Can You Freeze Mozzarella Cheese: Here’s All You Need to Know

In this article, we are going to discuss can you freeze mozzarella cheese. Cheese is one of the predominant ingredients used in many of the dishes that are originated from the European and Western world. Mozzarella became one of the most popular types of cheese owing to its usage in pizza. The low moisture mozzarella cheese is sold in blocks in various supermarket outlets across different points in the globe.

Only those who are aware of the making and the history behind mozzarella are acquainted with the idea that Mozzarella cheese can be fresh as well as strained completely out of the water and can be turned into a low-moisture type. You can see that mozzarella cheese is one of the favourite ingredients you need to know on how can you freeze mozzarella cheese.

The mozzarella string cheese looks more or less that of grated mozzarella cheese, so you need not worry about Can you freeze mozzarella string cheese? Mozzarella is the only type of cheese that has the stringing capacity.


How to freeze fresh mozzarella cheese? 

can you freeze mozzarella cheese

Generally, fresh mozzarella cheese is used along with salads due to its wet nature. It is kept submerged in the brine. This increases the longevity of the cheese. The best part about fresh mozzarella cheese is that it becomes soft even after defrosting. It doesn’t become hard. However, there could be some changes in the texture. So, if you are making dishes that require melted mozzarella like toast then you could make use of these frozen mozzarella fresh cheese. By following these steps, you need not have any doubts on can you freeze whole mozzarella cheese, or can you freeze a ball of mozzarella cheese? 

Freezing a block of fresh mozzarella cheese 

If you are going to use the entire mozzarella cheese block all at once and you are looking for can you freeze mozzarella cheese block methods, then you could just put in the unopened cheese block packet into the freezer? This unopened packet ensures that the cheese doesn’t get drained of moisture. Also, this method is suggested only if you’re going to use the entire block of cheese all at once itself. You need to also learn about the various methods involved in can you freeze a block of mozzarella cheese? This procedure can also be deployed in knowing can you freeze soft mozzarella cheese? and can you freeze fresh mozzarella cheese balls

Freezing fresh mozzarella cheese slices 

can you freeze mozzarella cheese

If you are planning to use the mozzarella cheese in parts, then you could go for slicing the entire block of mozzarella cheese. Does this provide you with the answer on can you freeze deli sliced mozzarella cheese?

If you’re looking for ways on knowing, can you freeze fresh mozzarella cheese in water, and can you freeze whole milk mozzarella cheese, then you could follow the given steps? 

  • Discard the brine completely from the fresh mozzarella cheese. 
  • Slice the entire block of mozzarella cheese. Leave it aside for a minute for the water to leave. 
  • Take a tissue paper and remove the excess water that gets released from the slices. 
  • You could place the slices adjacent to each other in a tray and pre-freeze them. 
  • You could also use a freezer-friendly bag and arrange these slices next to each other and not above each other so that the freezing process is equal in all the slices. 
  • You need to make sure that the bag is flat until the entire process of freezing is completed. 
  • After which you could keep the bag in whichever desired position. 

One could also use this method to understand can you freeze fresh shredded mozzarella cheese? The same process can be repeated instead of slicing the cheese you could shred the cheese.

If you have a lot of fresh mozzarella cheese balls and you’re looking for ways on can you freeze a mozzarella cheese ball? You could follow this procedure itself.

Does this provide you with the answer on can you freeze a bag of mozzarella cheese?

Freezing a block of low-moisture mozzarella cheese 

can you freeze mozzarella cheese

Freezing a low-moisture mozzarella cheese is much easier when compared to freezing fresh mozzarella cheese. The only thing which acts as a downside is the capacity of the cheese to get dried after the freezing process knowing these procedures; you could get an idea on can you freeze low-fat mozzarella cheese? And can you freeze hard mozzarella cheese? 

The low-moisture mozzarella cheese can be easily grated. The low-moisture mozzarella cheese has low-fat content in it. When the fat content and moisture levels are low, the freezing process is much easier. This gives you an idea of can you freeze low-moisture mozzarella cheese? And can you freeze low-moisture part-skim mozzarella cheese? 

When you have the exact idea of how you are going to use that low moisture cheese, then you need to choose how you are going to freeze the cheese. 

Freezing the mozzarella sticks 

If you are going to ultimately melt the cheese while using it in your food, then the best way to freeze is to cut it into sticks. You could wrap the sticks in aluminum foil paper to prevent drying you could put all these sticks into a freezer-friendly bag by arranging them adjacent to each other. You need to make sure the freezer bag stays flat till the sticks get frozen completely. You could use Ziplock covers to freeze the shredded or grated mozzarella cheese. 

Common doubts associated with freezing of mozzarella cheese 

These are some of the common doubts associated with the freezing of mozzarella cheese.

 How long can you freeze mozzarella cheese?

One could freeze mozzarella cheese for about nine months. 

How long does mozzarella cheese last in the fridge? 

can you freeze mozzarella cheese

The mozzarella cheese lasts until the expiry date specified in the packet if you store it in the fridge. However, in the frozen state, it stays much longer in the freezer. 

How can you tell if mozzarella cheese has gone bad? 

If the colour of the cheese changes completely and the stale smell emanates from it, then you could say that it has gone bad.

Can I use mozzarella past its use-by date?

Not just mozzarella cheese anything which is past its use-by date should not be consumed. 

Can you freeze packaged mozzarella cheese?

can you freeze mozzarella cheese

If the package is freezer friendly then you could freeze the package.

Can you freeze Polly o mozzarella cheese?

Polly O mozzarella cheese comes both in fresh and low moisture form. Depending on the instruction specified in the package, you could follow the freezing procedure.

If you have too much mozzarella cheese left at your home and you want to figure out a way to store it without letting it get spoilt, then you need to understand the nuances behind freezing the mozzarella cheese. It doesn’t matter if you have a leftover block or a huge ball or some pieces of mozzarella leftover, you could follow this freezing method.


1. How to freeze mozzarella cheese?

There are different methods into the freezing procedures for freezing the mozzarella cheese. If you are looking forward to freezing the entire block of mozzarella cheese all at once then for that all you have to do is to put the unopened box of cheese into the freezer directly. This shall take care of itself and also shall ensure that the moisture in it does not gets drained out. Or else if you are taking a piece of mozzarella cheese for freezing then at first sort out the batch that needs freezing. Remove the brine from it completely. Slice the blocks and let them rest for a while so that the water gets drained off. Absorb the excess water using a tissue paper. Put the slices adjacent to each other over a tray and freeze them a bit. Now having done that, put all the slices of mozzarella cheese inside the freezer bag and lock the bag properly. Place the bag in the freezer putting the label of freezing over it.

2. Can mozzarella cheese be frozen?

Yes, absolutely. Mozzarella cheese can be frozen without any issues.

3. Is it ok to freeze mozzarella cheese?

Yes, it is perfectly ok to freeze mozzarella cheese. It shall surely extend its shelf life for a much longer time.

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