Can You Eat Peanut Shells

Peanut is one of the best sources of protein, vitamins, and fiber. They are rich in protein that many bodybuilders who prefer to have a natural diet make peanut an essential part of their diet. They are not only healthy but also tasty snacks. In this article, we will discuss can you eat peanut shells?

But do you know people like to eat the outer shell of peanuts? Yes, few people like the crunchy outer shells of peanuts. They are salty, crunchy, and a perfect natural replacement for chips. But can you eat peanut shells safely? That is a hell of a topic to have a debate on. Well, in this article, we will break down and help you find out whether you can really eat peanut shells. 


What Are Peanut Shells Made Up Of?

can you eat peanut shells

We should understand the composition of peanut shells to determine whether it is safe to eat or not. Most of the parts of a plant are edible; at least, they are harmless. Likewise, if we take the nature of the peanut shells, they are harmless and edible. Here is the composition of content that peanut shells contain. 

  • 25% Cellulose
  • 60% Fibre
  • 6% Protein
  • 8% Water
  • 2% soil or ash
  • 1% Fat

These are things that the peanut shell is made up of. Most things like protein, fiber, and water are essential nutrition for our body. But other contents like ash and cellulose can cause some trouble. 

Can We Eat Peanut Shells?

As you can see, the contents that are present in the peanut shells can cause some problems to humans. It’s not that you can’t eat them. It is better to avoid eating them. This is the best answer to the question of whether you can eat peanut shells or not. 

If you want a clear answer to the question, don’t eat peanut shells. They will do more harm than good. They are rich in fiber and protein, but the cellulose in the shell makes it incredibly hard for our body to break them down into nutrition. This can lead to digestive problems and intestinal blockage. Now you know the answer for – can you eat peanut shells.

Pesticide Contamination:

Peanut farmers use many chemical pesticides to cultivate them properly. Peanuts have this outer shell, so these farmers will use intense pesticides to treat pests and diseases. They expect the consumers not to eat the shells. 

Peanuts are prone to fungal diseases like Aspergillus Flavus. This can cause imminent damage to the peanuts rendering them useless. To avoid that, they use intensive pesticides. When you eat the shells along with the peanut, you will be exposed to the pesticides present in them. This can cause serious issues in your digestive system. It can also cause food poison or, worse partial paralysis if consumed in large quantities.

Intestinal Blockage

can you eat peanut shells

Though peanut shells are mostly made up of protein, there is also an overwhelming proportion in the presence of cellulose. These cellulose are important elements for plants, but humans will find it troublesome to digest food with cellulose presence.

This will lead to partial or improper digestion of the shells. Neither the human saliva nor the digestive liquid in our body is capable of breaking down food products that have cellulose in them. So, it might become unwanted residues in your intestinal tract. 

Repeated consumption of peanut shells can lead to problems in the excretory system like hemorrhoids and fissures. If there are more residues accumulated in your stomach, the only way to extract them is through surgery.

What Makes People Carve For Peanut Shells?

Can you eat peanut shells is a tricky question. We all know that the shells of peanuts are not as tasty as the peanuts inside. Then what might be the possible reason for some people to eat these shells? 

Some people like to eat these shells solely because they like them. But sometimes, it is possible that people have an eating disorder called civa. This disorder is mainly found in children who has not enough nutrition in their bodies. 

This will cause people to eat unhealthy products like peanut shells. This should be treated immediately in children, or else they can develop a habit of eating unpleasant things. 

From this, we can come to the conclusion that eating peanut shells might not be a food choice. 


1. Can one eat peanut shells?

Many people like to eat peanut shells, but it is advised not to eat those shells as it contains a higher amounts of pesticides and other harmful substances. The peanuts inside the shell already provide the necessary nutrition needed for the body. 

2. Why Do People Like To Eat Peanut Shell?

Some people like to eat the outer shell of the peanut because they are crunchy and salty. Who doesn’t like this combination, right? But some people with eating disorders referred to as Civa will have a feeling to eat unhealthy foods too. This is mainly due to vitamin deficiency.

Here is all about can you eat peanut shells.

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