List Of 16 Fruits That Start With T

From Tangerine to Tachibana Orange, there are lots of delectable fruits that start with T alphabet.

Did you know that having Tangerine is rich in vitamin C and can help delay the aging process? From stimulating collagen production to making your skin soft and supple, there are surely a whole lot of advantages of this T-lettered fruit.  

So, here we have presented a list of some T-lettered fruits to help you learn all about these fruits, their uses, benefits, and more. This list will not only help you learn more about some great fruits but also improve your fruit diction to a great extent.


Fruits That Start With TA

#1 Tangerine

fruits that start with t

Tangerine is a small and thick-skinned fruit. This fruit is basically a variety of mandarin orange species. This fruit consists of a soft rind, contains small seeds, and has a sweet or slightly tart flavor. This orange fruit is commonly eaten or peeled fresh. It is widely used in desserts, main dishes, and salads. This fruit is also packed with antioxidants and can overall improve the brain, heart, and skin health.

#2 Tachibana Orange

Tachibana Orange is also a variety of the mandarin orange species. This orange fruit has a bitter, sweet, and refreshingly pleasant flavor. Having Tachibana Oranges just like many other mandarin oranges will prevent cancer, make a good source of vitamin C, reduce blood pressure, decrease cholesterol problems, and offer many other nutritional benefits.

#3 Tamarillo

Tamarillo fruit is an egg-shaped fruit usually 4 to 10 cm long. The color of this fruit can vary from orange and yellow to red and purple. This edible fruit has a variably sweet, tangy, bold, and complex flavor similar to kiwifruit, passion fruit, and guavas. This fruit is usually eaten raw. Having this fruit will help reduce blood sugar levels, especially for diabetic people.

#4 Tangelo

Tangelo is another citrus fruit belonging to the mandarin orange species. It is a medium-size and oblate to rounded fruit. This fruit contains dark orange pulp and has a slightly tangy flavor. A tangelo is 3 ½ inches in diameter. These oranges are widely used for making delicious and refreshing cocktails and orange juice.

#5 Tamarind

Tamarind is an edible fruit native to India, South Africa, Pakistan, and other tropical regions. Tamarinds are green-colored fruits during their developmental stage and turn brown once matured. The taste of this fruit can range from sour and sweet to tart and tangy flavor. Their sweet and tangy pulp is used in cuisines worldwide.

#6 Tangor

Tangor is basically a cross between the mandarin orange and sweet orange. It is an oblate and medium-sized fruit. Tangor has a juicy flesh, sweet orange flavor, and a floral fragrance. Having this fruit on a regular basis will improve brain, skin, and heart health. This fruit helps in increasing immunity. It can also help lower blood pressure levels.

#7 Tayberry

Tayberry is an edible fruit that can be eaten either cooked or raw. These fruits are frequently grown by people in their home gardens. Tayberries are usually made into desserts and spreads. Less acidic than Loganberry, Tayberries have a strong and tart-like flavor. They are a fine source of vitamin C and can aid in wound healing and anti-aging.

#8 Tart Cherry

Tart Cherry or Sour Cherry is one of the most popular types of fruits in the US. These fruits are rich in chemicals that can reduce swelling and also act as antioxidants. Having tart cherries on a regular basis can improve sleep, reduce systolic blood pressure, decrease muscle sourness, reduce inflammation, and also improve endurance.

#9 Taylor’s Gold Pear

Taylor’s Gold Pear is a cinnamon-colored variety of pear fruit having a juicy and aromatic flavor. These gold pears are commonly used in hard cider. This fruit is rich in vitamin C. It contains calcium, antioxidants, fiber, and potassium. It is delightful fruit that most pear lovers enjoy eating fresh.

#10 Tarap Fruit

Tarap is basically a strange fruit. This fruit resembles the durian and jackfruit cross. The outer skin of this fruit has a soft texture. This outer skin can be peeled super easily once the fruit has fully ripened. Although this fruit smells similar to durian, its flavor resembles ice cream or sweet banana. People suffering from health issues such as irritable bowel can eat this fruit to prevent constipation.

Fruits That Start With TE

#11 Texas Persimmon

Texas Persimmon, also known as Chapote, is a tree species having different female and male trees. Only the female Texas Persimmon tree bears fruit. Once soft, this fruit becomes edible. This fruit has a flavor similar to prunes. This fruit is quite loved by mammals and birds across the globe. They have a less tart flavor and are more on the sugary side. Ripened fruits can also be used to cure burning urination problems.

Fruits That Start With TH

#12 Thimbleberry

Thimbleberry is an edible fruit that resembles raspberries in terms of appearance. This fruit has a tart-sweet, intense, and smoldering flavor. Thimbleberries are a good source of vitamin C and A. They also are rich in traces of potassium, iron, and calcium. Having this berry fruit more often can boost immunity. The leaves of this fruit tree are also used to treat many kinds of ailments.

Fruits That Start With TO

#13 Topaz Apple

Topaz fruit is a disease-resistant and modern variety of apples. It is a medium-sized apple with yellow, red, and crimson-colored skin. It has crisp, crunchy, and cream-colored flesh. This is a fruity juice with an acidic flavor. The fruit is usually eaten fresh or in salads. It is commonly cooked or baked. These fruits are sustainable for long-term storage. They can help improve digestion and cure constipation problems.

#14 Tomato

fruits that start with t

Tomato is another one of the healthiest fruits out there often labeled as a vegetable. Having tomatoes often can prevent breast cancer, diabetes, asthma, and cataracts. Tomatoes also make a great source of antioxidant lycopene that can reduce the risk of heart diseases and cancer. This fruit is also rich in vitamin K, potassium, and folate. This fruit also has the power to protect cell damage from free radicals.

#15 Tommy Atkins Mango

Tommy Atkins Mango is basically a medium to large-sized fruit. It is an oval and oblong-shaped mango having dark red-blushed skin. It has golden flesh inside and has a somewhat sweet and mild flavor. These mangoes are commonly used in desserts, baked goods, and beverages. The pureed mango is also used to make sauces and marinades. They are a great source of vitamin A and C.

#16 Tompkins King Apple 

Tompkins King Apple or King Of Tompkins County or King is an apple large and hearty apple having yellow-green and red color. It is a crisp and coarse apple having a tender and subacid flavor. The King apples are usually eaten fresh, used in making desserts, cider, pies, preserved cans, and more. These apples also make a great source of vitamin C.

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