Can You Freeze Corn Tortillas

Tortillas are one of the best ingredients to come out of Mexico. The versatility of Tortillas is tremendous. One could use these tortillas for making chips, wraps, rolls. The tortillas can be used for making dishes that can be eaten at any time of the day, be it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

The tortillas can be made from different types of flour. The corn tortillas are one of the most popular ones. So, it is not unusual to hear queries on can you freeze corn tortillas. When one makes a supermarket haul or makes a whole bunch of corn tortillas at home, it is pertinent to understand the process behind freezing the corn tortillas.  


How Can You Freeze Corn Tortillas? 

One can see that the corn tortillas can be made at home or store-bought. The store-bought ones have a lot of preservatives added to them that they can stay fresh when kept out at room temperature also without having to freeze it. There are certain types of corn tortillas even if they are store-bought need to be frozen. However, if you make the corn tortillas at home, you need to be aware of the procedures involved in the freezing of corn tortillas. Here is the can you freeze corn tortillas.

Freezing the corn tortilla dough 

One can see that the tortillas are made from dough. It is much easier to freeze the dough as much before making them into tortillas. You need not worry about can you freeze corn tortillas. You can cover the dough using an aluminum foil sheet and then keep it in the container and store it in the freezer. It could stay fresh for long. 

Freezing the unopened corn tortillas 

When the tortillas come in packaged form and you don’t open it, you can easily freeze them by throwing them into the freezer. This clears the air on can you freeze store-bought corn tortillas. You need not worry about can you freeze a package of corn tortillas when it is unopened. 

Freezing the opened corn tortillas 

When the package is opened, you need to make some extra preparation before storing it in the freezer. Make sure to remove all the air from the package. This ensures that the packet is free of air bubbles. If you find the packet, not freezer friendly, then you need to be using the freezer-friendly packaging covers to store it. 

This is how you need to prepare on the doubts like can you freeze blue corn tortillas. 

Freezing the cooked corn tortillas 

If you are thinking can you freeze unused corn tortillas that were homemade, then you need to follow the given procedure? 

Place the cooked tortillas one above the other and separate them using parchment paper. 

Roll it together and then cover it completely using aluminium foil and then place it in the freezer. 

It is not a necessity to freeze the tortillas before using them and you need not think about should I refrigerate corn tortillas? Freezing the tortillas only increases the shelf life of the product if you have it in plenty. 

When you think on can I freeze uncooked corn tortillas and worried if they could lose the quality and texture, you need not worry if the freezer temperature is just right. You need to thaw the tortillas a few hours before using the tortillas to make your favorite dishes. 

If you have doubts on can you freeze white corn tortillas and can you freeze fresh corn tortillas, you can very well follow the procedure mentioned at the back of the cover. 

Freezing the tortillas in food 

When you have already made a dish by using tortillas and you are pessimistic about freezing it, you need not worry. 

One of the common dishes made using tortillas is chips. Nachos are very popular all over the world. Tortilla chips are one of the prime aspects of Nachos. Many assume that chips when stored in the freezer become soggy. When you think on can you freeze corn tortillas chips, you can very well freeze them when you have packed them right. 

Enchiladas are baked and consumed. Tortillas are one of the main ingredients used in the making of enchiladas. You can set all of the ingredients together and cover them using aluminum foil paper and store them in the freezer. You can bake it after taking it from the freezer. When the dishes to be baked are frozen, it increases the quality of the dish. You need not have any doubts on can you freeze corn tortilla enchiladas. 

The Tacos are made using the corn tortilla shells and if you have doubts on can you freeze corn tortilla shells, one could see that the freezing process of corn shells is similar to corn chips only. Both the chips and shells don’t lose the crispiness when packed right. 

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 Common doubts on freezing corn tortillas 

There are some common doubts associated with the freezing of corn tortillas. Some of them are: 

Can expired corn tortillas make you sick?

 Consuming the expired corn tortillas makes you sick no matter how well you have frozen it and later you have cooked it. 

Can you eat month-old tortillas?

 You can eat the month-old corn tortillas provided it has not extended the expiry date. There are a lot of other procedures related to the usage of corn tortillas that are frozen. 

What can I do with stale corn tortillas?

It is better to dispose of off the tortillas when it has become way too stale. 

There are some best brands from whom you can purchase tortillas without any second thought. If you think on the lines, can you freeze el milagro corn tortillas, you can very well go ahead with the freezing process. 

 You can use tortillas for making a lot of dishes and it is a necessity that you need to be aware of can you freeze leftover corn tortillas. These are some of the things you need to know about freezing the tortillas. 


1. How long can you freeze corn tortillas?

You certainly shall be able to freeze corn tortillas for at least two months having them in perfect condition.

2. How to freeze corn tortillas?

There are two ways by which you shall be able to freeze corn tortillas. First, if you have bought the box of corn tortillas from the supermarket and it is unopened then, you can certainly put the box directly into the freezer. Or otherwise, if the tortillas are homemade then in that case what you do is, put each of the tortillas above one another and separate each of them using the parchment paper in between. Having done that now, roll the corn tortillas and use aluminum foil to cover them. After having done that, put them in the freezer.

3. Can corn tortillas be frozen?

Yes, certainly the corn tortillas can be frozen.

4. Is it ok to freeze corn tortillas?

Yes, it is perfectly ok to freeze corn tortillas.

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