Can You Eat Crow

In many situations, people would like to have a nice roasted or grilled chicken or turkey. But no one would have heard of having nice crow meat in a fine evening. But can you eat crow? Or is it safe to eat a crow?

Is It Safe To Eat A Crow?

Crow is not the favorite dish on the menu for sure. But if you find yourself in a situation where you are in need of food but can’t find any, you might consider hunting down a crow and eating it.

Crow’s meat is just like the meat of other bird species. But people avoid eating crow meat because of what they eat. It is common to see a crow having its lunch from the garbage can. So people assume that they must carry some illness to them if they happen to eat it.

Well, that perspective is partially true, but they don’t usually carry life-threatening diseases. However, they do carry some bacterias and parasites that almost most animals carry.

can you eat crow

So, is crow meat safe to eat? The simple answer is yes if you prepare them properly. Just like every meat, crow meat needs to be processed properly that there is no bacterial development in the meat. However, there is an increased chance of the crow being affected by parasites like tapeworm and roundworm.

So, a proper cooking and preservation procedure should be followed throughout the preparation process of crow meat. Here is all about can you eat crow and is it safe or not.

How To Catch A Crow?

Before you wonder can you eat crow, you also have to learn how to catch a crow. There are many ways to catch a crow. Most people in the wilderness or cold regions consume crows on a daily basis. Butchers in 1939 hired kids to hunt down the crows so that they may sell that meat for a higher price. This shows they are not that hard to be captured.

But crows are really intelligent birds that contradict their appearance. There have been recordings of a crow using cars to crack its nut. This proves the crows’ intelligence.

If you find yourself in a situation where you don’t have access to a supply of food, hunting down an animal is the best option to keep you stay alive. But focussing on large animals can be too tough for a beginner and can also cause severe injuries or even death.

Hence, trying to catch a crow will be the best option. Trapping is one of the time-efficient methods to capture a crow. You have to keep a trap and have a bait that will lure the crow. If you have made an automatic trap, you can take care of the rest of the work you have. In the meantime, the crow will be captured. You can then take it to your place to extract the meat.

can you eat crow

The other method is shooting down the crows. Some people hunt down birds for sports. If you are in need of crow meat, another efficient way is to extract the meat is by shooting them. This can require a lot of talent and skill and can also result in injuries. So, it is advisable to set a trap if you are experienced in this.

After getting the crow, you have to make an incision in its abdomen and pull out its stomach and intestine. This will extend the crow’s shelf life. Then you can put them in a freezer or marinate them. But make sure to remove their feather before putting them in the freezer or marinating them.

After that, you can cook crow meat just like any other bird and can enjoy a fine dinner. Some people say that the duck and crow meat taste similar.

Here is all about can you eat crow.

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