Can You Freeze Yams

It is hard to find someone who dislikes the yummy cooked yams. Yams are not only delicious but have several high-nutritious values. These starchy are rich in carbohydrates and dietary fiber. It is consumed by millions around the world for its nutritious advantage and its deliciousness. However, yams are seasonal crops that are not available all the time. It is better to buy them in advance and store them. Can you freeze yams to store them when there is no supply? Let us find the answer to that in this post. 


Can Yams Be Frozen?

Can you freeze yams

You might have mashed, baked, cooked, dried, or boiled yams. It is no bar from freezing them to storing them for later use. Even raw yams can be frozen too. It is an effective method to store these starchy crops for a long time without using any unwanted preservatives that might be harmful to use. 

However, you should follow specific methods to freeze yams effectively. Let us move to the next section, where you can find the instructions to freeze yams. 

How To Freeze Yams?

First, let us proceed with freezing yams generally. It is not recommended to freeze raw yams. So, we should bake or boil them first. 

1. Take a pot full of water and heat them until it boils. After it starts boiling, gently put the cut pieces of yam in the boiling water. Make sure the water is not excess, as it may spill out when you put the yams inside the boiling water. Also, don’t have very little water, which won’t let the yams submerge completely. 

2. Let it boil for 15 minutes. We don’t want the yams to be completely cooked. If you think it is going to be well-cooked, turn off the heat. 

3. After turning off the heat, let it rest until the temperature of the water reduces to room temperature. Don’t stir or disturb the water. 

4. Only after it is cooled to room temperature are we going to get them from the water and place them in a pan or plate. Keep one end of the plate or pan slightly elevated from the other. This is to drain the water from the yams. 

5. After ensuring that the yam is completely dry, take a freezer bag and put them in gently. 

6. Add a label and write the date. Squeeze as much air as you can out of the resealable bag and place it in the freezer. 

Now, you can store your yummy yams for a long time and can have delicious yams whenever you want. 

How Long Can You Freeze Yams?

Can you freeze yams

When you freeze yams, they can last up to 12 months are even more. Freezing them under 0 degrees celsius is the best way to store them for a long time. Considering the shelf life of yams that are stored in the refrigerator, frozen yams have a significantly higher life expectancy. 

Is It Ok To Freeze Yams

Yes, it is okay to freeze both cooked and uncooked yams. However, it is preferred to boil or cook your yams with other means before freezing them up. Cooked yams tend to have a long shelf life and easy defrosting compared to uncooked yams. 

However, if you have frozen peeled and uncooked yams, you shouldn’t expose them to open air. This will cause oxidation and turn the color of the yams to change. So, you should cut and cook them as soon as they are taken out from the freezer. 

If you want to cut and cook the yams after it comes back to room temperature, soak them in the salt water. It will bring the back the temperature of the yams to optimal temperature. Also, it won’t let the color of the yams change. 

If you are keeping the yams that are already mashed or baked, it won’t decolorize. You can use them without any concerns after thawing. However, it is advisable to reheat them before eating as it will enhance the taste and adds a layer of protection. You have to reheat the yams for up to 30 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit to get the optimal taste and texture. 


1. Can you freeze yams without cooking them first?

Freezing yams without blanching can cause freezer burns. This might not seem like a big issue, but it will affect the taste and texture of the yams in a bad way. If you blanch them beforehand, you will get perfect textured and tasty yams. 

2. How long do yams last in the freezer?

Yams can last up to a year in the freezer or even more. Cooking them beforehand surely will increase the life expectancy of the yams in the freezer. 

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