Your Favorite Fruits That Start With V

Fruits are essential parts of our lives. Besides the taste, they are a rich source of minerals, fibers, and vitamins. Fruits also keep us hydrated and are widely used as flavoring agents in several jams, juices, and smoothies. Let’s discuss some of your favorite fruits that start with V.


Vanilla fruit

fruits that start with v

One of the first fruits that start with V is vanilla fruit. Vanilla planifolia is the biological term for the vanilla fruit tree.

The vanilla tree was initially grown by the Mesoamerican Aztec culture, who dubbed it “tlilxochitl.” Vanilla is used as a flavoring ingredient in chocolate drinks. Vanilla fruit is an extended shell that, once mature, opens its tip, dries, and releases a characteristic scent. Its name “vanilla” comes from the Spanish word “vaina,” meaning “pod,” as the flavored fruit is shaped like a pod.

Vanilla is also among the most costly spices in the market because the vanilla needs a large amount of labor to get extracted.

Since vanilla plants only bloom for a day, their pollination is done manually which adds up to its cost.

Velvet apple fruit

Velvet apple fruit is also known as velvet persimmon,mabola, kamagong, talang, etc. Diospyros blancoi is the biological term for the velvet apple fruit tree. The velvet apple fruit tree is a tropical fruit tree endemic to the Philippines.

The Philippine velvet apple tree may be found in both primary and secondary kinds of wood, as well as being planted in the backyard.

The skin of this fruit is coated in a fine, silky fur which is generally dark red, and the core is velvety, creamy, and pinkish, with a flavor and scent similar to fruit cream cheese.

Valencia Orange Fruit

Valencia orange fruit is a mutant fruit created by an American agronomist, William Wolfskill, from the delicious fruit pulp. Its biological name is Citrus x Sinensis ‘Valencia.’ Valencia orange fruit is exceptionally delicious and has fewer seeds, occasionally none at all. Until recently, Valencia oranges were farmed largely for juice manufacturing, with just a small amount marketed as fresh fruit.

They are excellent all-purpose oranges since they are tasty, flavorful, and possess a lovely, rich color in the rind, meat, and juice. Crimson oranges provide an unusual flair to salads and other foods. They are less acidic making them appear sweeter.

Vaccrese grape

Vaccarese grapes are one of the fruits that start with V. Vaccarese grapes are a variety of grapes that are known for their rich texture and are widely used to prepare red wine. Red wine is among the most famous and costly wines. These grapes have a very fresh and elegant flavor and have alcoholic characteristics. They are available in small bunches and are red.

Valencia pride mango

Another name in the list of fruits that start with V is Valencia Pride mangoes. Valencia Pride mangoes are the fastest-growing mangoes among all the mangoes cultivated in Florida. It is very sweet and aromatic. Unlike other mangoes, it is nonfibrous. It is famous for its exotic flavor.

Van dyke mango

Another name in the family of mangoes is van dyke mangoes. Florida is famous for its varieties of mangoes. Van dyke mango is also grown and used widely in Florida. The Van Dyke mango has an elliptical form with a rounded end and a sharply pointed peak. The majority of Van Dyke mangoes have a little lateral mouth.

Van Dyke mangoes are small to moderate fruits that weigh around 280 grams on average.

Velvet tamarind

Velvet tamarind is a fruit that comes from Africa. It is small in size and has a grape-like structure. As they mature, they develop a stiff, indigestible coating that must be broken off before they can be eaten.

Once the casing has been peeled, the flesh can be eaten raw or made into juice. It helps in maintaining metabolism and is a rich source of vitamin A, folic acid, thiamine and acts as a natural antioxidant for the human body.

Vernaccia grapes

Vernaccia grapes are highly popular in Italy as they are widely used for making white wine there. It is among the most demanded grape varieties of grapes and white wines made of these Vernaccia grapes are supplied all over the world and are of great commercial value.

Victoria plum

fruits that start with v

The Victoria plum tree produces huge, wonderfully sweet, and luscious fruit. The Victoria plum is delicious fresh off the tree, but it also makes superb jam and may be used in a variety of cuisines. The surface of this fruit is pinkish, with bluish overtones and golden flesh. They are a rich source of minerals, fibers, vitamins, and antioxidants. They might taste like almonds and are a good sweet balancer, that’s why they are used in a number of cuisines.

Voa vanga

Another fruit that starts with V is Voa vanga. Scientific name for voa vanga is Vangueria madagascariensis. It is famous as the Spanish tamarind and is native to Africa. It is a flowering plant with edible fruits. In tropical Africa, Vangueria madagascariensis is a major functional foodstuff and supplier of nutritional compounds. In the last thirty years, substantial progress has been achieved in understanding the nutritive, phytochemistry, and pharmacologic aspects of the plant.

Volkamer lemons

Volkamer oranges are categorized between lemon and sour oranges. They have a very good aroma and texture but are quite acidic. The Volkamer Lemon is supposed to be a cross between a lemon and a sour orange, however, some fruit experts think it is a mandarin lime variation.

The Volkamer Lemon, which is acidic and somewhat bittersweet with a lovely scent and flavor, has already been recognized for more than 300 years. Volkamer was used as a rootstock for further commercialized lemons cultivars in Italy during the 1950s. The fruit itself is very identical to a raw Lemon or perhaps an Italian Monachello, and it may be seen as a lesser alternative for a Lemon.

Vespolina grape

Belonging to the grape family, Vespolina grapes are native to Italy and are also used to make wines. They are dark blue in color and have small to medium grape sizes. They are quite sweet to tart flavored and are quite commercial. The main usage of all these grape varieties is to make different textured wines. They are widely grown in Italy and their wines are supplied all over the world.

As you have got a lot of insights about the fruits that start with V. Our earth is surrounded by millions of fruits and vegetables. All the fruits discussed above have quite good commercial value and not only these but all the fruits are rich sources of vitamins, minerals, and fibers.

Consuming fruits every day is a very good habit. It will not only keep you healthy but would also cure a number of ailments in the body. By going through this article you can get a lot of information about some of the unknown fruits which hold a strong nutritional value and can create magic in your cuisines if used as natural flavoring agents.

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