Can You Freeze Sushi

Sushi is a traditional Japanese dish, but almost all of us have at least seen this famous dish on television or in movies. It is absolutely delicious food mainly made up of vinegared rice and raw fish or other sea foods. It is common to have some leftovers when you make Sushi at home. So can you freeze Sushi? We are going to see that in this article. 


Can Sushi Be Frozen?

There is a common assumption among people that Sushi shouldn’t be frozen because the seafood on the top will have ice crystals formed in it if it is frozen. This might be true. However, every seafood is frozen within a few minutes after they have been harvested from the sea. 

can you freeze Sushi

To be more clear, US regulation states that every fish captured from the sea should be immediately frozen within minutes. This is to ensure the prevention of spoiling bacteria that will decompose the fish or prawn. Also, it will affect the humans who consume it. So, it might or might not form crystals in Sushi’s seafood. But they are frozen until minutes before they are cut and served. 

So, it is safe to freeze your Sushi. In fact, freezing Sushi is one of the best ways to preserve them from getting spoiled. In the next section, we will see the best ways to freeze Sushi. 

How To Freeze Sushi?

Freezing completed Sushi is not a great idea. The reason behind this will be discussed later in the post. However, if you want to freeze complete Sushi, which has seafood on top of the shaped rice, which is wrapped with a nori wrapper, you have to use an airtight container.

Keep the Sushi inside the airtight container and seal it. Make sure it is perfectly sealed and place it inside the freezer. Make sure that the temperatures are lesser or equal to zero degrees Fahrenheit. 

If you are making Sushi at home, you can freeze them differently so that they are fresh when they are served. For this, we would need two airtight containers and a resealable freezer bag. 

1. Place the fish in the airtight container. It will be better if you keep the excessive fish as a whole piece instead of cutting or slicing them down into small pieces. This will prevent the fish from getting damaged from the frostbite and helps to retain the texture. After placing them inside the container, keep them in the freezer at freezing temperature. 

2. Now, take the vinegared rice steaming hot and place it inside the airtight container. Don’t let it cool down to room temperature. It will cause the rice to become soggy and poorly textured after freezing. So, place it in the box while it is steaming hot. Close the lid of the container and put it in the freezer next to the container containing the fish or seafood. 

3. We are going to seal the nori wrapper in the resealable freezer bag. Make sure that the freezer bag is completely dry. Now put the nori wrapper inside the resealable freezer bag. Squeeze out the air and seal the freezer bag. 

Make sure to write the date on the containers and the bag before you keep it in the freezer for your reference. 

Is It Ok To Freeze Sushi?

can you freeze Sushi

The answer to this question actually depends on you. Generally, there is no harm in freezing and eating Sushi within the preferred period. However, it won’t be as good as the Sushi you would have in a sushi restaurant. 

Most probably, it will become sticky and moist after a few days of keeping them in the freezer. If you keep them as whole Sushi, it will stick with the nori wrapper and will not be a pleasant experience for you. So it actually depends on you whether it is okay for you to freeze Sushi. 

How Long Can You Freeze Sushi?

If you keep an assembled whole sushi in a refrigerator, it can’t last more than two or three days. It will taste good if you eat it within the first three days and won’t be spoiled. However, the texture of the Sushi will be very poor. 

If you keep them in a freezer, they can last up to 2 to 3 months. But the texture of the Sushi will be poor when frozen too. Additionally, the seafood can have frostbite, which will ruin its texture. However, the Sushi won’t be spoiled and will be safe to eat. 

If you happen to freeze Sushi, make sure to thaw it before you eat. Thawing will significantly reduce the flavor and texture of the food. So it may not be as good as the fresh Sushi you eat. 

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