Can You Eat Popcorn With Braces Without Having A Problem?

Are you aware about the list of foods you can eat with braces? Sharp food particles can cause much discomfort and damage during this phase of your dental care. Can you eat popcorn with braces? If this thought spikes alertness down your spine then find your answer here.

Keep reading to reach to the answer that you are concerned about.


Can you eat popcorn with braces?

can you eat popcorn with braces

The phase of wearing braces is your preparation for a beautiful smile lifelong, yet there are difficulties. Having certain foods and beverages with braces on can really be difficult. One such thing is popcorn. We all love munching on this snack while watching television or reading a book, yet popcorn can cause discomfort.

Hulls of popcorn which are the remains of corn seeds turn hard and stay with kernels after the corn are popped. These tend to get stuck under the braces. It is a real trouble to relieve oneself from such irritation. It even gets jammed between the teeth and the roof of the mouth. This results in swelling, scratch and inflammation of the gum.  If severe, it might break the braces too. Braces contain fragile wire which easily gets damaged to any pressure. So, it is not advisable to have popcorn during the phase you have your braces on.

Can you eat soft popcorn with braces?

Popcorn is great to taste and it is one such quick snack that is hard to resist. But when you have braces put to your teeth, it becomes difficult to have popcorn. Popcorn has kernels that tend to get between the braces and gum causing a lot of difficulties. So, it is ok to eat soft popcorn with braces as in softer popcorn the kernels are small and in a much fine form than normal popcorn.  Yet one may break them into smaller amounts and eat them carefully instead of having a mouthful in one go.

Can you eat popcorn chips with braces?

Any food that is hard, sticky or crunchy is to be avoided when one is wearing braces. The particles of such types of foods tend to get stuck between the braces causing discomfort. It may bring a damage to the braces as well. Popcorn chips have a chewy texture. It also contains small bits of kernels that might get stuck between the teeth and the braces.

But it is indeed much easier to have them other than normal popcorn. And if you wish to eat them, try to crush them in smaller quantities before popping them into your mouth. 

Can you eat popcorn without kernels with braces?

can you eat popcorn with braces

Every form of popcorn contains kernels. These may get stuck between the braces and the teeth, causing discomfort, pain and swelling of the gum. Popcorn cannot ever be without kernels. Hulless popcorn as some may call it is popcorn having thinner kernels. These tend to disintegrate quickly and are easier to chew. So, popcorn without kernels can be eaten having braces. Any form of food without having a harder, chewy or sharp texture should not be a problem.

Can you eat popcorn shrimp with braces?

There are certain foods and beverages that are to be avoided by having braces. Regular popcorn should be avoided as it can cause much trouble to the braces which may have brackets, bands and arch wires. Popcorn shrimp or any seafood can be eaten with braces. It does not have sharp edges that can get between the teeth and the braces. Yet, to be on the safer side, it is always better to eat in small portions and remain careful while chewing. 

Can you eat popcorn chicken with braces?

Chicken is fine to eat with braces if one can avoid chewing on the bone. Anything sharp or chewy and tends to break off like a splinter with edges, can cause a trouble. The phase during of wearing having braces is a very sensitive one. One should always remain careful of not only about certain foods but also the portion size. Sharp or tiny edges of food stuck between the teeth and braces may not only lead to gum infection but also damage the braces. Braces if broken will surely slow down the progress of your treatment.

It is ok to eat popcorn chicken with braces but it is always advisable to remain alert while having foods other than the types of mashes and eggs. If one is never sure, he can always break the food into smaller portions and eat it carefully. With a little practice, this method shall be adapted and won’t sound as much difficult, as it may seem now. It is always good to remain alert and be safe than calling for unnecessary troubles.

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