Can You Eat Chalk? A Study About The Cravings For Chalk

Sometimes some people may crave to eat unusual objects without being aware of the intensity of its reaction. Can you eat chalk? Have you been made aware of pica? If you are searching for some answers then you are at the right place. 

Keep reading to know the unknown behind this known habit!


Can you eat chalk?

It is not a good idea to eat chalk. It may not be poisonous but, chalk is surely toxic. If eaten in small quantities may not result in hurting you but if one eats regularly, it can disrupt the digestive system and damage the internal organs. The habit of eating chalks is mostly found amongst kids but sometimes there are some adults too who crave eating chalks. It is important to keep an observation on the frequency of craving one has for eating chalks. If the compulsion is regularly then this is a medical condition called pica. With time it can bring digestive complications.

Pica is a type of eating disorder that makes people crave for things that has no nutritional value. Though people with pica usually eat harmless objects but there are cases too of people eating such objects that can bring a threat to the digestive system. Although it is not clear what makes people eat chalks but researchers say that eating chalks has something to do with lower levels of zinc and iron in the body. Studies also say that being drawn to eating chalks has to do with hunger and is also a sign when people have issues with anxiety or OCD.

The risk involved in eating chalk

The risk and complications that one might face if he eats chalk regularly are:

  • It may lead to damage to the teeth or you may also end up developing a cavity on the teeth.
  • It shall lead to severe digestive issues.
  • You shall develop constipation issues.
  • It may lead to poisoning.
  • It shall grow parasites in you.
  • You shall have difficulty in having foods
  • You shall suffer from a lack of appetite. 

The reasons that make people eat chalk

Can you eat chalk
  • Pica is considered as a type of mental disorder. Doctors think that, it is due to the mental disorder, people are driven to eat chalks.
  • It is a sign of people are having an unhealthy diet. Doctors say that when people lack nutrition in their bodies, they are towards this addiction of eating chalks.
  • It has been found that during pregnancy women tend to develop frequent cravings towards foods and also draw towards eating unhealthy things like chalk mud and other things.
  • Poverty makes one a scavenger for food. So this also makes one addicted to things easily available like chalk.

Hence, here is the answer for Can you eat chalk.


  • The moment you feel drawn towards eating chalk, consult a doctor immediately.
  • If you are already into this addiction then, it is important for you to consult a physician to know the intensity of damage it has caused. There are several medical tests such as blood tests, endoscopy and x-rays that shall help you to get to the results.
  • After the harm has been identified and you have undergone the medical treatment to flush it out, it is important to consult a psychologist. They shall help you to investigate the reason for this disorder.
  • Whatever might be the reason be it the mental health or the ill- health, it is important to continue the sessions with the neurologist or the psychiatrist.
  • If it happens due to the lack of nutrients then it is essential for you to visit a nutritionist who shall help you to form a diet chart
  • Avoid from everything that involves chalk related substances.
  • While going through the entire process of treatment, talk to your close friends and family so that they can help you to keep motivated. 

So, the above research findings help us in finding out clearly that eating chalks are not a healthy habit but a disorder. And it may lead to severe health complications further in life if not put a checked. If one is already having such an issue then he must take immediate help so that he does not have to go through a prolonged duration of treatment. Here is everything about Can you eat chalk.

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