Can You Freeze Yogurt

Are you an active cook? If yes, you must have encountered one of the most commonly asked questions: can you freeze yogurt. You must know that fresh yogurt can be remarkably frozen for up to 2 months. However, upon refreezing it, its taste and texture would slightly deteriorate. As a consequence, it might appear more liquid or grainy than it originally was. After you defreeze it, stir the yogurt thoroughly to even out its texture. Make sure to thaw it completely inside the refrigerator before taking it out. We would now discuss freezing and refreezing yogurt in detail below. 


Things to know before freezing yogurt

can you freeze yogurt

Can you freeze yogurt baby food or can you freeze yogurt cups for lunch are some of the other questions that homeowners are often noticed asking? Just like any other product, yogurt can also be frozen better if it’s packed and unopened. If the yogurt is in a sealed container, please don’t open the seal. Some people ask whether can you freeze yogurt containers. Yes, one can freeze yogurt along with the container inside a freezer. For your information, you can mention the date on the body of the container to know when the 2 months end. Once you have stirred it well, transfer the contents into an airtight container. 

Are you wondering whether can you freeze yogurt drinks? The answer is a big yes. Not just yogurt drinks even pre-portioned amounts of yogurt can also be frozen to make drinks out of it. All you have to do is fill two trays of ice cubes with yogurt and place it inside the freezer for a few hours unless it turns solid.

 Now, you must be thinking can you freeze yogurt and then thaw it? Yes, you can. After freezing it for about a few hours to about 2 months, you can choose to thaw it anytime. You only need to place the container in the refrigerator unless it’s liquid again. You must allow the yogurt to thaw for 24 hours before using it to cook. After thawing, if you notice that the texture of yogurt is not entirely even and is a little grainy, you must stir it vigorously. However, if it’s still not perfect, you can use it to make drinks like smoothies or chocolate shakes. 

Can you eat frozen yogurt? 

can you freeze yogurt

Another question that people ask often is whether can you freeze yogurt and eat it frozen. The answer is yes, frozen yogurt can be consumed just like ice cream. Getting your frozen yogurt ready is easy! All you have to do is put some of your flavoured yogurt in a small plastic bag and make sure there’s no air remaining in it. Put the plastic bag inside a larger one.

To the larger bag, add some ice cubes with a tablespoon of salt sprinkled over the ice. Now, tightly pack the two bags and shake vigorously. Stop shaking in between and squish the contents to break the ice cubes into crystals. Once the yogurt is broken down into smaller pieces, it’s ready for you! 

How to freeze yogurt? 

can you freeze yogurt

By now you must have known that yogurt can be frozen. If you are wondering can you freeze yogurt bacteria, the answer to it is yes as well. Again, if you are doubtful whether can you freeze yogurt about to expire, you shouldn’t do. The quality of that yogurt would rapidly degrade and wouldn’t be fit for consumption. We have listed below some steps in which you can freeze yogurt. 

  • In its package

You can put the container containing yogurt directly in the freezer. You can also consider transferring the contents in an air-tight container. However, if you have bought one of those packs where there is multiple small yogurt in cubes, you can straight put them inside the refrigerator. According to most homeowners, storing yogurt along with the container is the easiest way to freeze it. So, you ever questioned can you freeze yogurt in pouches, now you know the answer. Also, if you wondered can you freeze yogurt into popsicles, the answer again is a yes. You can even put a large tub of yogurt straight into the freezer. 

  • In an ice cube tray

If you want to freeze yogurt to mix it in smoothies and drinks, you can consider putting yogurt into ice cubes. You can put little amounts of yogurt into every cube and store it inside the freezer. After all, cubes have turned into ice; you can transfer the cubes into a freezer-safe bag to store it easily. When you have made all necessary arrangements for your smoothie or drink, take a few yogurt cubes from the storage bag, blend them with the rest of the solution! This method is extremely easy and can be performed at home! Also, if you ever wondered can you freeze yogurt in cups, the answer is a big yes. 

  • In tubes

If you have kids at your place and they love to go guts, you can start making your frozen yogurt by freezing your favourite yogurt in small tubes. If you ever thought can you freeze yogurt tubes, you must be delighted to know that it’s possible! Storing yogurt in tubes and freezing it wouldn’t affect the item’s texture or taste. Your kids would surely enjoy this fun snack and ask for more! 

How long does yogurt last in the freezer? 

can you freeze yogurt

No matter you store yogurt in its packaged form, an air-tight container or an ice cube or zip bag, it cannot be stored for more than 2 months. After storing the yogurt for a while, it starts to decompose and change its texture. Your freezer might even burn. So if you are willing to consume the fresh yogurt, serve it within 2 months to get the best taste and flavour. For optimal texture for spoon consumption, freeze it for about 30 days and consume it immediately. 

We have already mentioned whether can you freeze yogurt and thaw it later. The best way to thaw it is to store it inside the freezer and allow it to stay overnight. This way you would be able to ensure that the contents never get too warm. Also, if you are wondering can you freeze yogurt and not kill the probiotics, yes you can ensure that as well. 


1. How long can you freeze yogurt?

For up to two months, you shall be able to freeze fresh yogurt.

2. Can yogurt be frozen?

Yes, yogurt can absolutely be frozen and can be consumed gradually over the next couple of months keeping the texture the same.

3. Is it ok to freeze yogurt?

Yes, it is perfectly ok to freeze yogurt. Many people do the same. You shall be able to freeze yogurt for up to two months very easily without having a change in its texture. Along with that, the thing to remember is to write the date of freezing over it.

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