How To Sharpen A Bread Knife With A Steel?

Generally, we have 14 different types of knives, which we use in our day-to-day life. This article is an inquisitive guide, on how to sharpen a bread knife with a steel and few commonly asked questions related to it. You might have gone shopping and bought a knife, just by looking at it. And when you reach home, you wonder what is it meant for? Don’t worry; it happens to every one of us at one point or the other.


How to sharpen a bread knife with a steel

how to sharpen a bread knife with a steel

The easiest method of sharpening a knife is by using steel, but it is quite a time-consuming job. It is an inexpensive method. If it has been a long time since you last sharpened your knife, then this is the most preferred method for you. The rod is coated with ceramic, which will mould the knife easily and sharpen it for smooth and easy use. Here is – how to sharpen a bread knife with a steel.

How to sharpen Wusthof bread knife

how to sharpen a bread knife with a steel

You can either sharpen the Wusthof bread knife with steel or buy buying an electric knife sharpener. This method is a bit expensive as compared to sharpening the knife using steel. But it makes the work much easier. Look wise too it has got an advantage when compared to sharpening with steel. To maintain your knife, the most important thing is to hone it rather than sharpening it. If you keep honing regularly, there will be seldom a need to sharpen it.

How to sharpen shun bread knife

We can sharpen shun bread knife using a whetstone. To do so, follow the below steps:

  • Make an angle of 15 degrees between the whetstone and your knife.
  • Keep moving the knife back and forth in the whetstone.
  • Turn the knife and repeat the process.
  • Both sides must be equally sharpened.
  • Burr will be formed as a result of moving the knife back and forth.
  • To remove the burr, once you complete sharpening, take a newspaper, make a similar angle and move the knife left to right.
  • This will help in removing the burr.
  • Now wash, dry, and store your knife carefully.

This is how to sharpen a bread knife with a steel.

How to sharpen Victorinox bread knife

Sharpening the Victorinox bread knife can be done using steel. To do so follow the steps:

  • Hold the back of the knife, a quarter of an inch up from the steel.
  • This will help in making an angle of 15 degrees.
  • Now, bring the heel to tip down.
  • Keep stroking the knife 2 to 3 times.
  • Make sure you don’t overdo it. It might result in degradation of the quality of the knife.

How to sharpen a serrated bread knife at home

how to sharpen a bread knife with a steel

To sharpen a serrated bread knife at home, we can use a round hone which can be either ceramic or steel. Try to mildly pass the knife through each serration. After few serrations, you will start feeling burr forming on the knife. Once you feel that just swipe the knife with the hone on the flat side.

Once you do that, you will feel after each serration your knife will become sharpen and cleaner from before. Here is how to sharpen a bread knife with a steel.

How to sharpen a scalloped bread knife

To sharpen a scalloped bread knife, do follow the steps below:

  • Search for a wooden peg, which is the size of the crustacean, and wrap it with a fine  cloth.
  • You can increase the softness of the paper, by increasing the quality of the paper.
  • Stroking the crustaceans will make the points sharper.
  • The points are there to keep the crustaceans from being worn down.
  • Stroke the other side of the knife, to clear away burs formed, during the sharpening process.

How to sharpen Henckels bread knife

To sharpen Henckels knife, take a knife sharpener, which will be easily available in the market. Search for the side with a chamfered whet edge. Place the whet rod in one of the gullets. Move the whet, to bout the diameter. Once you locate the gullet, now sharp the first craw.

Now you will notice a slight burr forming. To remove those burrs, gently rub the knife on a newspaper.

How to sharpen a Japanese bread knife

how to sharpen a bread knife with a steel

You can sharpen it using a proper whetstone. It is recommended to use around 4000 grits. Start by soaking the whetstone. Once soaking is done, start sliding the knife on the whetstone, keeping in mind the angle, from the heel to the tip. Repeat the process on each side of the knife, until you feel each side is done properly.

Now clean the knife and store it properly for future use.

How to sharpen a mercer bread knife

Sharpening a mercer bread knife can be done using a quality handheld sharpener. Hold the sharpener with the left hand, on the table; insert the knife blade into the slot. Press down to bring the knife, into firm contact with both 2 diamond-coated discs. Swing the knife in a back and forth position will sharpen the knife. If the knife is not too dull, it should not take more than 5 swings. Now the edge should be sharp and effective for effective use. Remember to clean the knife and store it in a dry place.

How to sharpen Robert Welch bread knife

how to sharpen a bread knife with a steel

The best way to sharpen a Robert Welch bread knife is by using a ceramic honing rod. To hone the knife, use a ceramic coated steel rod. Place the rod on a flat and smooth surface, which will help you to get a proper hold of the rod so that it doesn’t slip and result in an injury.

Make an angle of 30 degrees between the knife and the rod. Find the points where you need to hone or sharpen the knife. Now hold the heel of the knife while the tip should be at the steel rod. Now slowly push the knife back and forth in the rod. Repeat these on both sides of the knife. After a few sliding, you will notice you are good to go.

How to sharpen Sabatier bread knife

To sharpen a Sabatier bread knife, the angle of the blade is the most important thing while honing or sharpening the knife. Make sure the angle is 30 degrees and regular. Pass the two sides of the knife, alternatively, on each side of the rifle. Note that you don’t over sharp the knife on one side. It can decrease the smoothness of the knife

If you notice burr, we have already mentioned before, how to clean it. Once cleaned, store it safely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Bread knife be sharpened?

Yes, bread knives can be sharpened. It is not very expensive. Also, it doesn’t require the most advanced tools. The sharpening of the bread knives can be done simply using a ceramic coated steel rod. Nowadays, even electric knife sharpeners are available in the market. But they are expensive as well as low customer satisfaction ratio as they don’t seem to provide enough sharpness to the knife.

Is it possible to sharp a serrated knife?

Yes, it is possible to sharp a serrated bread knife. To sharp a serrated bread knife, use a round hone which can be either ceramic or steel. Try to pass the knife through the slot given. Each serration will result in a smoother and sharper knife. Alternatively, you can also purchase electric knife sharpeners, or handheld ones available in the market. Even you can make one of your own by using a wooden dowel.

What is the best way to sharpen a serrated bread knife?

The best way to sharpen a serrated bread knife is by using a round hone rod, with is available either in ceramic or steel. Place your knife on the rod while maintaining a certain angle between the rod and the knife. Move the knife slowly far from your body and pull it back. Repeat, until you find the edges smoother and sharper.

Why do we use a different knife to cut bread?

A bread knife has serrated teeth and is long. The idea behind using a different knife to cut bread is to allow the cook to cut smooth and long surfaces easily. This results in cleaner slices of bread. The serrated teeth grip’s the bread tightly so that downward pressure on the bread is not required. Downward pressure may compress the loaf, which will result in deformation of the bread, as well as it might lead to injury of the cook if by any chance the knife slips from his/her hands.

At what angle should you hold a Bread knife to sharpen it?

The most recommended angle should be between 13 degrees to 17 degrees. While sharpening, keep the sharpening tool at a flat surface and strike the knife against it. This will help in getting more stability.

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