Can You Eat Tarpon

In this article, we will discuss can you eat tarpon. Tarpons are one of the ancient fish breeds that exist even now. Tarpons can vary in their weight from 60 lbs to 180 lbs. They are mostly found in coastal regions but can sometimes be found in marine waters and near coral reefs.

One of their unique characteristics is the ability to store air from the atmosphere in their airbag and receive necessary oxygen from it. Most of the fish store the air in their airbag to maintain their buoyancy while they swim.

These are a different kind of fish species that has no huge dining value all over the world. But can you eat tarpon safely? Although they are not hugely cooked, served, and eaten by the majority of the people in the world, we are going to find out whether tarpons are edible.

can you eat tarpon


Can you eat tarpon

We can’t say it is safe to eat tarpon, but they are definitely edible. You don’t have to eat everything that is edible. But you can definitely eat a tarpon that has been properly cooked.

Tarpons are not tasty and have a good meat texture like the rest of the fish in the sea. They are indeed fishy, distasteful, and full of bones and scales. They have similar characteristics to saltwater catfish. If you are going to cook a tarpon, you will spend half a day trying to clean its bones and scales.

They have a huge number of bones which makes them practically annoying to eat. They also carry a mild amount of toxins like most saltwater fish. Every fish that hunts and eats will carry some toxins and mercury that are harmful to human beings.

But if you manage to cook them in the right way, you can have a decent fish meal. We are going to show you the most effective ways to cook them.

Poach Your Tarpon

Poaching is one of the best ways to cook your tarpon. This kind of fish exhibit a strong fishy smell that can be neutralized by using this method.

First, cut the tarpon into small pieces before you proceed on to the next step. Now, take a pot and fill it with vegetables and herbs of your desire. If you are using a mud pot, it will be better. Then, take the pieces of tarpon and put them in the pot.

Add some water or oil to the pot. Ignite the stove and keep it in high flames. Stir the stew gently for a few minutes until it starts to boil. Once it has started to boil, reduce the flames by half. Gently stir the stew but don’t over stir them.

Let the flames burn in half until the boiling fades off. Once the boiling is off and the mixture looks more consistent, take them out and let it cool for a while. Then you can take the tarpon pieces out and remove its bones easily.

Final Thoughts

Tarpons are seawater fish that are not widely consumed by humans. However, most anglers find it interesting to fish a tarpon as they are tricky. Most anglers will set them free after catching them. Some tribes and cultures around the world near the coastal areas consume tarpons mildly.

can you eat tarpon

It is advisable to eat them in moderation as they contain some toxins and mercury in them. Make sure to peel their skin and fat layer before cooking them. That’s where most of the toxins and contamination are present.

They might become too consistent to eat if they are overcooked and can cause stomach upsets if it is undercooked. So make sure you cook them properly before eating them.

Here is all about can you eat tarpon.

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