Know the Difference – Soppressata vs Salami

No matter where you live, whenever we talk about cold-cut food, soppressata and salami are the two most common names that come to our minds. You can buy them from stores or make them with your own hands at home. But there always has been a debate over soppressata vs salami, as both of these have a wide presence and serve as an important component in sandwiches, and other dishes all around the world.

So, without further ado, let’s dig deeper into the article to get an idea of this heated debate. 

soppressata vs salami


What is Salami and How is It Made?

Salami is one of the most liked and luscious meat in the world. Salumi is a name that is used to describe the larger family of cured meats which also includes salami. Salami has been a delicious meat product for over 900 years, dating as far as the 1300s.

Although there is no definite method in making a salami, normally it is made by curing pork meat and then herbs and other spices are added to it. If you live in a Western country, then you may also use wine in it.

Salami comes in different varieties and options and often it becomes difficult for a person to identify a salami based on its taste. This fermented meat has a unique balance of lean meat and fat and is packed in cylindrical logs. The pH level of salami is low to avoid any sort of bacterial manifestation.

Mainly pig flesh is used to make salami. A salami normally has a garlicky flavour, with a strong meat taste, sweet and smokey. But it may vary as salami is made from different seasonings and they play a major role in forming the taste of a salami.  

What is Soppressata and How is It Made?

The most significant answer to soppressata vs salami is Soppressata itself is a type of salami. The way by which a soppressata is prepared is quite different and they have their features.

For making a soppressata, any part of a pig can be used which even includes the tongue and brain. The flesh is chopped to be seasoned with herbs, garlic, and other spices. It is believed that soppressata originated from Italy but now it is widely available in every corner of the globe.

Normally a wooden plank is used to press down the meat and that is why it got this name. Unlike salami, soppressata mainly consists of lean meat but the usage for both types of meat is the same.

Soppressata has a peppery and slightly spicy taste and is also chewier than salami. As the meat is pressed in soppressata, it gives an oblong shape as compared to the cylindrical log shape of a salami.

soppressata vs salami

So, which is the better meat when it comes to Soppressata vs Salami?

While it is difficult to answer this question, people generally like to consume salami more than soppressata. It is mainly because of the taste and availability in the market. In places like North America, both types of deli meat are easily available but in other parts of the world, salamis are found more than the other one.

However, it must be known that all salami can be soppressata but not the opposite.


1. For how long can we store a soppressata and salami?

Ans- Both Soppressata and salami can last indefinitely if they are stored in refrigerators. However, if the packs are opened, the meats must be consumed within 1 or 2 months as they get exposed to bacteria.

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