Can You Eat Ornamental Peppers

Ornamental peppers are widely grown for their vibrant color and not for their spicy properties. You should know that ornamental flowers are a combination of multiple peppers which are grown for decoration purposes. Since they come from a pepper family, can you eat ornamental peppers? That is a fascinating topic to talk about. We will answer whether they are safe to eat, and we will also answer some commonly asked questions in this article.


Can You Eat Ornamental Peppers?

As the name indicates, ornamental peppers are made for ornamental purposes only. But they are also edible. But it doesn’t mean you should eat it. They are incredibly spicy peppers that can cause serious discomfort when eaten.

can you eat ornamental peppers

You shouldn’t eat everything that is labeled edible. There will be no lethal problems if you eat an ornamental spice. But they are too spicy to handle. Their hotness is measured from 10,000SHU, which is the starting range of hotness that can cause moth numbness and vomiting while eaten.

If you are an adventure seeker trying to experience all the spices, you should definitely give it a try. But they should be kept out of reach from children. Their vibrant color will attract children to eat them. Children won’t be able to hand the spiciness of the pepper so do pregnant ladies. So it is a wise decision to skip them from your meal. Now you know all about can you eat ornamental peppers.

What Should You Do If You Accidentally Eaten It?

These peppers have bright, vibrant colors that will tempt you to eat them. It can be accidentally ingested by kids. So, if you have eaten one, you can reduce the effectiveness of the pepper by drinking a glass of milk.

Many people will drink water when they have eaten spice food. This is not a good method, and it will only make it worse. Peppers and spices contain capsaicin which causes a burning feeling when you eat a hot spice. Drinking water will carry capsaicin throughout your mouth, making it a hundred times worse.

You will experience a cool feel and a very brief temporary relief when you drink water to neutralize the spiciness. But it won’t last after a fraction of a second.

So the best way to treat this is by having a cup of milk. Milk contains a compound known as casein which will breakdown capsaicin, which causes the burning sensation. This will provide instant relief to you. But this will also render it useless for extreme spices.

Medical attention is necessary if the person vomits continuously or faints. It is better to stay off of these peppers. And use in moderation if you want to have a heave spice in your meal.

How Hot Are Ornamental Peppers?

We know that ornamental peppers are incredibly spicy. But how exactly spicy are they? The hotness of the spices is measured with Scoville Scale. The least spicy ornamental pepper has a Scoville Scale value of 10,000.

If you eat a spice with 10,000 SHU, your eyes will immediately start to secret tears in a preventive measure. The spiciness will be unbearable. But ornamental peppers’ SHU can be high up to 68,000. If you happen to eat a pepper with a Scoville Scale value of 68,000, you will immediately enter into an excruciating situation.

You will vomit continuously, you will have no grasp over reality, and to make it worse, your mouth will be numbed. But don’t be mistaken; the numbness of your mouth will not reduce the hotness. Drinking milk to neutralize its effect can turn out to be vain in rare situations.

can you eat ornamental peppers

Most of the ornamental peppers have a Scoville Scale from 30,000 to 50,000. So it is better if we leave them for decoration purposes only.


1. Are ornamental peppers edible?

Can you eat ornamental peppers is a tricky question. The leaves of these plants are toxic to humans and dogs. However, the fruits of these plants are edible. But you should think twice before eating them because they are too hot. You can’t really enjoy their taste and end up hating your choice to eat them.

2. Can my dog eat an ornamental pepper?

It is advisable not to feed your dog with anything that is spicy or too hot. You shouldn’t definitely include an ornamental pepper in your dog’s diet. They contain a compound called solanine which is extremely harmful to dogs.

3. How spicy are ornamental peppers?

There are many kinds of ornamental peppers. Usually, they are grown together for decoration purposes. Each pepper has different Scoville heat units. It can vary from 10,000 – to 68,000 SHU. If you eat an ornamental pepper with 68,000 SHU, you will vomit uncontrollably and can end up in a hospital if things get worse.

Here is all about can you eat ornamental peppers.

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