Can You Freeze Jerky

Beef jerky is one of the food items that have a long shelf life. It can last more than a year in its package. However, if you have opened the package, it won’t last much longer. So, can you freeze jerky to store it? We will answer that question in this post and the best ways to freeze them. 


Can Jerky Be Frozen

Jerky is a crunchy slice of beef meat that has one of the highest life expectancies. However, once we open the seal, the life of the jerky is reduced significantly. Thus, storing them in a freezer is the best way to preserve them. 

can you freeze jerky

If you haven’t opened the seal, don’t store them in a freezer. There is no harm in storing them in the freezer if the seal is not broken. However, it is a waste of time and effort. The sealing package of the jerky itself is sufficient to keep the meat unspoiled for up to a year. Also, it will keep the jerky in its optimal state by keeping it dehydrated and dry. 

Storing them in the freezer might cause them to lose their texture and crunchiness. In other words, if the seal is broken, store them in the freezer by following the instructions mentioned in the latter part of the post. If the package is not opened, you can store them under normal conditions away from direct sunlight and in a place where humidity doesn’t affect it. 

How To Freeze Jerky

If you have excess jerky than what you need to eat, you can always store them in your freezer. If the seal is not broken, don’t freeze them. However, it is common to have opened the jerky package and have some jerky left. In these cases, you can freeze the jerky. To freeze them, follow these steps:

1. Take the jerky and put them in a pan or plate. Now, check whether some pieces smell foul or have a sticky texture. Try not to touch them with bare hands as the bacteria in your hand might cause them to spoil. If there is any jerky that smells foul or has a sticky texture, removes them from the rest. 

2. Now take the rest of them and put them in a freezing resealable bag. Make sure the bag is completely dry. Any moisture in the bag can spoil the jerky. 

3. Now, squeeze the bag to push out the excess air in the package. If it is a vacuum-compatible resealable bag, it will be much better. You can use your vacuum air remover to seal the bag. It will be much more effective. 

We’re in the final step now. You can keep the bag containing jerky and place them inside the freezer. Make sure to add a label to the package and mention the day’s date on it. It will help you if you don’t remember the date on which you have sealed it. 

How Long Can You Freeze Jerky?

can you freeze jerky

Jerky is made to last at least a year when it remains unopened. However, if you want to taste the rich textured and tasty jerky, it is advised to consume them within the first six months since packaging. Within the first six months, it will retain its texture, taste, and flavors. After that, it will gradually start to lose its deliciousness and will get spoiled after a year. 

You may now ask how long does a jerky last when it is opened? Opening a jerky from its sealed package will reduce its shelf life exponentially. For example, if you open the jerky from its package, it can only last up to one or two weeks at room temperature. It can last up to a maximum of two weeks if it is contained in an air-tight container at room temperature. 

Keeping them in the refrigerator can increase their life expectancy from two weeks to a month or two. However, if you freeze the jerky, it can remain fresh for up to a year. The life expectancy of the jerky will be from 6 to 12 months when they are frozen. 

Is It Ok To Freeze Jerky?

It is perfectly alright to freeze jerky that is fresh. Don’t freeze a jerky that is way past its expiration date. Also, don’t freeze one that is still in its package. If it is still in the package, freezing them won’t extend their life expectancy. It will only reduce the rich flavor and texture of the meat. You can just store them away from sunlight and humidity at room temperature. It will last at least a year. 

If you have opened the jerky package, use a resealable freezer bag to freeze them in the freezer.

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