20 Interesting Fruits That Start With A

Do not get bored of buying the same fruit each time you visit the market because, here are the names of 20 fruits that start with A. This surely will bring a change of taste to your palate. Let yourself discover how many favorites you have.

If the thought of adding many colorful fruits in your fruit basket excites you, then keep scrolling through the article.


1. Apple

fruits that start with A

Oh yes! The first and the most popular choice alwaysis an apple fruit.Though they are originally from Central Asia but now there are over 7,000 different cultivars around the world. You might notice an apple easily in the market but, it might be unknown to you that the growth of an apple is actually very slow. An apple tree takes to produce its fruit from 4 years to 10 years. Now that’s very fascinating!

 2.  Apricot

People also call them stone fruits and Armenian plums. Next time you do not feel like drinking water, have apricots. These are high in water and shall keep you hydrated.

 3. Avocado 

It is actually classified asamember of the flowering plant family Lauraceae. These trees are partially self-pollinating. Avocados have a royal heritage. In the podcast Gastropod reports it states that, avocados were first used as tributes from townsfolk to local royalty in Mesoamerica 7,000 years ago.

 4.  Almond

Almonds are actually not fruits but edible seeds of the almond tree. In fact, they are rich inproteinsthan all nuts. Though almonds are native to the Middle East but now, the US is the world’s largest producer of almonds. You might find it interesting that almonds actually belong to the rose family and are often called “the queen of the rose family.”

 5. Alpine Strawberries

Unlike common strawberries, these strawberries grow in the wild and have been consumed by indigenous people since the Stone Age. Alpine strawberries also have a reputation for being sweeter and flavorful. In fact, these plants provide immense health benefits. From their juice, leaves, fruits, stems to roots, each part provides many health benefits.

 6.  Ambarella

These tropical fruits are an origin of South East Asia. Ambarella fruits grow in abundance from September to mid of January in clusters of up to a dozen. The leaves and bark of Ambarella trees are also very beneficial and used as a therapeutic agent.

7.  Anchovy pear

These evergreen trees are often found near rivers and marshes in large colonies and are native to the West Indies. They have yellow fragrant flowers with the fruit containing one seed and is pear-shaped russet brown. They are rich in vitamin C. These fruits are often eaten as a pickle.

 8. Asam Kumbang

This is a tropical species and is found in humid, wet, hot undisturbed lowland forests mostly along riversides or on inundated land. The plants bloom flowers that are reddish-purple and has light brown lenticles.The flesh of the fruit is from faded yellow to white. It tastes of acidic sweet flavor with a fibrous cover over the stone.

Unriped Asam Kumbang can be cooked with fish and also can be pickled.

 9. Asian Pears

fruits that start with a

Asian pears are also known by varied names such as apple pears or sand pears and come in green, yellow or brown colors. Their crunchy nature and sweet taste make them one of the most loved fruit. History says that the people in Japan people belonging to the Edo period would believe that pears would ward off evil so theyplanted these fruits near the gates and in the cornersaround their houses for protection.

10. Abiurana

This globe shaped yellow fruit is considered a delicacy for those who can grow them successfully. Being a native of the Amazon, the tree is cultivated in family farms. The delicious flavor of abiurana fruit is used to flavoring ice cream and other desserts and in addition to that the fruit and its peel provides a latex-like liquid that is used to make glues and medicines for the riparian communities.

11. Ashwagandha

This might surprise you that, the most famous ayurvedic herb ashwagandha got its name from Sanskrit which means, “smell of the horse.” Yes, rightly guessed, these plants are a native to India and South-East Asia. Ashwagandha is actually an evergreen bush with red berries which looks like tomatillos or husk cherries.

12. Atemoya

A native to American tropics, this fruit is a hybrid of the sugar-apple and the cherimoya. Being very high in vitamin C, a single fruit contains half the daily recommended value of vitamin. It is also a good source of vitamin B6 and fiber and many more vitamins and minerals.

13. Ackee

This national fruit of Jamaica has a fascinating history attached to it. It was originally imported to the island from West Africa, on a slave ship. The fruit Ackee got its name from Ankye which comes from the Twi language of Ghana.

The two types of ackee are identified by the color of the aril. One that has a soft yellow aril is called ‘butter’ and the other is called ‘cheese’ which is hard and cream-colored. Ackee contains hypoglycin which is a poison and only gets removed when it is properly harvested and cooked.This fruit is delicious and is usually boiled and cooked with meat or fish making it the nation’s one of the greatest delicacies.

14. Annatto

This is a commonly used natural food coloring agent because it gives a bright color such as yellow to deep orange-red, just like saffron and turmeric. This color is made from the seeds of the achiote tree. Many might not be aware that an estimated 70% of natural food colors come from it. Apart from its coloring aspect, it is used in food for its sweet and peppery taste that enhances the flavor of the dishes.

Since a long time, this fruit is also been used in many parts of South and Central America for art, as a cosmetic and for treating various medical conditions.

15. Australian Round Lime

fruits that start with a

This grows in the forest margins of the Beenleigh area and northwards, in Queensland, Australia.This round knobby citrus fruit has a distinctive flavor making it suitable to be included in cordials, sauces, marmalades and lime flavoring. The thick skin of this fruit is also put into culinary use like being grated into spice pastes or candied peel.  The essential oil can also be extracted out of it.

16. African Breadfruit

African Breadfruit which is found in West and Central Africa is a delicacy for the Ibo ethnic group of South-East Nigeria. These big round greenish-brown fruits when mature become greenish-yellow. African breadfruit has a hard and spongy texture and contains numerous oval-shaped seeds that are edible.African Bread fruits can be steamed, boiled, fried, baked, or cooked in traditional ways in a fire or used in various dishes.

17. Amanatsu

If you like the sweet-tart flavor then Amanatsu can be your absolute choice. This yellowish looking orange was first found in the Yamaguchi prefecture of Japan during the year 1740.This oblate shaped fruit grows into the size of a grapefruit which contains 12 segments and around 30 seeds.This too is a good source of vitamin C and other vital vitamins and minerals. These fruits are extremely sour but shortly after being stored it turns to sweet-tart flavor.

In Japan, people traditionally had been using citrus for fresh eating and as a light compliment to salt in flavoring dishes but now it is consumed in many forms such as a beverage, which is made out of its juice and are also used for making marmalades and ice cream.

18. Apple Berry

These are native to Australia and are called hardy climbers. Unlike apples, these have an elongated shape and are fleshy green and purple in color but turn yellow as they are ripe. The skin of this fruit is hairy, similar to peach and the sweet astringent flavor is that of a kiwi fruit thus making it a mix of both.

19. Araca-boi

This fruit has got its name from the Portuguese pronunciation. It is a yellow fruit like a guava and a rich source of vitamin C. Because this fruit is very acidic for directly being consumed, hence it is used as an ingredient with juices, ice-cream and other such things to make itrefreshing.

20. Argan

In Morocco everyone is well aware that for centuries argan oil has been a staple in health and beauty products due to its many benefits. Do not be surprised to know that it has a subtle and nutty flavor too which makes it as much favored in the culinary department. This natural plant oil is obtained from the argan tree.

Argan fruit is a green, oval-shaped nut a little bigger than an olive. If you grind argan and mix it with almond, the paste becomes similar to peanut butter. Now that’s what you call a perfect human-friendly tree!

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