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There are many species of nuts that are known to us. But are they all edible? Can you eat buckeyes nut? If you are not sure then keep reading below to know all that you should.

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Can you eat buckeyes?

Can you eat buckeyes

These are nut-like seeds from the buckeye trees. The nuts are dark brown having a light color spot. Because they look like deer’s eyes so they are called buckeye nuts. These nuts and their shells happen to be mildly toxic in nature when uncooked. So, you cannot eat them raw. If you wish to have them then, remove its shell and roast them. In addition to that, the other parts of this tree are poisonous. So, it is important to cook these nuts properly before consuming them. Native Americans used to roast and peel these nuts and then would mash them into a nutritional paste that they had. These nuts if properly cooked, provides many health benefits. 

Although buckeye nuts are edible after proper cooking but, the other nuts belonging to the same species are not edible. For example, one cannot eat Ohio buckeye. 

Things that might happen if buckeye are eaten raw

  • Raw or undercooked nuts are not healthy for the digestive system. Because these nuts carry tannic acid, so they can lead to digestive malfunction such as vomiting and diarrhoea. Overeating these nuts shall lead to some issues as well.
  • A properly cooked buckeye nut is safe to eat but if it is eaten raw then, under severe conditions it may lead to paralysis and even death. Eating too much of these nuts too shall cause the same issue. It must be remembered that the other parts of this tree are poisonous to harm you.
  • Buckeye nuts are very hard when raw. It might result in breaking your teeth. In addition to that, the shell needs to be peeled before eating. So, it is good to eat after being cooked or roasted. 

Ways to cook buckeye nuts

  • It is important to cook buckeye nuts before preparing them. Here are few ways to cook these nuts:
  • Roast the buckeye nuts for 10 mins.
  • Peel the shells off. If the shells are hard then use a hammer to break them.
  • Boil these peeled buckeye nuts for 15 mins while keeping a check if they are soft or hard. Once 15 mins have passed and the shells are still hard then, boil them for 5 mins more.
  • These soft buckeye nuts then are mashed with vegetables or meat and can be eaten.
  • Because buckeye nuts are poisonous to be eaten raw so they are cooked and are included amidst other dishes. This makes them acquire the taste of the dish they are included in. These nuts do not have any strong taste of their own. If it is eaten mashed then they taste acidic and salty.

The answer to the question Can you eat buckeyes is simple.

Other uses of buckeye

Can you eat buckeyes
  • Some people say that buckeye nuts are useful to remove mild stains from linen.
  • One bookbinder used buckeye paste that was not only strong but also was insect-proof too.
  • During the prohibition era, moonshiners were said to use these nuts to give an aged appearance to their whiskey. 
  • In some traditional medicines, a small dosage of powdered nut is used for the treatment of asthma, spasmodic cough and irritation in the intestine.
  • As an external ointment for the pain of rashes, rheumatism and haemorrhoids, a paste made out of buckeye nuts is used.

Interesting facts about buckeye

  • On Oct. 2, 1953, Ohio had adopted buckeye tree as its official state tree and Ohio is called as “The Buckeye State.” In fact, buckeye nut happens to be the mascot of Ohio State University.
  • It is also believed that carrying buckeye nuts in the pocket brings good luck and fortune.

So, from the above research findings we get to know that we can only eat buckeye nuts if they are properly roasted or cooked. The raw nuts must never be eaten because it carries toxic elements which are sure to harm the body. It must also be noted that the buckeye tree is poisonous, proper care and caution must be taken while touching it.

Here is answer to the question – can you eat buckeyes.

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