Can You Freeze Tomatoes – Learn the 3 Best Ways

Tomato is one of the most versatile fruit. It can be used in so many different cuisines and foods. Be it Mexican, Chinese, Indian, Pakistani, or any other tomato is used in all. The forms and variety of tomatoes used can vary but, their use is always there. So, can you freeze tomatoes to use them later for different purposes? You might not know but you can freeze the tomatoes in raw form with and without their skins even. It is interesting as you can do a lot with frozen tomatoes.

Tomatoes can be used in raw form, cooked form, sliced and chopped, or even pureed. The best thing about frozen tomatoes is that you can use them in soups, salsa, sauce, and curries. When you thaw the tomatoes they can get mushy and they taste great. To use the tomatoes which are frozen you have to remove them from the fridge and then cook in the form you like. Any tomato recipe can be made from frozen tomatoes.

can you freeze tomatoes

When tomatoes are not in season you can always freeze them to maintain their quality and taste. There are three ways that you can use to freeze tomatoes.

  1. You can freeze the whole tomatoes along with their peels. You just have to select the ripe ones and separate them from the stale ones. Once you have segregated them you need to wash them with cold water and dry them using a towel or paper napkins. Once you have dried them you need to cut the stem and then put them on a clean sheet or a cookie tray and then put them straight in the fridge. You can use containers or bags to freeze them.
  1. You can freeze the peeled tomatoes as well. The process is similar just like you did with the unpeeled ones. Segregate them, wash them and cut the stem but this time you have to put the tomatoes in boiling water for a minute or two and then remove their skins. Let them sit for a while then you need to put them in bags or containers and then freeze them.
  1. Do you think or can you freeze tomatoes juice? Yes, you can, you need to select the ripe tomatoes and then wash them in cold water. Once done you need to cut them into halves or quarters and put them in a saucepan for about a few minutes. Then once they soften you need to pass them through a sieve. You can also put some lemon juice or salt into the tomato juice. Then you need to put the juice into the containers and put it in the freezer to freeze.

Freezing tomatoes does not affect the quality of the tomatoes provided they are frozen in a proper manner after following proper instructions. But vegetables like onion, garlic, and herbs often get concentrated or lose their flavor after being frozen. So, choose the vegetables and learn about their freezing process before freezing them directly.


Can you freeze tomatoes whole?

Yes, of course, you can freeze the tomatoes whole. The process is quite simple. In fact, freezing whole tomatoes is a lot easier than freezing them in other forms. You do not have to peel them or blanch them or even puree them. Freezing whole tomatoes provide the best flavor and are similar to that of the unfrozen ones. So, don’t worry about the taste at all. You can later use them in salsa, soups, and any other way.

Can you freeze tomatoes before making salsa?

can you freeze tomatoes

Everyone loves eating salsa with nacho chips. And when you see a basket full of ripe tomatoes you will obviously think about making salsa with it. So can you freeze tomatoes before making salsa? Making homemade salsa can be tough and laborious. So, you can blanch some tomatoes in different batches and then freeze them. Some people think that making salsa with homemade tomatoes can be bad as the taste is not that good. 

But as told by many people that have tried making salsa with frozen tomatoes, the taste is absolutely similar in fact even better. There are many advantages of using frozen tomatoes like:

  • You can make the salsa whenever you want. If you like making it in winters in December or January, then you can do it do. You will have tomatoes right in your freezer and you just need to cook them.
  • Peeling frozen tomatoes is a lot easier than blanching them. Also, the time taken is much less.
  • The best part is that there is no difference in the quality of the tomatoes. They taste exactly the same.

How to freeze tomatoes for salsa? Here are the steps, first wash them in cold water and then put them in the fridge to freeze. Whenever you think of making salsa put them in hot water and peel the skin to mush them

Can you freeze tomatoes before canning?

Obviously, freezing tomatoes is a very good way to preserve them. If you like to can the tomatoes, then you just have to wash them and store them in a can in the fridge. The result will be amazing and whenever you feel like making any recipe with tomatoes you can use the canned tomatoes and peel them or blanch them anytime.

Can you freeze tomatoes before blanching?

This is a tricky question. The answer is yes you can. If you want to freeze whole tomatoes, then you can freeze them before blanching, and later when you need to cook something with them you can blanch them, later on, to easily peel off their skin. This way is the best way to store tomatoes whole for a longer duration and when you feel like the off-season is coming soon.

Can you freeze tomatoes in freezer bags?

If you freeze tomatoes in a freezer bag, then it can last up to six months and possibly more. Freezing in bags methodically is the best way to use tomatoes in the perfect quality at a later stage. When you want to unfreeze them you can thaw them at room temperature. Just follow proper guidelines. You have to prep the tomatoes beforehand. For that, you need to wash them and wipe them using paper towels. 

Then take some freezer bags and use them to put in the tomatoes and then in the freeze. Make sure you make some space in the freezer for the tomatoes. You can use a vacuum to suck out excess air from the bags. Otherwise, you may use the straw method to take out excess air 

Can you freeze tomatoes in mason jars?

Do you think can you freeze tomatoes in mason jars. If you know they can be frozen in freezer bags, then they can be frozen in mason jars as well. Freezing them in mason jars can be very beneficial. Like you do not have to use any special equipment to store tomatoes for a long time. Mason jars and bags can solve this problem and this way the tomatoes will last a very long time. The method of freezing is also very convenient. And if you want to freeze a small lot of tomatoes you can do so too. There is no requirement for a big batch to store them in mason jars and freeze them.

How long can you freeze tomatoes?

You can certainly be able to freeze tomatoes for up to twelve months very easily.

Can tomatoes be frozen?

Certainly yes, tomatoes can absolutely be frozen and kept for a long time if proper steps have been followed.

Is it ok to freeze tomatoes?

It is absolutely ok to freeze tomatoes. There are many who buy tomatoes in a bulk for the supermarket and freeze them. You shall certainly be able to freeze tomatoes for up to twelve months very easily retaining their flavor. It is very necessary to freeze the tomatoes properly in order to make them last longer.


Can you freeze tomatoes for salsa?

Yes, freezing tomatoes for salsa is a very good way to make salsa whenever you want. The tomatoes remain in perfect quality and the taste remains the same. Home-made salsa tastes best. And if you have a basket of ripe frozen tomatoes then the salsa will taste the best. You just need to follow the steps mentioned above and then you will have perfect frozen tomatoes for your salsa.

Can you freeze tomatoes and cucumbers?

Yes, both tomatoes and cucumbers can be frozen. Tomatoes have to wash and then wiped with towels and stored in bags or jars to freeze. For freezing cucumbers, you need to wash them and then peel them and then store them in bags and jars. Both of them remain in good quality if you use proper guidance to freeze them.

Can you freeze tomatoes and peppers?

Yes, both tomatoes and peppers can be frozen. Tomatoes have to wash and then wiped with towels and stored in bags or jars to freeze. For freezing peppers, you need to wash them and then peel them and then store them in bags and jars. Both of them remain in good quality if you use proper guidance to freeze them. Peppers come in different colors like green, yellow and red. 

Can you freeze tomatoes without cooking them?

Yes, by washing them and drying them, and storing them in bags and jars you can store the tomatoes without actually cooking them.

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