Can You Eat Roosters? A research on the ‘doodle-doo’ birds

Can you eat roosters? Though these birds taste better than hens and are more nutritious still they are not easily found in curries. If this intrigues you find your answers here.

There is more to just ‘a-doodle-doo’ rhyme. Keep reading!

Can you eat roosters?

Can you eat roosters is one of the most common question amoung meat lovers. Although it may not be very common to find rooster meat prepared for dinner in American households but, rooster meat is actually eaten all around the world. Rooster which is the male hen is a staple food in the French cuisine. In France, there is a very popular dish named, Coq-au-vin which means rooster in wine. Rooster is said to be more nutritious and delicious than hens. The rooster is said to contain a crest, which is a significant part of its character and more muscle in its body, than a hen. This bird falls under the subspecies of Galliformes and the Gallus gallusdomesticus.

can you eat roosters

 Like any other poultry, roosters are a great source of proteins and helps in the growth of bones and muscles of humans. Unlike the chicken meat, a rooster carries much fat which is found under its skin. This actually makes it easier to remove too once it has been cooked. Apart from being a provider in the richness of meat and fat, a rooster’s meat also contains vitamin B, vitamin B3 and macronutrients such as zinc.

The flesh of a rooster is firm than other poultry but it surely is very delicious and has a fragrance. Due to this firmness of its meat, it is mostly simmered in wine for a while. An older rooster’s meat has a stronger flavor than a younger one.

Rooster meat is usually cooked into a stew or an exotic curry and in many other special ways. In fact, its ridges are cooked and eaten too. The reason why a dish of rooster meat is not easily found in American homes is that hardly there are any grocery store that sell this meat. It is much more economically stressful to raise a rooster in a home than a chicken or a hen.Thereare also various other reasons why roosters are not easily seen in numbers compared to chickens or hens.

While raising a flock of chickens in a household or a poultry farm, there are only one or two roosters required for breeding so roosters are found in lesser numbers. In fact, the hens can lay eggs without a rooster. It is only to meet the requirements of fertilizing those eggs a rooster is needed. Because they keep only one or two roosters so these roosters are never found in meat dishes other than a chicken or a hen.

To raise more roosters for the purpose of meeting is a logistically challenging job. Not only maintaining a rooster is muchcostlier than a chicken but also the roosters cannot be kept in large numbers on a farm alongside chicken. Roosters are aggressive in nature where a chicken or a hen is much mild and soft. Keeping both of them together on a farm in large numbers would turn the hen aggressive.

can you eat roosters

Added to this, another reason for not keeping a large number of roosters together in a firm is because they are aggressive and loud, it illegal to raise them in many cities. In fact, it might fascinate you to learn that the chicken meat you shop for from the supermarket is boiler chicken. Broiler chickens are the breed of chickens that are raised for their meat. They are not only easy to be maintained but also, they could be kept together in huge numbers. Unlike the rooster, their behavior is soft and so they can adjust in harmony. Now you know all about Can you eat roosters.

Interesting facts about roosters

These birds make one self-sufficient. Of half the eggs that hatched turns to create one rooster. So, one need not have to be dependent on chickens daily for breeding. Only an incubator or an old hen shall do.

The comb of rooster, its wattles and feathers tend to be pretty because hens favor such roosters for the offspring.

Roosters are the protectors of hens on a farm.

Though roosters cannot adjust well with hens but many roosters can stay together in harmony.

Roosters are the ones who help in finding food for their flock.

Being dominant and aggressive, roosters keep the order amidst a flock of hens.

The spur of a rooster keeps growing its entire life.

They are the only bird to be included in the zodiac calendar of the Chinese.

Roosters tend to bond and gain trust in the person who spends time with them regularly.

The above discussion leads to the conclusion that rooster meat is eaten all around the world and it is delicious and nutritious too. The reason why roosters are not seen on the menu is that maintaining and keeping them is costlier than their need.

Here is all about Can you eat roosters.

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