Can You Freeze Stuffing?

Thanksgiving is a much-awaited celebration, and all that delicious turkey and stuffing makes it worth the wait. In the middle of this, did this question cross your mind- Can you freeze Stuffing? Why won’t this question come up? After all, you savour all that food for so long, and it lasts only for a day!

There are so many ways and varieties of making stuffing mix. Some cook it inside the turkey, and others prefer to cook the turkey and stuffing separately and then filling the turkey so that both reach their accurate temperature and nothing is overcooked. In a classic stuffing recipe, you need onion, celery, poultry seasoning, bread cubes, parsley & fresh herbs, broth, salt, pepper and butter. That’s all you need to make a delicious dish or side dish that can stay up to three months if frozen correctly. 

Let’s answer all your question related to the freezing of stuffing


Can you freeze the stuffing mix?

Can you freeze stuffing

Stuffing mix, whether cooked or uncooked, can be frozen simply. One can freeze it for up to three months. It works well!

We would recommend you opt for freezing uncooked stuffing. This way you avoid overcooking your stuffing, and it tastes fresh. Also, you won’t have to thaw, and it will be ready to cook. 

Can you freeze stuffing before baking?

As earlier said, yes! We would suggest you freeze stuffing before and not after baking it. It keeps the freshness and aroma of the dish intact. Also, you don’t need to thaw the stuffing, and you could put it for baking right from the freezer. 

Can you freeze stuffing balls?

Ball-shaped stuffing is easy to eat and it seems delicious. You can freeze your cooked/uncooked stuffing balls in an airtight container. Before closing the lid, use clingfilm to avoid air coming in. 

However, there is a chance that the stuffing balls might stick to each other during freezing. To avoid that, where you kept the container stayed undisturbed, and you have maintained enough space between the stuffing balls. 

Can you freeze stuffing after cooking?

Can you freeze stuffing

Surely you can!

To freeze cooked stuffing mix, first, consider your portion sizes and choose the airtight containers accordingly. Choose the container with a good seal. Pour your content into the container and seal it up. You can use clingfilm to avoid letting air come in. Now put it in the freezer!

It can be stored for up to three months, after which, the taste will start degrading. If you have added egg in the process, the shelf life will reduce, so cook accordingly. To use it, you don’t need to thaw the stuffing. You can simply reheat it in an oven.

Can you freeze stuffing before cooking?

That’s the better way to make stuffing mix. 

Freeze the uncooked version in an airtight container with clingfilm to avoid air coming in contact with stuffing. Freezing uncooked stuffing mix comes in handy when you are awaiting a dinner party or preparing a royalty meal. Prepare the stuffing mix and pour it into the tray at which you will bake it. Cover it with clingfilm and foil paper to avoid air coming in contact with the stuffing mix. Time to put it in the freezer!

To defrost it, you can simply pull out that tray and put it in the oven. Get freshly made and rightly cooked stuffing mix. 

Can you freeze stuffing balls once cooked?

You can, but you should not. It can affect the texture of the stuffing balls. It is better to prepare the mixture in advance and keep it in an airtight container. Whenever you need it, you can take them out and put them in the oven for freshness.

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How long can you freeze stuffing?

You shall definitely be able to freeze stuffing for up to 3 months. 

How to freeze stuffing?

In order to freeze stuffing first separate the portion sizes and then accordingly put the stuffing inside the different airtight containers. Make sure to seal the container well. You can even use clingfilm into sealing the container and be sure that air will not get inside it. Now place the container in the freezer. You shall surely be able to keep the stuffing in the freezer for 3 months. The thing to also make a note of is that, if you happened to have added eggs in your stuffing then in that case the stuffing may not stay well for 3 months in the freezer. It shall have a shorter duration. 

Can stuffing be frozen?

Stuffing can certainly be frozen for up to 3 months. After that, it shall start to become stale.

Is it ok to freeze stuffing?

Yes, it is certainly ok to freeze stuffing. You do not have a thing to worry about that. 


1. Can you freeze stuffing and gravy?

Yes, you can freeze both stuffing and gravy as well. However, there are exceptions. If you have cooked something after freezing it once, don’t freeze it again. Also, pack every content to be frozen in the smallest containers possible to avoid freezer burn.

Stuffing can be frozen both pre-cooked and cooked, but we always suggest you freeze the pre-cooked stuffing. A flour-based turkey gravy can be stored for up to four months, but the same is not the case with cream or milk-based gravy. Milk-based gravy can’t be stored as these will separate when thawed.

2. Can you freeze stuffing and reheat it?

Don’t refreeze stuffing. If you do, you will end up with a stuffing with a completely changed texture and taste. Also, unhealthy! But you can refreeze the stuffing is now cooked but earlier was frozen in a pre-cooked manner.

3. Can you freeze dressing after cooking?

Yes, you can! Frozen cooked dressing stays in the freezer for two to six months.

4. Can you freeze bread stuffing after cooking?

Bread stuffing is perfectly suitable for freezing even after cooking.

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