Can You Eat Possum

In this article, let us discuss can you eat possum. Possum is nocturnal marsupials that are most commonly found in North America, Central, and South America. The majority of the population lives in Canada, the United States, and Mexico. They were also introduced into New Zealand in 1837.

Mostly possums live in the hollow trees in the wild. Some kind of possums will build their own nest and live in it. However, a small population of this species is found in the urban areas preying on human garbage just like raccoons.

But possums are a necessary species that prey on mice, insects, and other pests. They are resistant to snake and scorpion venoms, making them a top predator in the food chain. They almost eat anything that moves. They eat ticks and other insects that most other species would not. They also survive by eating seeds and rotten fruits. They easily adapt to any environment. They can easily survive by eating leftovers in the trash can too.

Their extreme diet, including insects and garbage, will make us think about whether they are edible or not. So, can you eat possum? We will find that out in this article.

Is It Safe To Eat Possum?

can you eat possum

Regardless of their diet, including insects and reptiles, it is safe to eat a possum after cooking them properly. And you can’t eat possum raw without cooking them. They can contain several diseases that can affect humans. So, you should cook them properly before eating them.

If you are stuck in a jungle and you are short of your food supply, possum meat can be a good source of necessary nutrition needed by your body. But it is not advisable to eat them unless it is necessary. There are many reasons for that. One of the reasons is that they taste awfully bad sometimes. They taste like what they eat.

Most times, they feed on garbage and rotting fruits. If they are in the wild, insects will be their primary source of food, along with mice. Possums taste like the prey they take in. Not to mention that they will taste bad if they are fed with pet food. People who have eaten possum sometimes compare it to lamb meat. However, many say that they taste greasy.

Possum Carries Diseases

can you eat possum

Another reason why it is not advisable to eat possum is that they carry certain diseases that infect humans. Tuberculosis (TB) is one of the dangerous diseases that these tiny little creatures carry. You have to skin the animal and check if they are attacked by the disease.

To do that, first, peel off their fur without causing any tear in the inner skin, which might cause bleeding. Peel it off and check their underarm and groin. Check for any abnormalities that differentiate them from their other body parts. If you find any swollen area around their underarm or groin, the possum is affected by the deadly disease.

You shouldn’t eat that because it might give you serious problems in the wild. However, if you cook them more at the heat of more than 60 degrees celsius, the bacteria responsible for the disease will die. Fortunately, possums don’t carry rabies, a deadly virus with no cure. Animals related to possums like raccoons and foxes are major carriers of rabies. But you don’t have to worry about that with possums.

So, cook the possum properly after removing their fur from them. Then rinse the meat if possible and cook them in more than 60 degrees celsius heat. It will be much safer to eat if you boil them for a few minutes before cooking them.

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