How To Sharpen A Serrated Knife

Serrated knives are used for cutting foods which normal knives are not unable to do. Wondering what? Slicking tomatoes, cutting cakes without squishing them, cutting clean slices of bread or even any food which the normal knife would mush and destroy while chopping.

Although, serrated knives rarely need sharpening, in case yours do, then here is a complete guide. How to sharpen a serrated knife? Let’s find out.


How to sharpen serrations on a knife?

sharpen serrations on a knife

Upon closer inspection, you would see individual serrations at the edges of serrated knives. They do not get sharpened by using a sharpening stone and putting long strokes against it as you would do for any other knife. Along with that, one side of the blade has got indentations with the other side being flat.

So, when you are sharpening a serrated knife make sure you sharpen every serration individually. You have to also make sure you don’t sharpen the flat side of the blade. For sharpening serrated knives, you can use a tool which is called a sharpening rod.

How to sharpen a serrated knife with a Dremel?

sharpen a serrated knife with a Dremel

Dremel is a handheld rotary tool which has got many accessories and attachment. For sharpening your serrated knife with a Dremel, you would need a vice and two attachments.

  1. An aluminum grinding stone
  2. Mandrel

After setting up your Dremel, you have to pt aluminum oxide on the knife before putting it in the vice.  Grind the Dremel at a 10-degree angle. Turn over and repeat the same process.

How to sharpen a serrated knife without tools?

sharpen a serrated knife without tools

Don’t worry if you don’t have any tools to sharpen your serrated knife. You can sharpen your knife with sandpaper. All you have to do is rub the knife against the fine-grit sandpaper to smoothen and sharpen out your knife.

How to sharpen a serrated knife with cardboard?

Slide a piece of cardboard under your knife. Allow some part of it to stick out. Put the back of the knife on the cardboard, this will provide you with a lower angle. You can then sharpen your serrated knife.

How to sharpen a serrated carving knife?

sharpen a serrated carving knife?

By using a round hone made of steel or ceramic, pass each serration of your serrated carving knife. A burr will push the non-angle side of the blade. A couple of swift strokes on the flat side with the hone eliminate the burr. This will leave you with a sharp and smooth serrated carving knife.

How to sharpen serrated Cutco knives?

Serrate Cutco knives hardly need any sharpening because they have double recessed knife edges. Since they have micro serrations it is almost impossible to sharpen them at home. But in case your knife needs sharpening you can contact their customer care and repair.

How to sharpen the Dexter serrated knife?

sharpen the Dexter serrated knife

Dexter serrate knives can be sharpened easily with sharpening steel. You have to tightly hold the sharpening steel with your left hand and place your thumb behind the guard. You have to then place the heel of the blade at 90 degrees. Raise the back of the blade of the steel at 20 degrees but keep the cutting edge against the steel. Repeat the other side.

How to sharpen a double serrated knife?

Double serrated knives follow the same procedure. Here you have to make sure you sharpen the micro serration carefully and individually.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you sharpen serrated kitchen knives?

Serrated kitchen knives are very sharp and have indentations. But they rarely go blunt. In case they do, you can sharpen them easily.

2. How do you sharpen a serrated knife at home?

You can sharpen a serrate knife at home by using a sharpening rod. A few swift strokes against the road on each individual serrations and your knife is literally sharp as a tack.

3. Can you sharpen serrated knives with a whetstone?

It is possible to sharpen your knife on an abrasive flat surface by rubbing the backside of the knife. This will abrade the serrations and re-sharpen the blade. But it is very difficult.

4. How do you sharpen a serrated slicer blade?

You can sharpen a serrated slicer blade the same way you can sharpen a serrated knife. The help of a sharpening rod can be taken.

5. Can you sharpen serrated knives with an electric sharpener?

While electric sharpeners are easy to use and fast, they will not be totally in your control. You have a chance to lose your knife’s serrations.

6. Can you sharpen a serrated knife?

You can sharpen a serrated knife with a sharpening rod.

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