19 Fruits That Start With F And Are Incredibly Delicious

Can you name a list of fruits with the alphabet f which you find delicious? Here are 19 fruits that start with f, which are incredibly delicious and can instantly uplift your mood.

If you are keen to know which fruits you are the ones you cannot resist their taste, then read on.


 1.  Fazli Mango

fruits that start with f

This monsoon fruit is a native to Bangladesh. They grow up to the size of a kilo having an overall flattened shape, compared to other mangoes. When ripe they turn yellow with a flavorful, sweet and a delicious pulp. They have a great aroma too. This delicious variety of mango is used as juices, eaten directly and serves as a great mix for fruit salads.

 2. Flatwoods Plum 

These wild fruits of the deciduous trees are a native to the woods of Southeastern United States. These plum trees are short with beautiful flowers. The fruits are round and purple. When unripe tasting bitterness and tart and gradually become sweet as they mature. This fruit make perfect jams and jelly.

History narrates that, it was the Native American who discovered these fruits under the shade of woods, thereafter naming them ‘forest plants.’

 3. Florida Cherry

 These small trees bear flowers having four white petals with slender stalks. The unripe cherries are green and as they begin to ripe it turns orange, scarlet or maroon. These cherry’s which are a rich source of vitamin C has a sour and tangy taste making them a flavor for jams and jelly.

 4.  Fox Grape

 These North American grapes belong to a woody vine having small greenish flowers. The grapes are in various colors such as black, red, green and amber having a juicy pulp. It makes a fine topping for salads or the base of flavor for jams and jelly.

 5. Fukushu Kumquat

These small trees also make a beautiful ornamental shrub. These oval-shaped fruits have a thin and sweet rind with a flesh that is tart and acidic in nature. They have only a few seeds.These fruits can be baked into cakes or muffins or made into sauce.

 6. False Mastic Fruit

 Do you like fruits having bold colors? The evergreen trees of this fruit which are often very dense and large, bear yellow and orange fruits. These fruits have a gummy pulp inside them. The fruit tastes great eaten freshly off the tree.

 7. Fairchild Tangerine Fruit

This fruit is a hybrid of Clementine mandarin and an Orlando tangelo. Their thin skin of deep orange color is pebbly in nature that doesn’t peel easily. The juicy fruit with seeds owns a rich sweetness to its taste. High in vitamin A, vitamin C and other nutrients, they can be eaten raw or made into juice.

 8. Fig

This fruit which is a member of the mulberry family is found in Asia. A fruit that is packed with proteins and minerals are often eaten fresh, dried or used in jams. Fresh figs are delicate and perishable so they are dried to preserve them for a longer duration

 9. Fuji Apple

This crossbreed apple has got its name from the town Fujisaki, (the first part of the town’s name) where this fruit got developed. This fruit is round in shape with flesh that is dense, crispy and sweet. They are eaten raw and mixed into fruit salads.

10. Farkleberry

This large branched tree with beautiful flowers is also considered an ornamental tree. The fruits that start being green gradually become shiny black as they ripen. These bitter-sweet berries are mealy and drier, having 8-10 seeds each. Traditionally these berries have been used in jelly and pies but it is also good to be eaten raw or put into dishes.

11. Five Flavor Berry

These purple-red berries having dense clusters possess five tastes such as sweet, salty, bitter, pungent, and sour.They are renowned in several countries for rendering many health benefits. In the Chinese medicine too, it is considered beneficial to qi, which is also known as the life force in all beings. They are eaten in dried form.

12. Feijoa

fruits that start with f

This fruit of South American origin is also called pineapple guava. The plant has golden-yellow flowers with white petals making them very attractive. This oval-shaped fruit in green resembles a guava, from a distance. Feijoa fruits have a sweet and delicious taste with a smell resembling banana and pineapple or pineapple and guava.

They are eaten directly and with other fruit mixes too.

13. Florida Strangler Fig

Golden figs, as they are called, belongs from Florida and its native provinces. These green figs turn golden-yellow as they mature. They have a sweet and a caramel flavor to them being rich in calcium and other vital minerals.

14. Forest Strawberries

These perennial herbaceous plants belonging to the rose family are mostly seen in the northern hemisphere. They grow in the wild. From the months of April to June, these strawberries bloom and turns thicker having red color. They have dry seeds over their skin. They are smaller in shape with a juicy and sweet flesh.

These fruits make them a great addition to ice cream or as juices.

15. Fibrous Satinash Fruit

These rainforest trees are from Indonesia and its natives. They have pink flowers with many stems and the fattened globular fruits are pink or red with a single seed. Having a sour taste to it, confectioneries jams, jelly is the best-suited places for it to be included.

16. Fe’i Banana

These unique trees are different and recognizable for their bright orange fruit. They have a short and are broad bodies. The sap is either dark violet or pink, unlike other bananas. These fruits have a sweet and tangy flavor and when cooked they turn soft and starchy. These fruits are filled with nutrition and can be eaten boiled, roasted or baked.

17. Finger Lime

Finger lime trees are thorny and produce lime that is in the shape of fingers. These wild grown fruits have a greenish-yellow skin with a fleshy pulp. They are not the common limes we are accustomed to but having a citrusy and tart flavor they can substitute limes. These fruits are used in sauce, jams and other culinary recipes.

18. Fascell Mango

Michael Fascell was the man who had cultivated this fruit for the first time hence it is named after him. This compressed looking fruit has no beak that resembles the shape of the heart. Upon maturity, this fruit turns yellow having a distinguishing bright carmine blush. This fruit tastes sweet and has no fiber but a mono embryonic seed. They are enjoyed just like any other mangoes.

19. False Jaboticaba

These fruits taste like grapes but aren’t from the family of grapes, hence the name. The snowy white flowers of this plant are in clusters and are attractive. These blue grapes grow on the branch directly and are sweet to taste, having a fruity aroma. Their pulp and pit are similar to the grapes. These fruits are eaten directly.

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