Can You Eat Coyote? The Lesser Discussed Food Option

Can you eat coyote? Sometimes we derive to an opinion about some sources of food as not to be eaten. But in reality, they could be eaten. Interested in learning about something like that?

Read it here and discover the things you haven’t heard about this animal.


Can you eat coyote?

Out of the many species of animals about which we are unaware if we can eat them, the coyote is one. Surely, this is not the one which is discussed in the dinner menu.

Coyotes are known as Canis latrans. They belong to the family of Canidae, having their traits similar to that of foxes, wolves, jackals and dogs. They usually prefer living in small packs. Their hair is greyish-brown with a white coat under their belly and the neck. They are a very clever animals and feeds on everything.

can you eat coyote

This animal can be eaten if one can manage to properly handle it. It tastes like lean beef. One should keep in mind that after hunting and killing a coyote it is very essential to skin the animal. If not then removing the organs is a must. The reason for this being coyote being a predator carries a lot of bacteria in the digestive system.

Once the animal is dead, these bacteria rapidly decay the animal. Once such example is, if being skinned if you notice a greenish shade towards the belly, do not eat that animal. These animals are never to be served rare or undercooked, if done so, there are chances that one might get trichinellosis. This animal is fit for the slow cooking process.

Although some may find its meat like lean beef but there are some people too who think that the meat is unlike any other animal. It is gristly. Some even go to the extent of describing the meat as a cross between pork, duck and the taste of liver.

No matter how it may taste like, it surely carries nutrition in it. This is an extremely low-fat meat having cholesterol either. Other than that, it is also rich in riboflavin, a lot of proteins and vitamin B12. It also has a healthy amount of iron and zinc. Because these animals feed on meat so, they eventually end up consuming fruits, bugs, grasses and seeds which helps in adding nutrition to their meat.

Despite being an edible source of meat, these animals like all wild animals feed on carrions and hence has bacteria. They carry Trichinella, the microscopic parasite that is commonly found in other wild animals.  The meat is safe to eat after it has been cooked at 160F, being the internal temperature.

Lesser known and interesting facts

  • Their scientific name Canis latrans has its origin in Latin which means barking dogs.
  • Coyote is a mix of Mexican Spanish words from the Nahuatl, coyote
  • These animals have 19 subspecies.
  • The animals are from 32 to 37 inches long and 16 inches in height.
  • They somewhere between 30-40 pounds.
  • These animals walk on their toes.
  • They hunt at night and are able to run up to 40 MPH while chasing their prey.
  • These animals are known to mark their area by urinating.
  • They can swim very well.

These are some of the ways by which people cook these lesser eaten animals

Below given are all the different ways how can you eat coyote.

Crock Pot Coyote 

With a mix of BBQ sauce, onions, salt, garlic and apricots, the meat is cooked in a crockpot for eight hours.

can you eat coyote

Stewed Coyote 

The meat is cut into cubes adding vinegar and salt to it. With a further addition of pepper, yellow onions, garlic powder, bell peppers and tomato sauce the meat is fried in a big wok and cooked until it becomes tender

Grilled Coyote

The meat is slow-cooked over the grill after being marinated with fruits and rolled with cabbage leaves. They are served with steamed white rice.

Deep-Fried Coyote

After cutting the meat in chunks and soaking it overnight in buttermilk, the meat is deep-fried with breading and served. 

Hence, one can always try eating a coyote if he loves to experiment with dishes, yet must remember too about its thorough cleaning procedure.

Here is how can you eat coyote.

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