20 Fruits That Start With G For Your Kids Nutrition

If you are in constant search for fruits that can not only add nutrition to your kids but bring a variety in their taste too, here is a list of 20 fruits that start with g that are easily available and can help you to bring an end to your worries.

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 1. Galia Melons

fruits that start with g

 This is a hybrid of cantaloupe and honeydew melon. The husk of this fruit resembles the cantaloupe while the inner light green to light yellow pulp resembles the honeydew. These melons when ripe smells sweet having a firm texture. Being rich in vitamins and minerals they boost the health in many ways. These fruits can be eaten directly or be made into fruit salad.

 2. Guava

These tropical trees have their origin in Central America. They have oval shapes having light green or yellow skin and a dense flesh. These fruits are rich in Vitamin C, fiber and other nutrients. They are usually eaten raw as a snack and also made into juice, fruit salad.

 3. Gala Apples

These round and conical shaped fruits have a mild and sweet flavor. Their bodies have vertical stripes over them or are mottled. They are light yellow and orange in color. Their mildly sweet and acidic flesh is fibrous having flat dark seeds. These fruits have a floral aroma to them. Apart from being eaten raw, these fruits are also cooked with dishes and made into sauce.

 4. Gooseberry

 Gooseberry are small berries which grow on bush trees are green or dark purple mostly and of a few more colors. They have a mix of tart and sweet flavors. Their colors vary from green, yellow-white, pink, red. These fruits are made into drinks or added into jams and savory dishes.

 5. Grapples

 Grapples stands for the brand name of Gala apples which are soaked in a concord of water and grapes to blend the apple flavor and the grapes flavor together in a single fruit. This new flavor of the fruit is a popular choice amongst kids.

 6. Granadilla

 These small and medium-sized fruits with oblong, elongated and oval bodies are lightweight and hollow. Their rinds turn to orange-yellow from green as the fruit ripens. The slippery pulp is aqueous and aromatic with crunchy seeds. These fruits have a tangy and sweet fruity flavor.

These fruits for their sweet tropical taste are used in desserts and cocktails.

 7. Granny Smith Apple

These hard and firm fruits have a green skin with the flesh being crispy and juicy. These apples are tart and acidic in nature and turn to yellow from green when they overripe. These fruits are used in pies.

History has it that, Maria Ann Smith in 1855-1856, bought a small orchard in Eastwood, New South Wales, Australia. She started cultivating there and soon was known around the colonial Australia. This earned her the name ‘Granny Smith’ when she grew old.

 8. Goji Berries

These tiny red fruits are also known as wolfberries. They are known over Asia and looks like small tomatoes. Apart from their color and delicious sweet and sour flavor, these are rich in antioxidants. They can be eaten raw and made into smoothies.

9. Governor’s Plum

Flacourtia indica or Governor’s plum is a native to Africa and Asia. It has a fleshy and a rigid core containing 6-10 seeds. These fruits have a yellow or white pulp having a sweet-acidic nature. These fruits are used for making jams, jelly and wine.

10. Green Anjou Pears

These fruits have an egg-shaped appearance having a bright green skin or blushes of soft red. These fruits only show a subtle color change when ripe. These fruits are sweet and juicy having a mild citrusy taste to them. Their dense flesh makes it a good meal when poached, roasted or baked.

11. Golden Apple Fruit

Also called June plum, these fruits appear in the size of plums growing in clusters. They are hard and green and turn into yellow with a soft skin and flesh when ripened. These fruits taste like pineapple and are rich in vitamin C and fibers. These fruits are used in baking and cooking various meals.

12. Greek Figs

These fruits have got their name from their origin. Their small bulb-like bodies have a narrow neck towards the stem. Their color ranges from bluish-purple to green and various other shades, having faint stripes. The flesh gets a chewy texture from its crunchy edible seeds. Greek Figs has a sweet honey texture to them.

These fruits make a delicious treat when dipped in chocolate and served, mixed into pasta or made into jams.

13. Gorham Pear

These fruits are cone-shaped and turn to yellow from their browny-green skin, as they are ripe. They have a white flesh that tastes sweet with a hint of acidity.  The flesh is so soft that it dissolves in the mouth. These fruits cook well and so can be added to any recipe to make a delicious meal.

14. Grand Nain Banana

These bananas are very commonly cultivated and are known as Chiquita bananas. These fruits are larger in size and are seedless. They are eaten directly and made into milkshakes and ice creams.

15. Grapes

These fruits are in cultivation since ancient times. They not only come in multiple colors but also in many forms too. Rich in nutrients and antioxidants these fruits are always in demand because of their taste. From raisins to jams and jelly, grapes are a good fit in multiple cuisines.

16. Golden Kiwi

These fruits have a bronze color to them with a smooth texture and hairless skin. High in vitamin C, these fruits have a bright golden inner core with few seeds. They have a topically sweet taste to them it is said their flavor is like a mix of mango and strawberry.

These fruits are eaten directly and are made into fruit salads too.

17. Grapefruit

These trees are big as orange trees. The pulp of this fruit is light yellow having a tender body. These fruits are juicy with a mildly acidic flavor. Their citrusy flavor brings in a variety and adds crunch to many dishes.

18. Green Apples

fruits that start with g

These apples are just one of the many varieties of apples produced. They remain green even after they are mature. Their taste has sweet and sour element to them. These apples are good to be eaten raw and are even added to many dishes.

19. Golden Delicious Apple

These oblong-shaped fruits are pale green to golden-yellow and are speckled with small lenticels. The white flesh is crisp, firm and delicious having a sweet-tart flavor. They have a beautiful aroma to them and the taste of acidity depends on the area they are grown. They are greatly used in many dishes.

20. Grosella Negra

The name of this fruit comes from the Spanish word for black fruit or black currant. These berries having glossy bodies from the deciduous shrubs are rich in vitamin C. They are consumed raw and as a preparation in sweet and savory dishes too.

Do you know the most popular term for Grosella Negra? They are called the ‘forbidden fruit.’

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