Can You Freeze Sweetened Condensed Milk?

So, can you freeze sweetened condensed milk? Here is all the important factual information you need to know about freezing condensed milk and more.

Desserts often contain condensed milk because it offers a long shelf life. The milk in this dairy product is removed from its water content using a vacuum process. Thus, creating a distinct gloopy texture. Thanks to all the sugar, it is also extra sweet!

Due to the small amount of water and a large amount of sugar in condensed milk, it will keep for long periods in the refrigerator. Also, since the milk has been processed with heat, it has been protected from harmful microorganisms that might have otherwise caused the product to spoil soon! However, if you have many tins of condensed milk that might be near their expiration date, you could still freeze the sweetened condensed milk.


How to freeze sweetened condensed milk?

Can you freeze sweetened condensed milk

You must place sweetened condensed milk in a freezer-safe container before freezing it. Most sweetened condensed milk is sold in cans, which are unsuitable for freezing. To defrost the frozen milk more easily, we highly recommend dividing the condensed milk into manageable amounts before freezing. 

Condensed milk can be put into a small resealable baggie or in ice cube trays by opening the can and pouring carefully into the container. Make sure that the condensed milk has enough room to expand as it freezes; do not fill the container to the brim. You can also freeze re-sealable plastic bags by removing excess air and sealing the bag before adding a date.

In the case of ice cube trays, freeze the filled trays for at least two hours until the condensed milk takes a solid form. Once the condensed milk tray has frozen solid, remove the ice cube tray from the freezer. Squeeze the condensed milk tubes gently into a resealable plastic bag and then seal it. Write down the date of storage on the bag with a marker and then put them in the freezer.

7 Things You Can Do With Leftover Sweetened Condensed Milk

1. Hot Drinks

Condensed milk can make any drink, such as hot chocolate and coffee, richer and sweeter. It can also be used in milk teas and iced coffees. If you have frozen condensed milk in an ice tray, add just one cube at a time to avoid making it too sweet.

2. Sweet French Toast

Take your mornings to the next level with a delicious French toast! Use the leftover sweetened condensed milk to make the perfect custard-y and sweet breakfast treat. Pair it with your morning coffee for a great morning treat.

3. Baked Goods

When it comes to baking goods like cornbread and pound cake, you can use sweetened condensed milk as a basic ingredient. The sweetness of the condensed milk will lend the baked goods an extra layer of sweetness.

4. Pie Fillings

Sweetened condensed milk can be used as the filling for custard pies, lemon pies, and Bill Smith’s Atlantic Beach Pie. Filling for your favorite pie should be made as normal then sweetened condensed milk can be simply added to it.

5. Fresh Fruit Topping

Sweetened condensed milk provides a creamy and sweet taste to sour fruits. Just prepare the fresh fruit as you usually do, then drizzle a spoonful of the sweetened condensed milk. And, you have got a healthy dessert for everyone to enjoy. Strawberries pair perfectly with sweetened condensed milk!

6. Homemade Ice Cream

Making ice cream with leftover sweetened condensed milk is the best way to satisfy your ice cream craving. It is easy to make ice cream using your favorite recipe and adding the condensed milk for a more delicious and creamier texture.

7. Sweet Milk Tea

Sweetened condensed milk cubes will melt instantly, giving your favorite hot tea a delicious and creamy flavor. Add one or two cubes to your favorite in your hot tea for a completely refreshing twist.

Thawing & Shelf Life Suggestions

Can you freeze sweetened condensed milk

As long as the temperature remains constant at 0 degrees Fahrenheit, sweetened condensed milk can be kept for 3 to 4 months. If possible, try consuming the supply as soon as you can to maximize the flavor. 

In the case of hot drinks, sweetened condensed milk does not have to be thawed. A cube or two of the condensed milk will melt on its own when it is added to the hot beverage. Thawing sweetened condensed milk is as simple as moving its container to the fridge and then leaving it overnight. Begin whisking vigorously until it smoothens, once the solids look separate from the liquid.

So, can you freeze sweetened condensed milk? Of course, you can!

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