How to Freeze Peppers Effortlessly?

Pepper is a type of fruit belonging to the capsicum annum species. It is a very popular ingredient and is used in different cuisines extensively. Peppers are grown in the rainy season only, which makes it important to store them for the offseason. Also, freezing your peppers can save you considerably on the grocery bill. However, how to freeze peppers?

Some recipes call for blanching peppers in boiling water before freezing, but we only sweep, cut, and freeze the vegetables to make the process go much faster. There’s no need for any equipment; all you need is a well-organized series of measures:


How to freeze peppers for fajitas?

After washing fresh and tight peppers, dry them up using a kitchen towel. Then simply cut the tops off your peppers and remove the cores. Then, separately flash freeze the tops and peppers, and move them to freezer bags until frozen. For your convenience label the plastic bag with the date of freezing.

How to freeze peppers for stuffed peppers?

Follow the same method mentioned in the previous section. Remember to scoop out as many seeds as possible to make enough space for your stuffing.

How to freeze peppers for stir fry?

Cut your fresh peppers into small thin slices appropriate for stir-frying and making salsa. Rinse, dry and put them to freeze. Transfer to a plastic bag or container when ready.

How to freeze peppers for salsa?

Diced pepper is best suited to make salsa. The method to freeze diced pepper is very easy. Cut the clean pepper into small cubes or dices. Spread them evenly on a flat tray. Ensure there is enough space between to pepper cubes. Freeze them continuously for 8 hours. When ready, transfer to a plastic container and store.

 How to freeze peppers for later use?

When peppers are to be used at a later stage, freezing them properly is a necessity. Make sure to thoroughly rinse and dry the fresh peppers. Make sure that there is no air in the plastic container used for storing. After freezing, peppers are safe to use for 6 months when stored in a cool environment.

How to freeze peppers from the garden?

Peppers grown in the garden are similar to those grown in fields. You can follow the same method for freezing garden pepper as discussed above.

 How to freeze bell peppers?

Bell pepper freeze very conveniently because of their harder skin. Make sure to use only hard and fresh bell peppers for freezing. Soft skinned bell peppers have a higher probability of getting spoiled.

How to freeze bell peppers without blanching?

There is no need to blanch your bell peppers. Just make sure the bell peppers are clean and dry. Slice them as per your preference and put them straight into the freezer. Once ready, transfer them to a plastic bag or container. This direct method is easy and saves you a lot of time.

How to freeze banana peppers?

If you want to freeze banana peppers, you can do so whole or diced. To freeze banana peppers, carefully wash and dry them before placing them in a freezer bag. Squeeze out any excess air before closing and labelling the container.

How to freeze banana peppers from the garden?

Banana peppers grown in normal garden soil can be softer than usual. Make sure only hard peppers go into the freezer.

How to freeze chilli peppers?

 Freezing chilli peppers is relatively complex. Due to the small size of chilli peppers getting the seeds out is a tough job. Also, the person making the cuts needs to ensure the proper use of gloves while cutting the peppers. Chilli peppers are hot and can damage the human eye. While cutting chilli peppers avoid any sort of contact with the eyes.

How to freeze peppers whole?

No one wants to know merely about freezing slices and pieces of pepper. There are a few of us who love to make our favorite recipes using the entire pepper. Let’s take our discussion further by revealing the method for freezing an entire pepper:

  • Take a fresh tight big sized pepper. Rinse and dry using a kitchen cloth, gently slice the top and remove the seeds from inside the pepper. Place the slice back on top of the pepper.
  • For freezing a whole pepper, you would require a powerful freezer. Wrap the entire pepper using a plastic cover and place it inside the freezer. Let is stay inside for at least 14 hours.
  • For your convenience, you can add a date tag to the plastic bag. After freezing, whole peppers just like the sliced peppers are safe to use for 6 months when stored in a cool environment.

How long can you freeze peppers?

For up to three to four months you shall be able to freeze bell peppers very easily keeping them as fresh as it is.

Can peppers be frozen?

Yes, absolutely. You can certainly be able to freeze peppers without having any issues.

Is it ok to freeze peppers?

It is perfectly ok to freeze peppers. Freezing them shall increase the duration of their freshness more.

Can you freeze peppers?

Yes, for sure you can freeze peppers very easily for up to three to four months. Many people do the same as well.

Frequently asked questions

1. How to freeze capsicum peppers?

Capsicum peppers are very similar to bell peppers. The above-discussed technique can be used to freeze capsicums also.

2. How to freeze diced green peppers? How to freeze diced peppers?

Diced peppers take less time to freeze. Transfer the diced pieces to a plastic bag after 8 hours of freezing. Also, make sure that there is a sufficient distance between two pieces as diced peppers stick together very easily.

3. How to freeze cayenne peppers whole?

Wash and dry the fresh cayenne peppers. Cut them open from the centre. We recommend you cut it parallel to the stem. Remove the seeds using gloves and avoid contact on the eyes. Freeze them like other peppers and transfer them to a zipper bag. Cayenne peppers can be used for 7 to 8 months after freezing.

How to freeze datil peppers?

Put them in a freezer bag with a strong seal and freeze for up to a year after defrosting the peppers, make sure to use them right away because they will become soft. Datil is a hot pepper and while cutting it one should always wear gloves and avoid any contact with the eyes.

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