Empress Chicken Vs General Tso Chicken: Acknowledge The Differences

Chicken has always experienced a great fan following because it can be prepared in many ways. But when chicken is prepared to keep in mind the Chinese dish preparation, it can turn out to be a bit tricky. Also, choosing which one to prepare between empress chicken vs general tso chicken is a hard job. So let us look into both of these preparations individually, to help you pick which one you could prepare in a better way. The only thing to be noted beforehand is, both of them taste really wonderful and are Chinese preparation.


Empress Chicken Vs General Tso chicken: Diversity in dish’s origin

Empress Chicken Vs General Tso chicken

If we talk about the origin differences between empress chicken vs general tso chicken, then empress chicken has originated in China and it has been centuries to this. The general tso chicken was also prepared first by a Chinese chef named Peng Chang-Keui. But despite being prepared by the chef, it was named after martial supervisor General Tao Zongren. Chicken tso is commonly prepared in American-Chinese dishes and cuisine.

General Tso chicken Vs Empress Chicken: Differences in their preparation method

Empress Chicken Vs General Tso chicken

If we talk about the preparation method of empress chicken vs general tso chicken, they have got varieties in it. In the preparation of empress chicken, the main process is cutting the meat into pieces and not separating the skin from the meat. After this, soy sauce, sugar, salt, rice wine and sesame oil are taken in a bowl and mixed well with your hands and made a thick paste. Then this mixture is brushed over each chicken piece and then they are put for roasting and toasted for around 60 minutes.

In the preparation of tso chicken, the recipe involves the use of dark or white meat. This meat is then chopped into several pieces and fried deeply. Due to deep frying, the chicken becomes crispy in texture from the outside. But the chicken persists to be soft from the inside. Ingredients like garlic, soy sauce, ginger, green onions, rice wine vinegar and sesame oil are used in its preparation.


1. Do both of these dishes taste different because of the use of different sauces in their preparation?

In the comparison of taste between empress chicken vs general tso chicken, the empress chicken has an intense spicy taste because of the use of rice extracted sauce that tastes spicy used in its preparation. Whereas, the tso chicken is made with a sauce that has a sugar composition in it. This sauce is sweetened using sugar but has fewer sugars to make it healthy.

2. Which of them has more veggies in them?

The empress chicken dish has got more vegetables in its dish preparation as compared to general tso chicken. This is often a factor that most people overlook but this can actually be a really healthy deciding factor for which one is good for your consumption. It is also a good option for those who want to consume fewer calories and are looking for something healthier.

3. Are there any similarities that one could encounter in both of these dishes?

They have actually got 3 features in common. Follows are all three of them:
1.They both have originated in the Asian part but all of the developments in these dishes are carried out widely in America till date.
2. Both of these dishes can be prepared in a variety of ways but use chicken as their primary ingredient.
3. In the preparation of both of these dishes, the chicken is deeply fried and always served with white rice which is on the side of the plate.

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