List of Candy That Starts With K

There is much candy that starts with k. While some of them are popular, there are others as well that you have never heard of. KitKat is obviously the first candy that strikes our mind when we think of candy that starts with k. We are going to name all the candies that come under this category.

Before coming to the list of the candies whose first letter starts with k, we need to understand that the popularity of candy depends on its marketing and availability in the markets. Not every candy is available in the market, and some of the candies that will be mentioned below may seem unfamiliar to you.

candy that starts with k



Who has not heard of KitKat? No matter where you live, you must have heard of and tried this candy at least once in your life. This crunchy and creamy chocolate originated in the United Kingdom and was known by the name “finger” at that time. Now, KitKat is sold all over the world under the Nestle brand with one exception though. In the United States, KitKat is sold under the Hershey’s Company.

KitKat is not available in the normal chocolate flavour. Japan has produced over 200 different varieties of KitKat. Some of the flavours include mint, ice cream, orange, and strawberry. All of these flavours are even popular and many people visit Japan only to try out these different versions of KitKat.


Kinder is the second most popular candy that starts with k. If you have a kid in your home, then you must have been quite familiar with this name. Kinder Chocolate and especially Kinder Joy are extremely popular among the kids and are one of the best candy options for birthday parties. Another reason why kids love Kinder products so much is because of the toys and exciting gifts that are provided along with this creamy chocolaty candy. Kinder is a German product which originated in the year 1967 and now is sold in over 125 countries.

Krackel Bar

Another product made by the Hershey’s Company; Krackel Bar has been available in the American market since the late 1930s. There are very candy companies which exist for so long in the market and fortunately, Krackel Bar is one of them. The simplicity of this candy and also the history associated with it makes it a perfect choice for many Americans even today. The full-size bar of the Krackel is almost non-existent in today’s market but you can easily find the mini-versions of it in the United States.

candy that starts with k

King Leo

Candies don’t need to always be made in chocolate flavour. While there is no doubt that people and children mostly like this flavour, there are others as well who prefer to try out different tastes. Mint is one such flavour. Whenever we talk about mint-flavoured candies, we think about King Leo. King Leo is an American company that is based in Nashville. The company originated in the 1950s and since then it has completely dominated the world of mint candies. However, over the years, they have manufactured other types of flavours as well such as pomegranate etc.


It does not take much time to understand the uniqueness of the candies made by Karla. Karla manufactures different types of lollipops, caramels, gums and bars in a wide range of flavours. Many candies even come with a unique blend of different tastes which is very hard to find when it comes to candies. Some candies are spicy which many people may not like, but it is surely popular among the Mexicans and Latin Americans. Karla is a Mexican candy brand which has made a big impact in the world of candies.


Kabaya is a Japanese company that is operating since 1946, after the end of the Second World War. Kabaya specializes in the production of gums of different flavours. Children also like to buy gums from this company as it also offers free attractive toys to the kids along with gums. It is not sold in many countries, but you can find them in many Southeast Asian nations.


1. What are the other candies whose initial starts with k?

There are many other candies which can be found in different parts of the world with k being the initial letter. It is quite natural that we may not be familiar with these names but they may be popular in other countries. The names of these candies are –

  • Kafe
  • Kandi Jewelry
  • Krinos
  • Koppers
  • Kopiko
  • Kookaburra
  • Kits
  • Kawaguchi
  • Kencraft Candy
  • Kendon Candies
  • Kidsmania
  • Kanro
  • Karma Candy
  • Kendy’s Candy Company
  • King

If these candies are not available in your country, you can buy them from online stores such as Amazon where you can find them pretty easily.

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