Can You Freeze Pine Nuts?

People often ask ‘can you freeze pine nuts?’ as pine nuts are considered a bit of a luxury, they are one of the more expensive nuts on the market because of the time and effort necessary to develop the nuts and remove the seeds from. Understandably so one would like to preserve them. The answer to your question is, yes you can freeze them.

Freezing pine nuts is a great way to keep them from getting rancid, which can happen if they’re left out too long at room temperature. This means you’ll always have pine nuts available for a spread of recipes and you’ll have to spend a fortune at the shop whenever you’d like a sprinkling of nuts on your plate. But how can you get them to freeze? 


Can you freeze uncooked pine nuts?

Can you freeze pine nuts

You can freeze uncooked pine nuts for around six months. Pine nuts, like all nuts, have a long shelf life and can also be stored in the refrigerator for a few months. Pine nuts are pricey so we recommend you to buy in bulk whenever possible. 

Fill a freezer-safe bag with the nuts you want to freeze. Seal and freeze after pressing out as much air as possible.

How long can you freeze pine nuts for?

You can freeze pine nuts for around six months. Consider baking them before freezing them if you want to keep them for a longer period (up to a year). It’s a straightforward procedure; all you have to do is leave them on the counter until they’ve reached room temperature. Here is the answer of – can you freeze pine nuts?

Can you freeze pesto with pine nuts?

Can you freeze pine nuts

Yes, you can. Pesto with pine nuts can last up to 3-4 months in the freezer. You can cover the ice cube tray with plastic wrap before freezing them. They pop right off when you get them out.

Can I freeze leftover pine nuts?

You can freeze your leftover pine nuts even if they are cooked. There’s a reason why some people enjoy cooking with pine nuts. When lightly baked, they’re extremely tasty! They offer a great crunch to a salad while also being healthful. Freezing cooked pine nuts is the same as freezing them raw; you have to wait for it cool first.

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Frequently asked questions:

These questions may be of assistance if you still have questions about pine nuts or about freezing them in general:

1. Can you freeze pignoli nuts?

Pine nuts are also called pignoli so don’t get confused. Raw pine nuts can last for 6 months and when baked it can last up to 12 months! 

2. How to prepare pine nuts for pesto? 

Toast the pine nuts in the oven till they smell toasty and fragrant. Pine nuts burn fast so make sure to lower the temperature. Add the nuts with other ingredients into a blender and you are done! 

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