Common Fruits That Start With U

Our earth is full of a variety of fruits. There are fruits with different colors, different names, origins, and types. We will throw some light on the fruits that start with U through this article. So let us explore the wide range of fruits present on earths that are unknown to us.



fruits that start with u

Ube is one of the fruits that start with U. The ube is a violet yam fruit that is native to the Philippines. It’s a vivid violet sweet potato with quite a sweeter and mellow kind of flavor as compared to its orange cousin. It is also a little nutty and has vanilla flavoring. It’s commonly used in Filipino sweets, generally cooked and afterward smashed with condensed milk.

Ube is sometimes mistaken for Taro, which is also a root vegetable. Taro is frequently used in savory foods, but ube may be prepared with savory seasonings and is often used in sweet dishes.

Violet sweet potatoes aka ube include starch, which promotes the growth of healthy bacteria in the digestive tract and aids in constipation relief.


Ulluco is a root crop and is widely grown all over the is a sweet fruit rich in starch. Ulluco is the second most extensively produced and commercially important root crop in South America’s Andean region, behind potatoes. The tubers are the main edible portion, although the leaf, is identical to spinach. It almost looks and tastes like a small potato and is often consumed like a small potato in some dishes.

Umbrella squash

Umbrella squash, often known as pattypan squash, is a kind of squash. It is well-known for its unusual form, which resembles flying umbrellas. The umbrella squash comes in three colors i.e. yellow, white, and green. It is small and almost eight diameters in size. Umbrella squash may be cooked in a variety of ways, and it can also be consumed raw or marinated in sweet vinegar.

Umbrella squash is among the most famous fruits that start with U.


Umibudo is also known as grape seaweed. The Japanese name “umibudo” means “sea grapes,” which is precisely what they have been nicknamed in English. Seagrapes are species of seaweed that thrive in the shallow seas near Okinawa and several other places in Southeast Asia. It looks like a small bunch of grapes and its aftertaste is exactly like fresh ocean water. Having quite a salty taste, it is very famous among the Japanese people.

Upland Cress

One of the other fruits that start with U is Upland cress. Upland cress is a weed-like fruit that is very easy to cultivate. It is widely used in salads by Americans due to its strong peppery flavor. It can also be eaten raw. Apart from salads, they can be mixed with several other dishes to give them a strong flavor.

Ugni berry

Ugni berries are almost similar to cranberries and also called Chilean guava. These berries are red in color and are smaller in size. they have a highly sweet taste so they are widely used in giving naturally sweet flavor to jams, pancakes, and several other sweet dishes. They have a very sweet chewing gum-like texture which makes them different from other fruits or berries.

Umbu fruit

This fruit is commonly consumed in Brazil, and it resembles a gooseberry but has a slight variation in color than gooseberry. Umbu fruit, various berries, could be consumed in different ways, including raw consumption and the preparation of umbu jams. After that, you crush and combine the shaved ice and sugar together. Umbu grows in drylands.

Urava fruit

Urava, scientifically known as Sonneratia Alba, is a species of mangrove tree with fruits. People living near shorelines or tidal streams typically utilize Urava woods to repair their ships or dwellings. Urava fruits may be eaten fresh and raw, although it is most commonly used as a tart seasoning to enhance the flavor of certain fish recipes. You may also produce types of local sweets and savory candy, after extracting the seed.

Uvilla fruits

Uvilla fruit is considered by several different names, although it is most frequently recognized as goldenberry in America.

Uvilla is a Spanish term that translates to “small grapes.” It is used to cover a wide variety of plants. The goldenberry is referred to as uvilla in several countries like Ecuador and Peru. It may also be used to make jams, ice creams, and many other sweet and savory dishes or eaten raw in salads. Uvilla can also be used in making fruit juices and smoothies and are considered best for toppings.


fruits that start with u

Umeboshi are typically spherical and range in texture from silky to wrinkly. They typically have a salty flavor and are quite sour because of the strong tartaric acid concentration, however milder variants are available. The blend of salty and sweet flavors in preserved umeboshi is definitely the best part.

Umeboshi could also be used to make vinegar, which is an essential element in Japanese cookery. Besides its normal uses in sauces, pickling, dressings, and so on, umeboshi vinegar is a great substitute for soya sauce. Once the umeboshi fruit is young, it flavors like peach and apricot.

Usuma fruit

Bunchosia argentea is the genus of the usuma fruit tree that is native to South America’s Andes area. Usuma fruit is also known as peanut butter fruit because it tastes exactly like peanut butter.

When completely mature, this little ellipse fruit with dark green skin becomes crimson. Because of its flavorful and distinct taste, usuma fruit is extensively utilized in a variety of recipes such as jams, smoothies, juices, and milkshakes. This fruit, on the other hand, is high in fiber and may be eaten both fresh and uncooked.


Usakhelauri is a variety of grape that is only grown on the steep slopes of Lechkhumi in Western Georgia. Its name is derived from the Sanskrit word meaning “nameless.” The Usakhelauri grape is primarily utilized in the production of high-quality organically moderately sweet Georgian wine.

Grape Uvalino

The Uvalino grape is an Italian late-ripening grape variety that is commonly employed in the manufacture of famous Italian red wine. Uvalino means “little berries,”. These fruits are only grown in the Piedmont region in northwest Italy. Despite their widespread usage in winemaking, Uvalino grapes are also characterized by their high amounts of antioxidants and other health advantages. Grape Uvalino is one of the most liked fruits due to its rich taste and texture.

Grape Uva Tosca

Grape Uva Tosca is one of the finest varieties of grapes and also one of the fruits that start with U. The Uva Tosca grape is among Italy’s most extensively planted grape varietals. Such grapes are typically used to create wine. Uva Tosca is middle- to close to the end grape that is primarily planted in the upper highlands of Italy. According to an analysis, Uva Tosca grapes are most likely the result of a natural crossing between the Alto-Adige grapes Schiava Grossa and Crepallocchi. It is also a fruit that is a rich source of vitamins.

Here are some of the fruits that start with U. Also check out the list of fruits that starts with T.

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