavours. The face gets whacked on first drinking it and then the taste of it slowly changes to sour which then again changes to a berry-like taste. The best way to describe a Red Bull dragon fruit is that it is a combination of unripe strawberries and raspberry.

As Red Bull is considered an energy drink, it contains carbonated water which somehow alters the taste of a nature dragon fruit. To enjoy the real taste of this fruit, always buy the normal ones from the market and then eat them. Dragon fruit is not only delicious and mouth-watering in taste but it also provides many good and beneficial values to our body system.

Hope now you know what does dragon fruit taste like.

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