Delicious candy that starts with f?

The perfect candy is one that makes your mood joyful and keeps you fresh when you feel tired or getting bored. Today we are going to talk about some amazing candies that we may have tried or heard of once in our lives. Candy that starts with f. Many years ago, we didn’t have a wide variety of candies, but now in the 21st century, we can’t even count how much we have.

Whether it is chewing gum or chocolate candy, all the candies taste amazing if you have a craving for them. Sour candies are mostly famous in Asian countries, and chocolates are famous in western countries. Let’s have a look at some amazing candies.


1. Fruit stripe gum

candy that starts with f

It’s perfect to start our candy marathon with fruit striped gum. There was a time when we were small kids and used to go to the supermarket with our parents and used to come back home with these little treats. We even shared them with our elders because this is the candy that is loved by people of all ages. very amazing chewing gum that comes in a variety of flavours.

And, even at one time, this tasty chewing gum gave us surprise washing tatoos that all the kids used to enjoy. This candy has around 5 yummy flavors. Cotton candy was added later on.

This tasty candy was first introduced as a candy with five flavours in 1960. It wasn’t named as fruit strip candy until 2003, when Hershey’s came to the rescue and gave this gum the amazing name. It is currently owned and manufactured by Ferrera Candy, a subsidiary of Giant Ferrero.

2. Fun Dip

This candy cannot be ignored in our article without talking about this tasty candy. It is really fun to eat this sweet candy. They are made of flavoured sugar with a dipping stick, and most people enjoy this candy by licking away the sugary powder off of the stick.

Fun Dip was originally made by Ferrera Candy Company. The company introduced it in the USA in the 1940’s and it’s been there since then. The founding name of the candy was ‘Lik M Aid’. The weird name was then changed to Fun Dip in 1989. Ferrera was the original founder of this fun dip candy. It was also owned by the famous Nestle and Sunline Interprises. Wonka brands purchased these in 2018 since they are not with Ferrera anymore.

Fun Dip is loved by all the kids. These flavoured sugar jellies come in a simple and easy to open wrapper with a dipping stick inside where you can lick this sugar candy until it all disappears. And also, numerous flavours are made of these fun dips. Limited-edition flavours are occasionally available.

3. Flipz

candy that starts with f

Who doesn’t love pretzels? Everyone loves pretzels, and to make things even crazier, pretzels covered in chocolate. That is even tastier than you thought. Yes, you read it right. Flipz were first introduced as a bulk candy by Nestle in 1997. But they are more fun to eat now as they are now coated in chocolate with a variety of coatings available on the market today. These salted pretzels are loved by many people.

The most famous flavours are milk chocolate, white fudge, peanut butter, and recently added, “Cookie and Cream.” Limited editions are also available on the market today.

4. Fantales

Fantales is the most underrated Australian candy company, which is not easy to find nowadays in the super market. If you search around the city to find these tasty treats, you may come across these somewhere. These candies are filled with caramel inside of a thick chocolate layer. Some of you have even compared them to Reese’s, but they are not the same. The packet of fantales comes with several pieces of candy in them.

When you put these in your mouth, they will instantly melt in your mouth, so you can taste the heavenly treats made with the caramel and chocolate combination.


1. Is it bad for your health to eat too much candy?

Studies shows that Obesity, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, inflammation, and atherosclerosis have all been linked to eating too much sugar on a daily basis. All of these conditions put you at risk for heart disease and other cardiac problems like heart attacks.

2. Which candy was first invented in the United States?

The candy Good & Plenty is known to be the oldest in the United States. The chewy pink-and-white capsule-shaped licorice was initially created in Philadelphia in 1893. Good & Plenty is still available at concession stands across the country, making it a confection that candy enthusiasts of all ages can enjoy.

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