All About Candy That Starts With L

The list for candy that starts with l is big. Many of these candies are available in most countries while the others are only limited to a few nations. From Lollipop Rings to Lemonhead, all the names of the candies which fall under this category will be named and discussed below.

The list for candy that starts with l is-


Lollipop Rings

Lollipop Rings are mostly popular among American kids because of the cartoon-themed lollipops manufactured by this brand. Lollipop rings are one of the best candy choices for a child’s birthday party. The lollipops are tasty, and sweet and are available in different colors. The most popular lollipop cartoon themes of this American brand are SpongeBob SquarePants and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Besides, Lollipop Rings only has two different types of Lollipops available in the market now.

candy that starts with l


The origin of this famous candy company is very fascinating. The company was founded by an Italian immigrant Salvatore Ferrara who moved to the United States in 1900. He started making the Lemonhead candies by the name “confetti” after he saw the birth of his deformed grandchild. The candies skyrocketed in popularity and people preferred having these candies instead of pastries. Soon his family members joined in the business with him and they together formed the Ferrara Candy Company in 1962. Now the group is known as Ferrero Group after it merged its ties with Farley’s and Sather’s Candy Company in 2012. Currently, the company is the largest producer of candy canes and 92% of the mallow cremes in the US.

As the name suggests, most of the candies produced by this brand are sour flavor. The candies are made from natural lemon juice without adding any extra artificial flavors and have a huge market in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. They also manufacture candies of other flavors but the sour candies are the main highlight of Lemonhead. You are also likely to come across this candy in your country as it is sold in many countries.

Laffy Taffy

Laffy Taffy is famous predominantly among the late 1980s and early 90s kids. These taffy candies are also manufactured by the Ferrero Group but now are unfortunately discontinued in the offline American market. However, you can still buy them from online stores.

Lip Pops

Halloween is a big celebration for the kids in the United States and other western countries. Kids dress in different Halloween costumes and go out in search of candies for trick or treat. Lip Pops are the most popular candy that kids come across during Halloween times. It is also safe to say that Lip Pops are also known as Halloween candies, not only because they are mostly used during this time but also because most of these candies look like small scary figures which perfectly blend with the occasion. Lip Pops are available in different tastes and colors. They are also very affordable.


Ludo is not only a popular board game but also a very popular candy brand that is used during Christmas and Easter time. Besides Lip Pops, Ludo candies are also used during Halloween time. The candies look very attractive and come in different shapes and sizes. The Santa-shaped candies are very much liked by the kids in the western countries. Ludo also offers kids’ toys along with candies.

candy that starts with l

Liqueur Fills

Who said that candies are only meant for kids and not for adults and grown-ups? Liqueur Fills have broken that traditional thinking. Children are not advised to try these candies because this is not the type of candy that you want your children to have and enjoy. As one can understand by seeing the name, the candies manufactured by this brand contain liquor. This is innovative and interesting as well. The unique selling point of this brand has made it popular among the adults of many countries. If you want to try out how liquor such as rum, and vodka tastes like inside a candy, then you should not wait anymore and buy a Liqueur Fills candy today.

It does not require special mention due to the guidelines; Liqueur Fills have been banned in many countries, especially in the parts of Middle East Asia and African countries.


1. Is There Any Other Candy That Starts With L?

Yes. There is much other candy that starts with l. The list includes the name of the candies such as

  • La Vie
  • Lake Country Candies
  • Lammes Candies
  • Lancaster Soft Cremes
  • Le Grand Confectionary
  • Leone
  • Lerro
  • Les Anis De Flavingy
  • Licorette
  • Likkebaard
  • Lindt
  • Lion
  • Lion Bar
  • Lucky Country
  • Lupy Lops
  • Luvy Duvy
  • Long Boys
  • Look!
  • Lonka
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