Can You Eat Dolphin

Let us discuss can you eat dolphin. Dolphins are one of the free species that live in water but breathe air like most animals. They are also one of the few species that are mammals and live in the water. Most people don’t know that dolphins don’t only exist in seas and oceans, but there are also freshwater dolphins that live in freshwaters.

Most dolphins are found in the Atlantic ocean. But most of the freshwater dolphins are found in Southeast Asia, such as India, China, and Pakistan. There are also some dolphins that live in the Amazon rivers.

No one likes to eat a dolphin due to its adorable characteristics. But can you eat dolphin? Is it safe to eat them, and are they legal? We are going to answer these questions in this article.


Are Dolphins Edible?

can you eat dolphin

There are some places in the world where they serve dolphin meat. But it is not a wise decision to eat a dolphin, especially in large amounts. There is no imminent danger in eating a small amount of dolphin meat once in a while. But dolphin meat should not be consumed too often. Or else it is better to strike out eating dolphin meat from your bucket list.

Most of the predators that are on top of the food chain have higher levels of toxins in their bodies. Dolphins are one of the top predators in the ocean that prey on other fish in the ocean. So not only do they have higher levels of toxins, but they also have elevated levels of mercury in their body.

When ingested mercury in large amounts, it will cause memory loss and seizures. Mercury is known for mutating our body cells to cause deformities. So it is better to avoid eating dolphin meat. Larger dolphins have a much larger amount of mercury in their body, whereas smaller or younger dolphins will have a comparatively lesser amount.

Can you eat dolphin

can you eat dolphin

Dolphins’ meat is not a tasty one as compared to other fish species in the ocean. People say that they taste like the beef liver. If you consider their taste and the risk of eating them, you would be wise to choose not to eat them.

Also, they are protected life forms in some countries. Dolphins are endangered species that are on the brink of extinction. So, many countries around the world have illegalized capturing and consuming dolphin meat.

They are dark red meat that has a similar taste to the liver of the beef. They can sometimes be too dark, which can look like black sometimes. They are too tough to be eaten. So they are usually marinated or undergo a process called curing to make them soft. The curing process can prolong up to 24 hours. Even after that, dolphin meat will still be somewhat tough.


1. What does dolphin meat taste like?

Dolphin meat tastes like beef liver when they are cooked properly. On some occasions, they are used raw in sushi. Their taste in sushi is similar to salmon and bluefin tuna.

2. Is it safe to eat dolphin meat?

No, they are dangerous to humans if had in large quantities. However, you can have them in extremely small quantities. If you have them in large quantities, you will be exposed to mercury which can cause seizures.

3. Why people don’t eat dolphins?

Dolphin blubber and meat contain an unusual level of mercury in their body, which is known to cause several abdominal problems and can be fatal if consumed in large quantities. So people skip dolphins from their meal

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