Rec Tec vs Traeger: An Analysis

Are you looking for grills, smokers, timberline but confused about where to buy? Let me make a guess you must be confused between rec tec and Traeger. These are the two best providers of the items above, so here is an article on rec tec vs Traeger. We will compare these two companies in many aspects. At the end of this article, you will be sure which is better and from where you should buy it?


Rec tec vs Traeger grills 

Which is better rec tec or Traeger?

Buying grills for your BBQ is another excitement. Many good brands and companies are providing their best items. Rec tec and Traeger are by far the two best companies providing grills in the market. You must be confused because these two are the most reputed and known for their brands for several years now.

When we talk about grills the grilling area should be the priority of the buyers. The larger the grilling area, the more you can cook at a time and have fun with your friends. Traeger offers you a larger grilling area than Rec tec. Traeger offers about 1300 square inches of area in which you can easily cook twenty burgers at a time. Rec tec provides you with a grilling area of 700 square inches only. The smallest of Traeger offers 300 square inches whereas that of Rec tec offers 340 square inches.

Traeger provides the users with a wide variety of features but they are not customizable. Rec tec is best for grilling enthusiasts as they offer customizable accessories.

If we talk about the temperature, the Traeger grill’s maximum temperature is 400 degrees Celsius. Rec tec provides a maximum temperature of 500 degrees Celsius.

Users generally go for products with more warranties. So, talking about the warranty, Rec tec provides a warranty of 6 years. Traeger provides a warranty of just 3 years. This feature is quite appealing as it is just half of the other.

Rec tec vs Traeger pellet grills 

Rec tec vs Traeger grills

Now if we talk about pellet grills, many areas need to be considered before buying. We know that Traeger is the first company to manufacture pellet grills in the market. People are still confused between the two amazing and trustworthy companies. The main difference is the material they use. Powered coated steel for the grill part is used by Traeger. Handles are of stainless steel on the handles. For the grates they use porcelain. Traeger also provides a variety of size options, they have six grills’ areas. The hopper size of Traeger is around 18, 20, and 24 pounds.

Now, if we compare this with rec tec, they use stainless steel. Except for the heating rods that are made up of ceramic, every component is made up of stainless steel. This feature will surely increase the durability of the product. Pellet grills of rec tec can be kept and used for over 300 years. For the flashier appearance part, they use high temperature powered coat on the lid part. The cooking area that rec tec provides is comparatively less. It is generally 702, 592, and 340 square inches. The hopper size that they provide is 20, 30, and 40 pounds.

Rec tec vs Traeger smoker

Rec tec vs Traeger pellet grills

If you are a foodie and loves to eat smoked food, then you must want to invest in smokers. When it comes to smokers, they should be of the best quality you can get. The smokers in the market can be based on electricity, some are based on charcoal but smoked food enthusiasts prefer the wood smoker. This smoker uses a different type of wood that maintains the aroma and taste of food and also adds flavor to their food. Now, let us compare Traeger and rec tec smokers.

As for Traeger it generally focuses on making grills, wood pellet, and other basic products like smokers. This company offers both large and small-sized smokers. It is very budget-friendly and the customer can easily choose according to the need because of the variety it offers. It provides a digit system for the temperature. It also has a standard temperature dial.

The upper hand of rec tec in this is the smart grill technology feature. With the help of this feature, you can set or choose the temperature with a five-degree increment.

Rec tec vs Traeger ironwood

Rec tec vs Traeger smoker

Traeger grills have mid-tier iron grills that provide a special feature of double sidewall insulation. If we compare this with Rec tec then it is made up of stainless steel. This stainless steel gives an upper edge as it prevents the grill from rusting.

Rec tec vs Traeger timberline

Rec tec vs Traeger timberline

Both the companies provide the best product in this aspect. The timberline end of Traeger has stainless steel grates and also double-walled stainless-steel interior. And talking about rec tec it also provides the same feature of stainless steel in this regard.

Which is better rec tec or Traeger?

Which is better rec tec or Traeger?

Rec tec is comparatively a new company that was established in 2011. This company uses many new technologies and innovative ideas so that it can stand out in the market. I guess this is the major reason why it gained so much popularity in less time. The quality is always high that can last longer. One thing that rec tec has surpassed Traeger is the temperature range. This company provides a range of 200 to 500, which is more than what Traeger provides. You can use the product of Rec tec to its full potential. They provide their customers with customizable accessories.

Now, talking about Traeger. This company is the first pellet grill manufacture in the market. They are also the first company to introduce a temperature cool system in their grills. This unique and new feature was very appealing to the customers. We can say that over time Traeger company was successful in making their temperature technology perfect. They have tried almost all the new innovative ideas that will help them making their technology different. Another reason for its popularity is the number of budget-friendly options that the company provides.


When it comes to pellet grills Trager has years of experience. Being established in 1985, it has reached many heights. It has modified its products with innovative ideas producing the best product possible. They also provide their customers with a much greater variety of options as compared to rec tec vs traeger. They also provide the best temperature technology. The game-changer for this company was the introduction of wood pellets and the automated delivery system.

As for rec tec, it is comparatively a new company but has gained popularity because of its hard work and innovative ideas. They were successful in making their product stand out in the market and compete with others. It has the best quality of materials. This feature increases the durability of their products by as many as 300 years. If we compare both these companies Rec tec has surely provided more special product and features than Traeger. Their products are easily handleable and easily customizable. The main focus of rec tec is always the high quality of technology used and the best quality of materials.

I hope this article about the generalized yet researched analysis of rec tec vs Traeger helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Rec tec better than Traeger?

Well, this question is very hard to answer. We cannot neglect the fact that this concept of pellet grilling was introduced by Traeger. It has gained a lot of experience during its journey from where it started. We also cannot deny the special features offered by rec tec. These features have made rec tec where they are today in this short period. It depends from person to person and the choices they favor. In some aspects, Traeger has an upper edge and in others, rec tec is surely giving the best product to customers.

Is Rec-Tec the best pellet grills?

For this question, you must go through this article. The article has a more detailed and researched review of the product. It will give a better insight into the product. If asking personally I would give rec tec an upper edge because of the increased durability.

Are Rec tec Grills worth the money?

We all like to invest in things like it once. We all go from longer durability and also the quality of course! So, yes rec tec is worth the money. It provides the customers with many customizable accessories. It also assures greater durability thanks to the stainless steel used. If you want to get a better insight into the product you can go through this article.

Is rec tec made in China?

Yes, the rec tec grill is made in Chin but it was founded by two friends in 2009, near Augusta, Georgia.

Does Rec tec have a pellet dump?

No, it does not have a pellet dump. It is also advised that you should not dump a full 40-pound bag into it if you are not sure of using then completely.

How long does a Traeger grill last?

Each 20-pound bag can provide up to 6 to 20 hours of cook time.

Which is better rec tec or Traeger pellet grills?

Both of them provide the best products, they mainly differ in material used. Traeger is considered better because it provides variety of options to the customer. For a better insight you can go through the article.


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