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We all just have this common crush and it is known as candies. Come on we all crave candies. No matter how old you get. You will always crave your favorite candy. No matter how full you are. There will always be some space for candies left. When we are young we are told several times how these candies will erode tooth enamel and we will get cavities so to speak.

But literally, none of us really cared about what people had to say. There is just an undying love for the candies. And it will remain that way till eternity. We all need sweet candy after dinner. We need them during celebrations. We all find excuses to have those candies. Some people try to find candy that starts with a.


Are there candies out there that start with the letter a?

If you are doing research on candies. Then, what better way there is than to start with the letter a. The first alphabet for sure has some of the best candies that you can find out. Including so many iconic candies as well. Some of the best are as follows-

Almond Joy– For some people coconut and chocolate is not the right mix. But for many, it is just the right combination. If you find yourself on the latter side. Then, there is no candy better than Almond joy for you. Almond joy is filled with creamy coconut. You get the flavor of almonds with it. And lastly, it is coated in milk. It is a perfect blend of different elements.

candy that starts with a

None of the elements is overshadowing the other. You can not find a better bar of candy if you like almonds and coconut in your chocolates. Hershey’s company produces this candy. And we all know how amazing they are with their chocolates. So, expect the unexpected joy.

Andes Mints– It is very rare that someone would not like mints. Mints give a rush of flavors to our mouths. And gives a refreshing flavor. And what if you get this exciting blend of flavors of mint with a candy bar? Well, Andes Mints do that exactly. These little candy bars wrapped in green foil are full of joy. The best part about it is that you can literally have it any time you want.

Most of the time people prefer to eat this minty candy bar after dinner to get a refreshing feeling. Also, they would help you get rid of bad or stinking breath. For a delicious blend of mint and chocolate, you can always go with Andes Mints. Over the years there have been different ownership of this candy. But as of now, Tootsie Roll company owns it.

AirHeads– You may argue that there are not many candy bars that can be enjoyed both by adults and children. Well, you may be wrong if you think that way. Because AirHeads candy bar can literally be enjoyed by everyone. And trust me it is not a baseless claim. You can actually people of any age group if they like AirHeads candies or not.

candy that starts with a

And you will get your answer. Started in 1986, they have taken the market of candies by the thunder. People absolutely love this sweet and sour candy. This unique blend of flavors is what makes it so exciting. Some people do not like too much sweetness and still crave candies. For such people this candy is perfect. There are several flavors available. Namely orange, grape, strawberry, and green apple.

Altoids: Some may say that there are not exactly candies and rather are mints. But nevertheless, we can consider them candy. And the best part about them is that they are in the market for over 2 centuries. Yes, you heard that right. This minty candy started way back in the 1780s. These mints are popular for the premium look of packaging that they come in. You will find them in a circular metal tin. Usually, candies are in foil or wrapping paper.

But these come in different packaging. Over the years, several other flavors have emerged that matter. So, that the experience stays unique. You can find them in peppermint, spray mint, wintergreen, and cinnamon flavors. They used to have a very popular flavor which came with the name “ Altoids sours.” They, unfortunately, discontinued it.


1. What is the best chocolate to buy that starts with the letter a?

It is for sure more of something that depends on personal preferences. There are a lot of options that you can go with. If you like the almond and coconut flavor in candies. Then, almond joy is what you can go with. And if you like it a bit minty. Then, Andes mint is a good option.

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