Can You Eat Beaver? A Variation Of Taste

We add meat to our diet not only for the reasons of health but also for the demands of the taste too. Can you eat beaver? I am sure many have not tried them. If you are eager to know any further then here it is for you.

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Can you eat beaver?

can you eat beaver

Beavers have a fixed status in the North American culture, but it is actually only a few who eats this animal. Not only are beavers a good source of food but also a great source of nutrition and fat that had helped the people for many generations during the trapping era.

The animals are absolutely safe for consumption if one is careful about the way he handles it, prepares and cooks it properly. Many people happen to be misinformed about these animals that had made them avoid eating beavers in the fear of contracting an illness or becoming sick. But history has ample evidence that trappers had fed on beavers and this has been their main source of protein and fat. This has survived then through harsh situations during winters.

The Canada health and social services affirm that this meat is safe to be eaten and is not known to be carriers of diseases.In 1999, a test was conducted on the beaver liver and was discovered that it had a high amount of metal cadmium. Ever since then a fear had got instilled in the minds of the people. Although, later studies had mentioned that, it was still safe to have up to 34 livers each year.

People have different opinions about the taste of its meat. Some say it’s a cross between kangaroo and beef while some other says although the meat of wild animals is gamey, the beaver does not fall in that category. They say the meat is mild and has a delicate taste. The beaver’s red meat has a lean and very tender texture.

The taste differs from person to person probably due to the way it has been cooked. Like, some may prefer to make it a jerky while others may like to braise having the bone in. And in these two situations, they would taste differently.The tail of the beaver too is not only edible but also is highly nutritious. Even during the trapping days as well, the tail

was highly sought after like its hide. A beaver stores its fat in its tail which disappeared towards the beginning of winter. The fat on the tail of a beaver is similar to a bear, having a slightly different taste based on the nature of food it consumes. The process by which one uses the fat also determines the taste of the meat of a beaver. The tail tastes mild having a soft and firm texture if consumed off the grill straight.

Ways to cook a beaver’s meat

can you eat beaver

There are many methods of cooking a beaver-like braising and stewing. Since there is not much meat on the body of a beaverother than the legs, so it could be used for such purposes of dishes as mentioned above.


This is one of the best methods of slow cooking and extracting flavors from the bones and leaving the tender.


This is almost a delicacy! To brine the ham in honey and lime water for three days and then put it on fire to smoke the meat.


This process makes the meat as delicious as smoked meat. The process is as simple as one does it with beef.


The process is the same as one does to roast beef. To soak the meat for 24 hours in saltwater before roasting seasons it well.

Pan Fry

The tender backstraps are perfect for this process. It tastes the meat to a new level of deliciousness. The best way to cook a beaver’s tail is by charring it over the fire with coals. It elevates the taste of fat that lies there.

It becomes clear after this research that eating beavers is safe and the meat is tender and delicious too.

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