Can You Freeze Uncooked Rice

Uncooked rice, also called dry rice, is one of the food items that have an extremely long shelf life without extra preservation. Some people freeze uncooked rice to prolong their life expectancy. But can you freeze uncooked rice to preserve them? We are going to see that in this article. 


Can You Freeze Uncooked Rice?

can you freeze uncooked rice

The short answer to this question is yes. You can definitely freeze uncooked rice to prevent them from getting spoilt. But why go to such an extent to preserve something that doesn’t need preservation. 

Uncooked rice or dry rice is one of the top food items with an exceptionally long shelf life. White dry rice can last more than two years without sustaining any damage if we just let them in a dry place. Humidity may spoil dry rice, but if we manage to store them in a dry place, it won’t get spoiled. 

Freezing uncooked rice will make it a harsh environment for pests and insects which live on it. Keeping it tightly concealed can also do the job, but it won’t be as effective as storing it in a freezer because there are high chances of pests that feed on the rice already existing in it. Freezing will completely eliminate the parasites and other harmful living organisms present in the rice. Thus, you will have bug-free dry rice with you whenever you want. 

There are other advantages of freezing your uncooked rice. Rice might be one of the top food products which have a long shelf time. However, it is required to be kept at an optimal temperature. The room temperature might sometime arise the humidity level. If the humidity arises, there is a high chance of your uncooked rice becoming spoiled. 

Also, some accidents might occur, and you may spill some water or any other fluids on the rice. It can cause your rice to spoil within days if you don’t dry them completely. And drying your uncooked rice is one of the most exhausting jobs you can ever imagine. So it is better to freeze your uncooked rice since it will only prolong its life. 

How To Freeze Uncooked Rice?

If you have bought your dry rice in a sealed container, it will be much easier for you to freeze it. You should place the container containing the uncooked rice in the freezer after checking it has no openings. It is the quickest way to freeze your uncooked rice. 

However, if you have opened the seal of the container or have rice in a normal box, we should have to follow different steps to freeze it safely. Follow these steps to effectively store your uncooked rice. 

1. Check whether your rice is dry completely. If it has little moisture while we are freezing it, it might get spoiled. So check carefully whether it is completely dry. 

2. Then, take a sealable bag or airtight container. A sealable bag will be much better because we can remove some air from it easily. Then pour the uncooked rice carefully into the bag or container. Seal it completely. 

3. Paste a label on the bag or container to mention the date on it. If you are freezing brown rice, it is necessary because they have shorter shelf life compared to white rice and can get spoiled quickly. So, it is necessary to mention the date of freezing on the label. 

4. Place them in the freezer and let the minus degrees do their job. 

How Long Can You Freeze Uncooked Rice?

can you freeze uncooked rice

Uncooked rice if frozen prolongs the shelf life of the rice exponentially. Dry or uncooked white rice can be on the shelf for two years to 5 years without getting spoiled at room temperature. But if you freeze them, they can be stored for more than ten years and will still be fresh and free of any pest of insects on it. It is one of the best ways to store your uncooked rice.

 However, considering the cost of the electricity and freezer and the result it produces, it seems that it might not be an efficient way. Uncooked rice can be fresh for up to half a decade. Freezing them will keep them fresh for a whole decade. But the cost of the electricity and the freezer would be more than the value of the rice. 

Can Uncooked Rice Be Frozen?

Yes, both cooked and uncooked rice can be frozen to extend their life expectancy. It will also keep your uncooked rice fresh and free from bugs. 

Is It Ok To Freeze Uncooked Rice?

Yes, it is perfectly alright to freeze your uncooked rice. It doesn’t have any negative effects on dry rice. It will only keep your dry rice fresh and bug-free. 

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