Drumette vs Drumstick: Get the Best Information

No one on this planet has not heard about drumsticks. If you do not know what drumsticks are, then unfortunately you are living on a completely different planet altogether. On the contrary, drumette is something that almost all of us eat but we do not what it is. Drumette vs Drumstick is something that will be discussed in this article, not only to decide which one is better but also to find out what Drumettes are.


What are Drumettes?

drumette vs drumstick

The topmost part of a chicken wing is called a drumette. It is the juiciest and the most luscious part of a chicken wing. Drumettes are normally considered appetizers in most restaurants and food outlets.  The chances of eating a drumette are likely high for a person, but the reason why he does not know the name of it is that, in many food outlets, the drumettes are called by a different name. Often you will see the drumettes being renamed and sold as “chicken lollipops”, “wings” or other attractive names.

Where Is It Located?

Think of a full chicken wing and divide it into 3 different parts.

We know that the first part of a chicken wing which is extremely popular in barbeques for its delicious juicy and scorchy flavour is known as the wingtip.

Just below the wingtip, the wingette is located. This is the most widely used term by people and normally this middle portion is considered as a chicken wing. It is the crispiest part of the wing as the portion is prepared by deep fry.

The portion that connects a wing to the rest of the chicken is called a drumette. It is the lowest part of a chicken wing. There are many ways by which you can cook and serve a drumette.

How Does a Drumette Look?

A drumette looks like a small drumstick. It looks like a drumstick with less amount of meat, where the meaty portion lies mainly on the topmost side. Drumettes have an extra layer of dark chicken meat.

In Drumstick vs drumette comparison, one major advantage of drumettes is that they are easy to cook and prepare than the normal drumsticks.

What are Drumsticks?

Drumsticks are the most common type of chicken dish consumed around the world. It is a one-piece bone-meat food that can be prepared in various ways. The drumsticks are more tender than the drumettes and they usually have an outer crispy crust.

What Is The Major Difference Between These Two?Drumette vs Drumstick

As drumettes are normally smaller in size than drumsticks, they are always considered and eaten as appetizers. The drumsticks on the other hand are comparatively larger and they are often served in the main course. Plus, many different types of drumsticks can be prepared and eaten.

drumette vs drumstick


1. Which one is healthier? – Chicken Breast Meat or Dark Meat?

Ans- Breast meat is the healthier one without any doubt. Dark meat contains fat but is also tastier than breast meat.

2. Is the cooking process for both drumsticks and drumettes the same? – drumette vs drumstick

Ans- Both the drumettes and drumsticks can be cooked in the same way. However, it should be remembered that a drumette is smaller in size than a drumstick. So, the drumettes should not get overcooked as it will take less time to get prepared. It takes approximately 6-7 minutes to cook a drumette.

3. Is drumettes used in broths?

Ans- Drumettes can be used in broths. In fact, any portion of a full chicken wing can be used in both soups and broths.

Here is all about drumette vs drumstick.

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