Can You Eat Crocs?

In this article, we are going to discuss can you eat crocs. Crocodiles are cold-blooded reptiles that are far more dangerous than alligators. Their thick skin with scale protects them against any external physical attacks. Their sharp teeth combined with an insanely strong jaw can deliver a deadly bite.

Crocodiles are basically immortal beings which means they don’t die due to aging. Most of the crocodiles die due to starvation. Crocodiles are the top predators in the food chain, which almost no other predators in the jungle dare to touch. However, these giant predators also have their nemeses, which are jaguars and leopards. But even they don’t attack bigger crocodiles.

It’s not usually a good idea to eat a carnivore animal. But can you eat crocs? Are they safe to be eaten? We will discuss that in this article.

can you eat crocs


Can you eat crocs

Yes, crocodile meat is edible, and it is safe to eat after cooking them properly. Some people claim that crocodile meat tastes like chicken. They have a similar flavor and exact texture. You can also say that crocodile meat is similar to pork but just a little subtle.

Australia is the largest supplier of crocodile meat. They almost export 60% of the world’s crocodile meat. The second-largest supplier of crocodile meat is China. They believe that crocodile meat enhances the immune system and heals wounds quicker.

They contain high fiber and low cholesterol, which makes them one of the healthiest meats available. They offer high protein with low-fat levels.

Is Eating Crocodile Meat Harmful?

Crocodile meat is not harmful to eat, but catching a crocodile might be harmful. It is advisable to let the professionals take care of the hunting part. But if you manage to catch and kill a crocodile, feel free to add them to your lunch and dinner after cooking them properly.

One has to be careful before eating crocodile meat as there is a high chance of infecting you with typhoid and causing abdominal illnesses. It can also lead to food poisoning in some cases. This can happen only if the meat is not processed properly. Properly processing foods prevents the development of any microorganisms, so you won’t be infected by any.

How To Preparing Crocodile Meat?

Preparing crocodile meat is a vital process to prevent them from causing any illness while consumed. If you buy it from the market, the meat will already be properly processed. But if you catch a croc and want to process its meat, you can do the following to preserve them properly.

can you eat crocs

First, remove the skin from the meat and cut them into medium to large pieces. Now put them in a mixture of salt and water and seal them in a container. This process is called curing. This will kill the bacteria and parasites present in the meat. At least most of them. You can also use turmeric powder instead of salt, which is more effective and eliminates the fleshy smell.

After that, you have to choose a method to cook the meat. You can deep-fry it or can smoke it or make it like gravy. It totally depends on your taste. The best method is to deep-fry or bake them after smoking them. Smoking adds another layer of flavor and helps to kill the remaining microorganisms present in the meat.

After smoking the meat for 12 to 24 hours, it will be perfectly safe to deep-fry or poach them. If you are buying them from the market, check their shelf life. Don’t use any meat that is past their life expectancy, even if they are fresh.

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