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Leafy vegetables are always a very important constituent of our diet. But, can you eat celery leaves? There are many aspects about this leaf that are very much unknown. If you are interested in knowing such details and the misconception around it, then this is for you.

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Can you eat celery leaves?

We are all aware of the fact how delicious celery stalks are along with the multiple health benefits it tends to offer. But it is sad that, once we have cut off the crunchy stalks, we throw away the celery leaves. We are unaware that these leaves are very much edible and are as delicious as the stalks. Celery leaves are not only edible but it will surprise you to know that they contain major quantities of vitamin C, potassium and calcium in them.

Can You Eat Celery Leaves

Some people have a wrong notion that celery leaves are poisonous as rhubarb leaves. But this is not true. Rhubarb leaves carry huge amounts of oxalic acids which tend to cause kidney problems if taken in high quantities. Celery leaves do not carry such substances. Like many other plants and leafy green vegetables, celery contains a small number of toxic elements.

It is in such a lower quality that we would have to eat plenty of them every day and for a longer duration to feel the negative effect. This is the benefit of eating fresh vegetables that it eliminates every negative factor.Celery leaves are delicious and eating them, contributes to our daily consumption of green leafy vegetables. In addition to that, it cuts down food waste.

Celery leaves can be eaten raw and apart from being delicious they provide the body nutrition too. The outer thicker parts of celery leaves are fibrous and may taste bitter if eaten raw. So, they can be added to different dishes, stews and soups. But the inner lighter and softer parts of celery leaves are sweeter and in addition to that, they carry a mild celery flavor.

They can be eaten raw and so they are mostly used for smoothies, pesto and salads. Quite interestingly, celery leaves own a stronger flavor than celery stalk. Here is the answer of can you eat celery leaves.

Can You Eat Celery Leaves

Different ways of using celery leaves

  • These flat green celery leaves could be used replacing parsley and used as a herb. While mincing it finely like the parsley, the fibrous texture of the leaves could be broken down. They can be used in the recipes where you used to include parsley.
  • Celery leaves could be added to a salad.
  • Their bright edge would cut through the fats and the luscious ingredients such as nuts, soft-boiled eggs, cheese.
  • Celery leaves andgigante bean, are a great salad combination and makes a perfectly grand dish within a very low budget. This can be prepared by tossing the meaty and tender beans and adding the pale green inner portion of the celery leaves and maybe a stalk or two could be diced over it to give a complete roundness to the taste. And then, a drizzle of olive oil with a squeeze of lemon would finish the dressing perfectly.
  • Because these leaves are highly nutritious, they could be made into a green smoothie or celery juice. One needs to store the leaves in an airtight container in the freezer and then make them into a nutritious juice for the morning’s healthy sip.
  • Celery leaves have the capacity for bringing a distinctive flavor into a soup. These can be used in soups that require parsley for bringing in aromas like ribollita or chicken noodles.
  • These leaves can be a great addition to a regular omelet. It will bring both, nutrition and deliciousness into the omelet.
  • A fully flavored and right on its season, celery could become a star ingredient in a risotto. 
  • A stock after been made out of celery leaves, if the concentrated liquid is added to cannellini beans or white rice, it elevates the flavor.
  • The tough outer layer of celery leaves can be braised and makes a fine addition to braised chicken.
  • Celery leaves can be made into a pestoand be tossed over chicken salad, pasta or be used as a spread over sandwiches.
  • Due to a great flavor that celery leaves have, they make a great garnish for everything from salads to roast.

So, celery leaves are absolutely edible and try using them in a few ways as mentioned in the list and have a delicious meal. Here is all about can you eat celery leaves.

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