Candy That Starts With V

Many candies start with the alphabet V. Moreover, these candies are loved by people for their taste. They are enjoyed by people from all around the world. Candies are beginning from A and end at Z. Taste has always mattered. Thus, people have chosen these candies as their top candies. A candy that starts with v is available everywhere. The following are a few of these candies:

  • Victory V
  • Violet Crumble
  • Vimto
  • Volcano Rocks

These candies are famous. People love them for their great taste. Moreover, they are enjoyed by all. Their nutritional value also holds a huge meaning. This enables the people to choose these candies over any other candy that will just cause them harm. The candy that starts with v is Victory V, Violet Crumble, and Volcano Rocks.


Victory V

You must have heard of licorice-flavored candies. Victory V is a licorice-flavored candy. In 1864, Thomas Fryer and Edward Smith MD devised it. Originally, they were manufactured in Nelson, Lancashire. To ensure that the ingredients put are proper and perfect, these candies were made by hand.

Ingredients like ether, licorice, and chloroform were put in the candy. Thus, to ensure that the right amount of content is put in, this candy that starts with v was made by hand. Moreover, it needs to be ensured that each sweet contained the correct amount of these ingredients that are considered therapeutic.

Candy that Starts with v – Victory V, is a different type of candy. It is a lozenge. It is a British brand of candies. People love this candy that starts with v. It was hand-made initially to ensure that the right amount of ingredients are used in each sweet.

User reviews

Users have described this lozenge as a forger for strength. These are strong lozenges that soothe your throat. Therefore, people have made high demands on this candy that starts with v. People also love the therapeutic ingredients that are used in it as it soothes your throat.

Violet Crumble

candy that starts with v

Violet crumble is a chocolate bar. It is an Australian brand. The texture of the bar is crumbly. It is a honeycomb toffee in the center which is covered with a compound chocolate layer. Violet crumble was made by the company Hoadley’s Chocolates. It was made in the year 1913 in South Melbourne.

Currently, it is made in Adelaide which is in South Australia. It is made by Robern Menz. This was after a period when the brand was owned by Nestle. Its advertising slogan says, “It’s the way it shatters that matter”. This candy that starts with  v is popular in Hawaii, Hong Kong, and California.

Production of this candy

You must be wondering about the shape of the candy that starts with v. The honeycomb after production and the process of convection is cut into bars. After that, the bars of the candy is chocolate coated. They are double-coated to seal the honeycomb.

To use up the broken pieces of Violet crumble, Bertie Beetle was made. This candy is sold around Australia on a large scale. This candy that starts with  v is extremely popular around Australia.

Volcano Rocks

candy that starts with v

Volcano rocks were candy in the United States of America. Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, it was produced by The Willy Wonka Candy Company. These candies are pieces of sugar candies. They resemble multi-hued rocks that we find at the bottom of fishbowls.

These are solidified sugar candies shaped like rocks. They taste amazing and people love their taste. This candy that starts with v also gained in popularity after it entered the American market. However, they are no longer produced.

The candy was sold in the 1970s and 1980s. It was extremely popular during that time. It was loved and enjoyed by people when the candy was popular. The information about this candy that starts with v is scarce, thus, people feel that Pop Rocks is a substitute for it.

The packaging of the candy was similar to that of Tart ‘n’ Tinys and Nerds. The packaging of Volcano Rocks has a tear-out panel on the top of its packet. It had a paper lid that was sliding. This sliding paper revealed the opening of the candy.

The above mentioned are a few candies that begin with the alphabet v. There are many other candies that are popular and have gained enough fame for their taste, ingredients, and shape. Moreover, they have exceptional nutritional value too. People have loved candies all these years and rejoiced about them. They could relive their childhood through these candies.

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