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Just adding a few pieces of bacon to your soup enhances the flavor of the dish to another extent. This is one of the main reasons why people think of can you freeze bacon, can you freeze cooked bacon bits, can you freeze cook the bacon strips also, can you freeze cooked bacon pieces so that they can be added to the dish. Not every time you need to keep heading towards the shop to buy bacon. Instead, if you are aware of the ways as to the question, can you freeze store-bought pre-cooked bacon? You can very well store it in your fridge and use it as and when you wish to. 


What are the things you need to keep in mind regarding freezing bacon? 

There are generally two ways of freezing bacon, either you could cook the bacon and freeze it or you could freeze the bacon and then use it for cooking as and when you wish to in the required quantity. Here is the answer to your question –  can you freeze bacon?

Freezing uncooked bacon

Uncooked bacon is generally the double-smoked, high-fat content, and the thick-cut meat of pork. You get to buy from the meat counter at any butcher shop or grocery store. It is said that the freshly bought bacon is priced much lesser when compared to the packaged bacon. For those who are not comfortable with figuring out the answer for Can you freeze bacon before cooking generally preferred by the packaged ones

Steps to follow to freeze the uncooked bacon

These are the steps to follow to freeze the uncooked bacon:

  • Roll the bacon strips into coils 
  • Take a baking pan and place the coiled bacon on it over a wax paper
  • Repeat the same process 
  • It is advised to place it next to each other and not over one another. 
  • You can freeze this overnight and store it in the freezer by packing it in a ziplock cover. 

Freezing cooked bacon 

If you are really worried about your cooked bacon going stale without consuming it real quick, then you need to get cleared on can you freeze cook bacon ribs, Can you freeze cooked bacon rashers, Can you freeze cooked boiled bacon, and can you freeze cooked back bacon. Here is the answer to your question –  can you freeze bacon?

Steps to follow to freeze the cooked bacon 

The following are some of the methods and steps you could follow for the doubts, like can you freeze cooked crispy bacon, Can you freeze cooked Canadian bacon, and can you freeze cooked sticky bacon. 

  • You need to first cook the bacon completely 
  • Take a baking pan, place wax paper on the baking pan 
  • Arrange the cooked bacon strips adjacent to each other 
  • Don’t stack up the bacon strips so that the answer turns out to be no for can you freeze Oscar Mayer fully cooked bacon? 
  • If you stack up the bacon strips, then it would lose its texture and crispiness.
  • Cover the first layer with a wax paper
  • Repeat the process of arranging the cooked bacon strips. 
  • Based on the size of the baking pan and the capacity of the freezer in your refrigerator, you could decide on the volume of bacon strips to be frozen overnight. 

This makes sure you get the idea on can you freeze and reheat cooked bacon and can I freeze cooked boiled bacon? You could take all of the frozen bacon strips out from the freezer and then pack it in a ziplock cover and place it again in the freezer. You could store this for about six months. And this very well answers your query on how long does it cook bacon keep in the freezer. 

Also, by knowing all of the steps involved in freezing the cooked bacon, you could no more have doubts and queries on can you freeze and reheat cook the bacon.  Here is the answer to your question –  can you freeze bacon?

How Can You Freeze Bacon along with accompaniments? 

It is a well-known fact that bacon is served with a lot of accompaniments. Generally boiled eggs are served with crisply fried bacon. This makes you wonder if can you freeze cooked bacon and eggs together. You could freeze the eggs along with bacon, but the shelf life of eggs is not the same as bacon.

 If you plan to serve bacon along with salad, then you need to know on can you freeze cook cabbage and bacon. 

In case you are planning a BBQ party, you need to know on can you freeze cooked lamb’s fry and bacon? It is indeed possible to freeze the accompaniments of bacon along with it. However, the shelf life of meat-based accompaniments is much higher when compared to eggs and vegetables. For instance, if the meat accompaniments could last up to six months, the eggs and cabbages could last up to three months. 

One of the best recipes to try out using bacon is to cook it along with water chestnuts. You generally tend to confuse between a normal Chestnut and a water chestnut. The normal chestnuts belong to the dry nuts category whereas water chestnuts are an aquatic vegetable that is soft and juicy. You could wrap the uncooked bacon around the chestnut and fry it. 

Now, you can know the solution for can you freeze-cooked bacon-wrapped water chestnuts? 

What are the things you need to know regarding cooked and uncooked bacon? 

There are a lot of doubts that arise in the minds of bacon fans. Some of the common ones are listed below. 

  • Fresh or stale 

A lot of people wonder if the bacon stays free if you had frozen it and how can you tell if frozen bacon is bad. The color of the flesh would turn greyish and it gives out a very sour smell. The flesh would become very slimy and appear very dull. 

For one of the major doubts, Can you eat 2-year-old frozen bacon; the answer would be strictly no, as the frozen bacon could last only for a maximum of 6 months? 

These very well answer your queries on Does freezing bacon ruin it? Freezing bacon doesn’t do in it, but only increases the shelf life. These are some of the details you need to know regarding the freezing of cooked and uncooked bacon. Bacon is one of the delicacies relished by people from all age groups. One could enjoy bacon in various forms, be it the stuffing between the burgers or as a fried chip. 


1. How long can you freeze bacon?

You shall be able to freeze unopened bacon for up to one month without having any issues. Otherwise, for bacon and cured meats, the maximum you shall be able to freeze is up to three months and surely not beyond that. With bacon, the longer you shall freeze the more degraded its quality shall become.

2. How to freeze bacon?

There are two different processes of freezing, one that is applicable for uncooked bacon and the other that is applicable for cooked bacon. If it is the uncooked bacon, what you need to do is at first you must take the strips of bacon and roll them into coils. Now, on a baking pan put wax paper and then put the coiled bacon over it. Here you must make sure that you shall be placing the coiled bacon one after the other in a row and not put it one over the other. Now after freezing this for overnight, put the bacon in the ziplock bag and then put it back into the freezer again.
To freeze the cooked bacon, at first, you got to make sure that you have cooked the bacon properly. Having done that, now put a wax paper over the baking pan and place the cooked bacon one after the other forming a row. Here too it is essential that you do not put one bacon above the other because that shall make it lose its texture and crispness. Now keep it to freeze overnight. The next day you take out the bacon and put it in the ziplock bag and put it back to freezing. You must make sure that there isn’t any raw meat that has been kept beside the cooked meat for it shall contaminate the entire cooked meat.

3. Can bacon be frozen?

Yes, bacon certainly can be frozen and that shall make it last a little longer than usual.

4. Is it ok to freeze bacon?

Yes, it is perfectly ok to freeze bacon. But it must also be remembered that the unopened can of bacon can be frozen for up to a month only and cured bacon can be frozen for up to one to three months maximum.

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