Can You Freeze Rotisserie Chicken

Rotisserie chicken is widely preferred by all Chicken lovers in the United States of America and the western world. Rotisserie chicken is much cheaper when compared to the spatchcock chicken. During the festive season, one could find the rotisserie chicken being put up for sale.

If you had bought three or four whole rotisserie chicken and looking for ways to preserve it, then you can go for the freezing method. As you read below, you could understand the various techniques and tips behind the question, can you freeze rotisserie chicken?


 How to freeze rotisserie chicken? 

can you freeze rotisserie chicken

Rotisserie chicken is cooked, partially by exposing it to a heat source. It is not kept in contact directly with the heat but with a medium that is in contact with the heat which in turn partially cooks the chicken. The rotisserie chicken is generally sold in supermarkets as a whole bunch. In case you find rotisserie chicken in pieces being sold, it is easier to freeze and use it in parts. 

Freezing the whole rotisserie chicken

 You could freeze the whole rotisserie chicken if you have enough space in the freezer. Generally, a whole rotisserie chicken occupies a lot of space in your freezer. A person usually removes the rotisserie chicken off the bone once he or she purchases it from the store. 

And to resolve your query on Can you freeze rotisserie chicken breast? You will do it. Off late pulled chicken or sold in packaged form in various supermarkets like Costco and Sam’s Club. The pulled chicken is widely preferred moving towards versatility. One could add the pulled chicken in soups, gravies, sandwich filling, patties, etc. 

So, you need not worry about, can you freeze Costco pull rotisserie chicken, or can you freeze Sam’s Club rotisserie chicken? The Sam’s Club rotisserie chicken also comes in different flavours. These flavours are infused only to the skin of the chicken and when you debone the chicken and cut it into pieces, the flavour doesn’t speak much for itself. 

Which is easier to freeze boned or deboned rotisserie chicken?

can you freeze rotisserie chicken

If you are planning to debone the rotisserie chicken, you need not have any worries about Can you freeze deboned rotisserie chicken as it is much easier to freeze it. You could freeze the bones separately that can be used in broth making. The chicken bone tastes excellent for making broth when compared to the flesh of the chicken.

Freezing and reheating rotisserie chicken

It is possible to freeze and reheat the rotisserie chicken after thawing it. The best part about rotisserie chicken is that it doesn’t change after thawing. A lot of food items after thawing changes in texture but this is not the case with rotisserie chicken. 

The shredded rotisserie chicken is sold in the supermarkets and you do not worry about can you freeze shredded rotisserie chicken as it is one of the best and easiest ways to do so. If the packet of the shredded rotisserie chicken is freezer friendly, then you could just seal it and put it in the freezer. In case the packet is not freezer friendly then, place the leftover shredded rotisserie chicken in a freezer-friendly packet and then keep it in the freezer. 

Longevity of the frozen rotisserie chicken

can you freeze rotisserie chicken

Now that you are well aware of the fact that you could freeze any type of rotisserie chicken. The next major doubt that arises in your mind, is how long can you freeze rotisserie chicken? 

You could freeze the rotisserie chicken for about four months if you had kept it in zero degrees Fahrenheit.

There’s a lot of difference between keeping the rotisserie chicken in the fridge and keeping it in the freezer. In case you had already cooked, the rotisserie chicken and want to eat it after five days, you could eat it if you had kept it in the freezer. In case you had kept it in the refrigerator, you should consume it within two days. This clears your doubt on can you eat rotisserie chicken after 5 days. And also, you get to know how long will a rotisserie chicken last in the refrigerator? 

In case you had bought a whole rotisserie chicken and want to keep it in the fridge and have doubts, like, can I put a whole rotisserie chicken in the fridge? You could do it if you had not removed the packaging of the rotisserie chicken. It is suggested to not remove the package as it would decrease the freshness and longevity of the chicken when kept in the fridge.

If we had opened the packet, then make sure to package it using an aluminum foil wrapper and other fridge-friendly packaging covers so that the chicken doesn’t lose its texture. At the same time, the smell of other foods kept inside the refrigerator does not hamper the flavour and texture of rotisserie chicken. 

Steps to follow to freeze a rotisserie chicken

These are the steps you need to follow to freeze a rotisserie chicken. This is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to freeze rotisserie chicken. 

Things needed

  • Rotisserie chicken. 
  • Gloves for food preparation
  • Large bowl
  • Knife
  • Freezer bags
  • Permanent markers


  • Always use food preparation gloves as you could avoid the chicken pieces getting stuck beneath your nails. 
  • In case you’re planning to freeze on a particular day buy the chicken on the very same day. 
  • Generally, the rotisserie chicken is sold in cold form only in the supermarket. So, once you get it home, let it cool off for a while. Maybe an hour or two would suffice for the cooling process. It’s not required to cool off way too much than required. When the chicken is partially cold, it is easier to pull off the chicken pieces from the bones. 
  • First, you need to cut the string that holds the legs together. After holding the leg and thigh, you need to rip off the chicken. 
  • This helps in shredding the meat from the chicken. 
  • You could store the legs and shredded meat separately. After transferring them into freezer bags, it is recommended to mark using the permanent markers to know the date you had frozen the chicken. 

These are the ways you could follow to freeze the rotisserie chicken. They are very tasty and cost-effective as well. When you think of can you freeze rotisserie chicken off the bone, you could easily do it. There are very few people around the globe who are not fond of chicken breast.

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1. How to freeze rotisserie chicken?

In order to freeze the rotisserie chicken first after you bring the chicken from the supermarket let it rest a bit for an
hour or two because it is already cold when you have picked it up from the supermarket. Once around two hours have
passed, snap off the string that is holding the legs of the chicken together. Once that has been done, now holding
the leg and the thigh of the chicken, rip the chicken off. In doing this you are shredding the meat off the chicken.
Now transfer the legs to one freezer bag and in the other freezer bag put the shredded meat of the rotisserie
chicken. Now put the date of freezing the chicken and after that place the chicken inside the freezer.

2. Can rotisserie chicken be frozen?

Yes, the rotisserie chicken can be frozen absolutely.

3. Is it ok to freeze rotisserie chicken?

Yes, it is completely ok to freeze the rotisserie chicken for about four months if you keep it at zero degrees

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