17 Fruits That Start With E And Are Not Widely Known

Our bodies are always better equipped to defend our system when we are aware of what we are consuming. In this list of 17 fruits that start with e, it throws a focus on the uncommon fruits and their uses.

Do you find it an exciting learning scope? Keep reading down below to know further.This article contains all the information about Fruits that start with E.


Fruits that start with E

1. Early Gold Mango

Frank Adams of Pine Island, Florida was the person who grew this fruit on his grove in 1942. This mango has an oblong shape with a lateral beak. Its dark yellow fibreless flesh has a sweet aroma to it. This tree grows moderately vigorous while the ripening occurs during the month of May and June.It is one of the Fruits that start with E.

These mangoes normally generate revenue for the farmers throughout the year even after the season are over. The mangoes are a good mix for juice or salads.

 2. Elephant Apple

 These hard fruits are a native to China and are found in the semi-tropical regions or in swampy areas. They are fleshy in nature with an abundance of sugar yet very acidic. Their surface is uneven with veins impressed over them. Elephant apples are used in curry, jams, jelly.

 3. Emu Berry Fruit

These fruits are formed in a shrub that is busy in nature. They are also called Grewiaretusifolia. From the months of April to September these shrubs bear fruits. These tiny berries are rich in vitamin C and have a sweet taste to them.They make a good addition to jams and jelly.

 4. European Pear

Fruits That Start With E

This important species of pear belonging from the temperate regions has a green flesh and carries a gritty and sweet yet a mild flavor profile. These fruits are packed with several important nutrients and minerals and vitamins. These fruits can be eaten raw or even be baked.

 5. Egg Fruit

These fruits occur in small and medium sizes. They have an oblong and curved shape that tapers to the end where there is no stem. The skin appears golden yellow and golden orange. The color of the flesh of this fruit resembles an egg yolk. Their texture is dense and these fruits taste sweet.They can be eaten fresh, baked and in cooked form.

 6. Emblic

This fruit has a spherical shape having a smooth light-greenish hard surface with six vertical strikes on its body. They are ripe in autumn. They are mostly eaten raw and cooked.

This shall fascinate you that in Buddhism this fruit has an important presence. This was the final gift by emperor Ashoka to the Buddhist sangha. Since then, this plant has been regarded as a tree to achieve enlightenment.

 7. Entawak

Entawak is a rainforest tree are a native to Malaysia and its regions. The fruit resembles a pumpkin in taste. Having oblong leaves with fine underneath, their orange-red flesh contains edible seeds. These fruits are a part of the tropical regions. These tasty fruits go well with any spicy dishes. It has edible seeds that taste great when roasted or salted.

 8. Etrog

 The history of etrog fruit dates back to 8,000 B.C. having an attachment to the Jewish festival of harvest called Sukkot. They were cultivated across the Mediterranean but now the cultivation has spread across the world.

These yellow looking citrus fruits resemble a lemon having a bumpy rind. The flesh happens to be pale yellow filled with seeds. It has an aroma similar to violets. These fruits are too bold in acidic tart taste to be eaten raw or unsweetened. They are mostly used in jams and in other dishes which brings a balance to its taste.

 9. Eastern Hawthorn Fruit

These are a shrub of the Rosaceae family that grows best in clay soil. These dark trees are arranged very neatly. The fleshy red fruits bloom in the month of May. These juicy berries which are acidic in taste resemble almost like eating a cherry having a single seed in the middle. They are used for preparing jelly and jams. It is one of the Fruits that start with E.

10. Elderberry

 They form in bunches having blue or black colors with small white or cream flowers. Elderberries are a big support to fighting cold and flu having plenty of health benefits to their quality. Eating these berries raw might sometimes be harmful but they can be eaten after being boiled into a syrup over dishes.

11. Enterprise Apple

This hybrid apple of the 1980s is considered as one of the modern apples. Their sizes are big having an elongated shape and a mix of red, yellow and faded orange color body. These fruits are resistant to many diseases with a mild flavor of spiciness and tartness.

12. Emu Apple Fruit

These fruits are smaller in size with a mix of purplish-red color with speckles.They have a big seed like a stone in the middle of flesh. The trees are mostly found in highland regions whose soil is suitable for them. These fruits too taste like common apples with a hint of spiciness. These are delicious in nature.

13. Eggplant

Eggplant or aubergines are actually not vegetables but fruits because, like fruits, they bloom from flowers and has a seed in them. The most common color to on their bodies is deep purple but sometimes, they are also green, black and red.They are rich in many nutrients are not eaten raw. After being cooked their creamy flesh absorbs the seasonings elevating the dish to its maximum.

14. Evergreen Huckleberry

fruits that start with e

These tiny berries of North America grow on shrubs that are very low to the ground. The berries are of dark rich colors such as deep purple and red. These summer fruits that last through mid-winter are loved by animals, birds and humans.These fruits are used in puddings, jam and smoothies and their sweet aroma make a fine mix for tea.

15. Elands Sour Fig

These native South African fig plants have big purple flowers. Their beautiful appearance makes their ornamental plants. When the fruit grows ripe, they turn fleshy having a reddish-brown color. These fruits have slimy pulp. These sour figs are usually added to curries.

Sour figs also have a vernacular name,Sally-my-handsome, a corrupt form of the old scientific name for Mesembryanthemum.

16. Eglantine

These deciduous shrubs are dense with pink flowers and yellow stamens. These berries are red with bristles towards the end. These berries are bitter and astringent to taste with many important vitamins in them. They are used as a flavor for tea and also add a flavor to many culinary dishes.

17. Ephedra

The name of this plant has been derived from ephedrine which is present in these plants. It is one of the Fruits that start with E.These fruits are born in the shrubs that grow in a temperate climate. They are also called Ma Huang and the fruits are red and juicy. Though they are no longer consumed due to health hazards but are sometimes used in medicines.Records state that these species of plants have been in use for the treatment of particular illnesses since, 5000 BC.

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